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新版八年级(上)英语测试题(Unit 4)

I.根据句意和首字母提示补全单词。(10分) 1.Parents play a r in their children’s lives. 2.We should take these problems s .

3.The supermarket(超市) is always c on weekends. 4.The twins have one things in c . 5.Liu Qian is a popular m from Taiwan.

6.Bill Gates(比尔盖茨) often helps the p in America. 7.The winner in the talent show will get a good p . 8.Usually she watches TV in her c sofa at night.

9.Please take the medicine(药) before the m . 10.Tom is a bad worker,but Jim is even w than him.


2.He is much better than others at (find) the most interesting roles.


5.It’s always interesting (watch) people (show) their talents. 7.However,not everybody enjoys (watch) these shows. 8.The people who watch the show usually play a role in (decide) the winner. 9.He finished (read) the novel yesterday.

10. Which city is _________ (beautiful),Beijing, Shanghai or Hangzhou?


IV. 7.His home is only five minutes by bus.(提问) is his home? 8.Green World Park is the most crowded place because almost everyone goes there to see the street performers.(提问) Green World Park the most place?

9.The tall boy wins the show.(同义句) The the show is the boy.

10.Michael is taller than any other student in his class.(同义句) Michael is in his class.


( )1.— is it from your home? —10 minutes by bus.

A.How long B.How far C.What time D.When ( )2.The girl sings .

A.beautiful,beautiful B.beautifully,beautifully

C.beautiful,beautifully D.beautiffully,beautiful ( )3.Sun Cinema is Center Street. A.on B.in C.at D.of ( )4.China is one of in the world.

A.larger country B.larger countries C.the largest countries D.largest country ( )5.What do you this new watch?

A.think at B.think of C.think over D.think hard ( )6.We hope life can get .

A.best and best B.better and better C.good and good D.well and well ( )7.We should study hard to make our dream .

A.come over B.come back C.come true D.come up ( )8.You can get a big plate of dumplings only five yuan at Dumpling House.

A.for B.on C.of D.about

( )9. English is my favorite subject, and I am good _________ it.

A. for B. to C, at D. of

( )10.All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

( )11.Our teacher asked us to_ _________ a story about the moon.

A. make up B. make of C. make in D. make out

( )12.It’s fun _________ the talent show.

A. watch B, to watch C, watched D. watches

( )13.There are _________ school things in the store.

A. a kind of B. kind of C. different kind of D. all kinds of

( )14.Do you enjoy_ _________ English stories?

A. read B, to read C. reading D. reads

( )15. His dog is lost. He is_ _________ it .

A. looking for B. finding C. finding out D. looking at

( )16.The students should take the exams__________ .

A. serious B. seriously C. bad D. worse

( )17.—What a nice watch it is! —Yes. It’s _________ one of all.

A. expensive B. more expensive C. the most expensive D.much more expensive

( )

( )19.They make the little boy_ _________ the room every day.

A. cleans B. clean C. to clean D. cleaning

( )20.Parents play a role in _________ their children.

A. teach B. teaches C. to teach D. teaching


( )22.Which subject is_ _________ of all?

A. the most interested B. the most interesting

C. the more interested D. the more interesting ( )23.The Yellow River is the second in China.

A.long B.longer C.longest D.longer and longer ( )24.He is better than the others.

A.much B.more C.less D.very

( )25.— is the book? —Only one dollar.

A.How much B.How many C.How often D.How far


It was the last lesson before 1 holidays. The students 2 very happy. Their English teacher was very happy, 3 .The teacher 4 played nice games with them. He sang some nice songs, and then he went to the blackboard and wrote “SMILES” 5 it.“This is one of the 6 words in English”,he said to the class. The 7 class laughed, and then one girl 8 and said,“Why is it one of the longest words in English?”The teacher said 9 for a while. Then he smiled and said,“Because there is a mile between the 10 letter and the last.”

( )1. A. a B. an C. the D. much

( )2.A.is B. are C. was D. were

( )3.A.too B. eight C. neither D. also

( )4. A. a little B. little C. any D. also

( )5.A.before B. on C. in D. in front of

( )6.A.long B. longer C. longest D. short

( )7.A.whole B. each C. all D. both

( )8. A. stand up B. sit down C. stood up D. lay down

( )9. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( )10.A.one B. first C. two D. second


A boy named Jack lived in a small village. One morning, his mother sent him to his uncle's in town. He had a very good time there.

Before Jack left in the evening, his uncle gave him a jar and said, “There is some candy in it, you may put your hand into it and take some when you want to eat something.”

Jack looked at the jar when he was in the train. It had a long and small neck. He put his hand into the jar and took five pieces. But he could not get his hand out. He turned his hand this way and that way, still he could not get his hand out. He turned his hand again. Finally he let go of four pieces. Then he could pull his hand out of the jar.


( )1.One day Jack's mother sent him to his mother's brother's house.

( )2.The jar with some candy in it had a large neck.

( )3.Jack only stayed in town for a whole day.

( )4.At last Jack only took one piece of candy at a time.

( )5.From this lesson, Jack knew that he himself was too foolish.


请以“My subjects”为题,谈一谈你所学习的课程。








I.1.role 2.seriously 3.crowded 4.common 5.magician 6.poor 7.prize 8.comfortable

9.meal 10.worse

II.1.telling 2.finding 3.the cheapest 4.talented 5.to watch,show 6.showing 7.watching

8.deciding 9.reading 10.the most beautiful

III.1.in common 2.up,to 3.more and more 4.take,seriously 5.play a fole

IV.1.the tallest 2.don’t think 3.How do you like 4.close to 5.How much 6.bigger,than 7.How far

8.Why is 9.winner of 10.the tallest student




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