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初三英语Unit5 Topic 1 Section c1

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初三英语Unit5 Topic 1 Section C


1、作为……而著名__________________ 2、有机会去某地__________________ 3、想起__________________ 4、把……当作……__________________ 5、被当作__________________ 6、享受美味的水果__________________ 7、来中国参观__________________ 8、在中国历史上__________________ 9、连接祖国大陆与世界其它地区___________________________

10、百年梦想__________________ 11、从……到……__________________ 二、完句子

1.Her family has lived on the island for many years. but they don't feel________(孤独)at all.

2.When I see her, I always________ ________(想起)What she has done,It makes me________(不快乐)

3.Kumming ________ ________ ________(以……著称)spring City ________(因为)its weather and senery.

4.It was ________(百年梦想)of the Chinese people________(包括)the people in Hong Kong.


( )1.The book is worth______.You can get knowledge from it. A.read B.seeing C.see D.reading

( )2.I haven't seen Beckham.But I have______him. A.Listened to B.heard from C.heard of D.heard ( )3.A:Where do you live?

B:I live in a small village which is ____by hills. A.surround B.surrounding C.surrounded D.surrounds

( )4.We will go on a trip on Sunday.Each of us is_____at the____news. A.excited,excited B.excited,exciting C.exciting,excited D.exciting,exciting

( )5._____the students _____their teacher has missed the school bus. They came here too late.

A.Both,and B.Either or C.Neither ,nor D.Not only,but also ( )6.Is it the house______you lived in ten years ago? A.in what B.who C.the one D.which

( )7.When Mary came back from shanghai, she told us about the schools_____she had visited

A.who B.that C.why D.where

( )8.Henry____a short-story writer and students like his stories very much. A.is known for B.is known as C.was known for D.was known to ( )9.Health and safety____the most important things for children. A.consider to B.considered as C.are considered as D.consider as ( )10.People_____HongKong_____the Oriental Pearl and shopping Heaven. A.regard,to B.think ,for C.think,as D.regard;as ( )11.this is the best book_____I have read this year. A.Where B.that C.which D.in which

( )12.West Lake is a beautiful place that we are____wirth_____. A.good, visit B.Well,visit C.good,visiting D.well,visiting 四、补全对话。

A:Hello,Kathy,I'm going shopping.1________________________

B:Sorry,2________________________.But could you get something for me? A:I'd be glad to 3________________________. B:A bottle of ink and some writing paper. A:All right.4________________________. B:No,thanks.

A:5____________________________________ 五、短文填空


A hobby is an interesting way of spending your free time. There are so 1 different hobbies for different people to choose.Some hobbies are very popular, 2 others are quite unusual.You may choose one that you are interested 3 .You may enjoy collecting things such as stamps,stones,foreign 4 and so on.

If you like to work with your hands, you may enjoy model making and 5 cutting,which both need great attention in detail. Or you may 6 creative hobbies, like painting and writing.May people 7 outdoor activities to indoor activities.They get great pleasure from 8 ,cycling and so on, which they can enjoy with others.

Wherever you live, there 9 always a hobby for you to choose.The hobby can help you relax after your daily work. The hobby can give you many hours of pleasure and make your 10 time interesting and creative.The hobby can bring you happiness, knowledge and friendship.

1.________ 2.________ 3.________ 4.________ 5.________ 6.________ 7.________ 8.________ 9.________ 10.________

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