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课题:Unit3 第2课时 课型:新授 No.12

主备人:马洪艳 审核人:丁菊 使用时间:2012.9.26 学习目标:


学习下列词汇: stay up , be strict with

掌握下列句型:I have to stay at home on school nights .

I’m allowed to go shopping with my friends .

We have a lot of rules at my house. So do we .

2.能力目标: Enable the students to talk about what they are

allowed to do .

3.情感目标: Enable the students to practice the rules in daily life . 教学重难点:How to practice rules .



Ask the students to talk about the rules they know.

T: In the last period , we learned something about what teenagers should be allowed to do .As a member of the society , we should follow some rules . There must be some rules at your house .Would you like to tell us the rules at your house ?

Students talk about the rules they know.



go to school

go boatingin the park in the eveninggo over one’s lessons do one’s homework go to the cinema go to bed



Step1. Reading (3a)

T: From the conversation , we can know they have some rules at their houses.

Now I have some questions for you about their rules.

1. Fast reading .

Read 3a, get the main idea .

What are they talking about ( )

A. The school rules . B. The house rules .

2. Careful reading .

Let students read the conversation and answer the questions .

1) Can Sun Fei go out on school nights ?

2) Can Sun Fei study at a friend’s house ?

3) Who is allowed to go to the movies with friends on Friday ?

4) Does Sun Fei have to be home by 10:00 p.m ?

5) What isn’t Wu Yu allowed to do ?

3. Post reading . Pair work . (3b)

Step2. Group work(4)

Make a survey , find 3 people to follow these rules.(课本上的表格)

四、合作探究(Cooperation) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 五、测试评价(Test)

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 反思:

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2

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