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Unit Seven一:——单项选择题

( ) 11. How do you _____ a turkey sandwich?

A. take B. make C. cook D. carry

( ) 12. Look! Linda is ______ hot water into the blender.

A. pour B. pours C. pouring D. to pour

( ) 13. If you want to be ______, you should eat more fruit and vegetables.

A. health B. healthly C. healthy D. healthily

( ) 14. Turn on the blender______ about two minutes.

A. for B. in C. to D. at

( ) 15. _______ bananas do you need?

A. How B. How many C. How much D. What

( ) 16. Don’t forget to ______ the blender after the shake is ready.

A. turn on B. turn off C. open D. close

( ) 17. —— It’s very nice.

A. How B. What C. Which D. Where

( ) 18. —How many oranges do we need?

— Let me _______. Three.

A. think B. think of C. think over D. think out

( ) 19. There too much sugar in the sandwich.

A. be B. are C. is D. have

( ) 20. —How do you make fruit salad?

— ______,cut up three bananas and a watermelon. Next put them in a bowl.

A. First B. Next C. Then D. Finally

( ) 21. Don’t eat too much _______. It can make you fat

A. vegetables B. fruit C. meat D. yin food

( ) 22. A: _______ do you eat fruit and vegetables? B: Every day.

A: How B. How often C. What D. Where

( ) 23. A: How much yogurt does your mother need? B: She needs_______.

A. two yogurt B. two yogurts

C. two teaspoons of yogurts D. two teaspoons of yogurt

( ) 24. It’s easy ______ a banana shake. Let me help you.

A. do B. to do C. make D. to make

( ) 25. — A: May I have ______ slice of bread with butter, I’m still hungry..

— B: Certainly. Here you are.

A. other B. the other C. another D. the others

( ) 26. —A: I’m not feeling ______.

—B: You should see a doctor, then you’ll feel _____ soon.

A. good; well B. well; well C. well; better D. well; good

( ) 27.— A: I think China is great.

— B: I agree. It’s famous ______ its food and the Great Wall.


A. at B. in C. for D. to

( ) 28. My friend David is ______ from me, he likes apple pies a lot.

A. difficult B. different C. difference D. delicious

( ) 29. Ruth should get the job because she is _____ than Rose.

A. outgoing B. more outgoing C. much outgoing D. as outgoing as

( ) 30.— How____is it from your school to the bus stop?

—It’s not far, about five kilometers____.

A. far; far B. away; far C. far; away D. away; away

二: 基础练习用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. How______ watermelons do we need? ( much )

2. We still need ten ___________ __. ( orange )

3. Would you cut up some_________ for me? ( tomato )

4. Ten minutes for you to make your favorite___________( sandwich )

5. Our teachers are __________to us. (friend )

6. What would you like ___________ ( drink ), tea or coffee?

7. Why ______ you ______ ( not stay ) at home? It’s so cold outside.

8 . Are you _________ ( good ) than Jim at speaking English?

9. Thanks for __________ ( have ) us to your party.

10. _________ ( not drink ) too much milk when you are hungry.

be clean visit sound win buy s ee take get live

1.I help my father ________ the car.

2.I went to the museum and ________ some souvenirs.

3.There ________ an old temple(庙)at the foot of the mountain before.

4.Last week I ________ my aunt’s house .

5.We ________ some really clever kids when we were in their school.

6.I think it ________ very interesting.

7.He ________ in California and worked as an actor.

8.After that, they ________ the bus back home.

9.Who ________ the first prize? Toky did.

10.Tina _____ Dean’s autograph and read it.


1.The boy needs one cup of milk. (划线提问)

______ ______ _______ of milk ______ the boy ____ ?

2.They’d like s ome chicken. (否定句, 划线提问)

They _______ like _______ chicken.

_____ ______ chicken _______ they like?

3 How much is the book? How much _______ the book ________?

________ the ________ of the book?

4 You mustn’t eat too much.(祈使句) _________ eat too much.

5 I make a banana shake like this.(划线)

_______ ________ you ________ a banana shake?


6 I m et him on my way to school. (否定)

I _______ ______ him on my way to school.

8 Are there any seals here? (用last year 改写)

_____ ________any seals here?

9.He felt tired just now. (划线) ______ _______ he ______ just now?

10.He watched TV last night. (划线)

_________ _________ he _________ last night?

________ ______ ___ he _________TV?


take get run write have

On my last day off I__a bus to the park with my best f riend. We saw many beautiful flowers and grass everywhere. There were many people in it. Suddenly we saw a group of people under the tree. Some of them were shouting. My friends and I were surprised.We ____there and found a famous actor. He___something. Some of fans ___ his autograph.He also sung a song for us. We ________ fun that day.

1.I’d like some coffee ___ sugar in it.

A. with B. over C. about D. for

2. Can you help me ____ up the meat?

A. cut B. put C. give D. clean

3 Don’t forget to turn ________ the T V before you go to bed

A off B to C on D down

4 Kate, could you ________ the radio a b it? Your father is asleep.

A turn down B turn off C turn up D turn on

Unit Eight8


( )11. ―Did you go to the zoo yesterday? —________.

A. Yes, I didn't B. No, I didn't C. Yes, I was D. No, I did

( )12. ―Were there any sharks in the aquarium?―________.

A. Yes, there were B. No, there wasn't C. Yes, there was D. No, there were

( )13. There is a shop ________ the street.

A. by the end of B. in the end C. at the end of D. on the end

( )14. I'm going to the aquarium ________ my next day off.

A. on B. in C. with D. at

( )15. ―My mother was ill in bed yesterday. ―________

A. Why? B. Sure. C. Is she better now? D. I'm sorry to hear that.

( )16.—Where ________ he go on vacation? —He went to the mountains.

A.is B.does C.has D.did

( )17.—How were the assistants in the store? —________ friendly.

A.They are B.They were C.They did D.They do

( )18.We had great fun ________ in the beach.

A.to play B.playing C.play D.played


( )19.I ________ terrible, so I decided ________ a doctor .

A.feel; to see B.feel; seeing C.felt; to see D.felt; seeing

( )20.When my parents ________ young, there ________ not so much food.

A.are; is B.were; was C.are; was D.were; is

( )21.After lunch they _______ to the Gift Shop where they ____ lots of gifts .

A.go; buy B.go; bought C.went; buy D.went; bought

( ) 22.It’s too late. Please stop and go home.

A.play soccer B.playing soccer C.to play soccer D.played soccer.

( ) 23.________ did you do?

A.What else B.What else things C.What other D.What others things

( ) 24.What A.did, do B.did, did C.were , do D. do, do

( ) 25.At five in the afternoon, we took the subway school.

A.go to B.back to C.going to D.to back to

Unit 9.选择填空.(15分)

( ) 1. —When _____ he born? — In 1995.

A. is B. was C. has D. does

( ) 2. Yao Ming was born _____September 12, 1980.

A. on B. in C. at D. to

( ) 3. Bill Gates is an _____ person.

A. famous B. talented C. outstanding D. kind

( ) 4. She started ice skating _____she was four.

A. after B. when C. how D. where

( ) 5. She _____a skating champion when she was twelve.

A. becomes B. become C. becoming D. became

( ) 6. the strong wind, we had to stay at home.

A. In B. For C. With D. Because of

( ) 7. ―________ you born? ―In a town near Tianjin.

A. When were B. Where did C. Where were D. Where was

( ) 8. When ________ you ________ to Shanghai?

A. do, come B. did, come C. did, came D. were, come

( ) 9. She ________ the national table tennis team in 1988.

A. joins B. joined C. took part in D. took part

( ) 10. Every year a lot of babies ________ born.

A. is B. are C. was D. were

( ) 11. He is always ________ late.

A. works B. working C. work D. worked

( ) 12. She spends two hours ________ the violin every day.

A. play B. plays C. played D. playing

( ) 13. ―________ is Li Yundi? ―A famous Chinese pianist.

A. How B. What C. Which D. Who


( ) 14. He ________ morning exercises yesterday.

A. wasn't do B. didn't C. didn't do D. doesn't do

( ) 15. The little boy is _______ young ______ do the work. I think Linda could help him.

A. not; but B. very; to C. so; to D. too; to

Unit10一:单项选择 (15分)

( ) 11. Some parents want to communicate better ________their kids.

A. with B. on C. in D. for

( ) 12. There ________a match this afternoon.

A. will have B. are going to have C. is going to have D. is going to be

( ) 13. What are you going to do_________?

A. last night B. yesterday C. just now D. this evening

( ) 14. What he said made her_________.

A. happily B. happy C. happiness D .sadly

( ) 15.She is going to write some articles and_______magazines and newspapers.

A. send it to B. send them to C. send to them D. send to it

( ) 16. Lucy’s going to learn to play _________instrument.

A. a B. the C. an D. 不填

( ) 17. —_______ are you going to get good grades.— I’m going to study harder.

A. How B. Where C. What D. Why

( ) 18. There are ________ people in the street. It’s raining heavily.

A. a little B. a few C. little D. few

( ) 19. Tom wants to find his lost dog for ________.

A. a week or two B. a week and two C. one and two weeks D.one or two weeks

( ) 20. He’s going to practice _______ basketball every day.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. the

( ) 21. My uncle is going to ________ Dalian next year .

A. moves B. move to C. live D. leaves for

( ) 22. He is going to be a computer programmer when he ___________ college.

A. finishes B. start C. left D. begins

( ) 23. Jill and Katy ____________ with their class tomorrow.

A. are going to hiking B. are going hiking C. go to hiking D. go hiking

( ) 24. I am going to move ______________.

A. interesting somewhere B. somewhere interesting

C. anywhere interesting D. interesting anywhere

( ) 25.He’s going to buy a new house_________ the money.

A. by B. for C. with D. in


1. He didn’t play for his national team because he was ill . (同义句)

He didn’t play for his national team_______ ______his __________ .

2. When he was seven, he could hum some English songs . (同义句)

______ ______ ______of seven , he c ould hum some English songs .


3. I saw that he was playing football . (同义句)

I saw______ _______ football .

4. It took her ten hours to learn to ride a bicycle .(同义句)

She______ten hours _____ to ride a bicycle .

5.She wants to be a computer programmer.(同义句)

She ______ ______ _____ _____ a computer programmer.

6.Mr Wang usually goes to work by bus. (同义句)

Mr Wang usually ______ a ______ ______work.

7.He does his homework every day.(否定句)

He_______________ his homework every day.

8.The students have a school trip in spring.(用next week改写)

The students______ ______ ______ ______a school trip next week.

9. He was born in Suzhou on July 2nd,1992 . (划线提问)

________and_______was he born ?

10.He is going to work hard at English this term.. (划线提问)

______ ____ he _____ ______ _____ this term?

11.He is going to be an engineer when he grows up. (划线提问)

_____ is he going to ____ when he grows up?

1 2.They are going to have an English party this evening. (划线提问)

______ are they going to ______ this evening?

13.It takes me half an hour to get to the shop. (划线提问)

______ ______ ______ it take ______ to get to the shop?

14.The boy asked his mother _____(let)him go and play basketball.

15.I’m sorry to keep you________(wait)for a long time.

16.It________ (take) him half an hour__________ (finish) his homework yesterday.

17.All the people in the town are glad ______(hear)that a famous musician_____(give) a concert this Saturday evening.

18.I______(write) to youas soon as I get to Shanghai.

19.Mike_________(visit) several places since he came to Beijing.

20.他想主修经营管理. He wants to______ ______ mangement .


Tom was_______ ______ ______ say a word .


She’s going to be a______because she ____ ___ people.

23.学校要举行一次艺术展览。The school is going to___ ___ ___ ___.

24.我不确定我能拿高分。I’m not _______if I can______ ____ ______.

三: 中考链接:

1.―How long did it ____you______this picture ?‖ ― Five years . ‖

A.take , drawing B.spend, drawing C.pay , to draw D.take, to draw

2. There ________ a talk show on CCTV-4 at nine this evening.

A. will have B.is going to be C. is going to have D. is having


3.-How was your day off?-----Pretty good. ————We____the history museum.

A. visit B. visited C. are visiting D. will visit

4.The box is so heavy that I can’t carry it . (同义句)

The box is _________ heavy________me______carry it .

5.He began to learn the accordion at the age of 5 . (划线提问)

______ ______ he ______ to learn the accordion ?


He often never _________ ________ in his free time .

7. fly, look, understand, study, be

In 1974 a businessman and pilot, Kenneth Arnold, _______near Mount Rainier, Washington when he saw nice shiny, round objects flying through the air. He told a newspaper reporter that they______like “pie plates skipping(跳) over water”. The reporter used the words ―flying saucer‖in his story and today it______a popular name for UFOs.

Now in different countries, many people_______the UFOs.Some people make mistakes when they say they have seen UFOs. But people still can’t_____UFOs clearly. It may take many years to find a clear answer.



( )11. —Could I please go to the movies tonight?

—No, ________.You have to finish your homework first.

A. don’t B. couldn’t C. needn’t D. can’t

( )12.. ___________late again next time.

A. Don’t B. Don’t be C. Isn’t D. Aren’t

( )13.We need ________chairs.

A. one B. two more C. another D. two another

( )14. —Manuel, could I use your computer?

—Sorry, I'm going to ________ it now.

A. work at B. work C. work on D. work for

( )15.. Tommy is ________ young ________ drive a car. He is only 14.

A. too, to B. very, so C. as, as D. so, that

( )16. Thanks for ________ me ________ the evening party.

A. invite, for B. inviting, for C. inviting, to D. invite, to

( )17.Good food and exercise help her________ better.

A. studied B. studies C. to study D. studying

( )18. I am hungry. Could you get _________ food for me?

A. any B. a few C. many D. some

( )19. —________ you go to the movie with me?

— Sorry, I ________ go to a meeting.

A. Could, can B. Must, may C. Could, can’t D. Could, have to

( )20. Don’t forget _________me a call when you get home.

A. giving B. to give C. to giving D. give


( )21. My friend with me ________ going to Beijing ________ vacation.

A. are, in B. is, on C. is, in D. are, on

( )22. You’d better ________some money with you when you go out.

A. took B. take C. brought D. bring

( )23. It’s very cold outside. Could you please ________the door?

A. don’t open B. not to open C. not open D. to not open

( )24. —How long will you ________ the book?—For two weeks.

A. borrow B. keep C. lend D. borrowed

( )25. I’ll wake you up when he ________ back.

A. come B. will come C. is going to came D. comes


1. You'd better take out the trash.(否定)You'd better ______ ______ out the trash.

2. She was late yesterday because she was ill.

== She was late yesterday ________ ________ her illness

3. Don't forget to take an umbrella. == _________ ________ take an umbrella.

4. You take care of my dog when I was not at home. Thank you.

==Thank you for ________ ________ ______ my dog when I was not at home.

三:.综合测试——A 基础练习:

1.Jim doesn’t like doing the chores because they are not interesting .

______ _______ Jim _______ doing the chores?

2. Do you need ________ (have) a rest?

3. Thanks a lot for _______ ( give)us so much good advice.

4. Don’t forget _______ (buy) some drinks and snacks.

5. My mother hates _______ (watch) football matches and she hates my father ________ (watch) them.


1. There is no need to thank me. =You _______ _______ ______ thank _______ .

2. 汤姆放弃了他的工作,现在在从事一部小说的写作工作。

Tom _______ ______ his work, now he's _______ _______ a new novel .


I’m ______ ______ ______ _______ a new house .I need some _______ .

Unit Twelve


1.big ________ ________ 2.cheap ________ ________

3.popular ________ ________ 4.close ________ ________

5.friendly ________ ________ 6.expensive ________ ________

7.good ________ ________ 8.bad ________ ________

9.boring ________ ________ 10.hot ________ ________


11.The Yellow River is the second ______(long)river in China.

12.Do you have ______(many)books than Tom?


13.He drank ________(little)juice than you. 14.Tom is the ________(tall)of the two boys. 15.I think English is ________(interesting)of all the subjects. 16.The radio says it’ll be even ________(cold)tomorrow.

17.Who is the ________(good)in physics in your class?

18.All the movie theaters are good, but the Big Screen Complex has ________


19.I don’t want to go Jasper’s clothes store. It has the ________(bad)clothes in town.

20.What do you think is the ________(creative)of all the music video?


( )21.She looks ________ younger than she is.

A.even B.very C.a bit of D.a lot of

( )22.If you do that, you’ll feel ________ soon.

A.more healthy B.more healthier C.much healthy D.much healthier

( )23.We’ll try to do ________ work with ________ time than before.

A.much; much B.little; little C.less; more D.more; less

( )24.China has the ________ population(人口数)in the world.

A.largest B.bigger C.most D.fewest

( )25.Of all the students, Li Ming is ________ to Mr Wang.

A.close B.closer C.the closest D.the most closest

( )26.You are getting fatter and fatter. You should eat ____food and take ____exercise.

A.less; less B.more; more C.more; less D.less; more

( )27.—Which is ________ month of the year? —July, I think.

A.hot B.hoter C.hotter D.the hottest

( )28.Xi’an is one of ________ capital ________ in China.

A.older; city B.the older; city C.oldest; cities D.the oldest; cities ( )29.Who has _________-apples, Lily, Jim or Lucy?

A. many B. the more C. the most D. more

( ) 30. Hainan is _________the south of China.

A. to B. in C. of D. on

( ) 31. — Why do you like Gold Theater best ? — Because it has the _____ seats .

A. much comfortable B. most comfortable

C. more comfortable D.less comfortable

( ) 32. Your coat is a little longer than _____ .

A. mine B. my C. me D. I

( ) 33.Kate often goes to work____________ breakfast. It’s bad for her health.

A. with B. without C. on D. not have

( ) 34. The English short play made all of us____________.

A. to cry B. laugh C. eating D. dance

( ) 35. Shanghai is bigger than___________ in China.

A. any other city B. all the other city C. any city D. other cities 9


1. We did a survey of some readers. (否定句)

We ______ ______ a survey of ______ readers.

2. This is _____ gift I have ever received. I love it very much.

A. the best B. better C. worse D. the worst

3. Don’t worry. He is _____ to take care of little Betty.

A. carefully enough B. enough careful C. careful enough

4.Jason’s 的服装质量比 Trendy Teens差

Jason’s has _______ ______ clothes than Trendy Teens.


He left _______ _______ goodbye.



1、一般情况下,动词词尾加 -ed ,如:

work ---worked play---played wanted----wanted act----acted

2、以不发音的 -e 结尾动词,动词词尾加 -d,如:

live---lived move----moved taste---tasted hope---hoped

3、以辅音字母 + y结尾的动词,把-y变为-i 再加-ed,如: study---studied copy---copied cry---cried carry---carried

4、以一个辅音字母结尾的重读闭音节动词,双写词尾辅音字母,再加 -ed,如:stop ---stopped


go–went make–made get–got buy-bought

come-came fly-flew

不规则动词的过去式的构成 1.把动词原形中的i改为a,变成过去式。如: begin—began,drink—drank,give—gave,ring—rang,sing—sang,sit—sat,swim—swam




3.改动词原形中的aw /ow为ew,变成过去式。如:














10.以ought和aught结尾,且读音是〔 :t〕的过去式。如: bring—brought,buy— bought,think—thought,catch—caught, teach—taught

11.以ould结尾且读音为〔ud〕的情态动词过去式。如: can—could,shall—should,will—would





hear〔hi 〕—heard〔h :d〕, say〔sei〕—said〔sed〕,mean〔m







have /has— had,hold—held,leave—left,make—made,



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