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八年级英语上册 Unit 1How often do you exercise?同步听力辅导课件 人教新目标版

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1. What does the boy usually do on weekends?

2. What does the girl like doing?

3. What does the man do every night?

4. What does the man usually have after dinner?

5. Who has the healthiest lifestyle in the family?

二、听小对话,选择正确的答案。 1. How often does Mr Baker exercise? A. Once a week. B. Twice a week. 2. What does the woman think of KFC? A. They are expensive. B. They are junk food. C. They are not delicious.

C. Every afternoon.

3. When does Steve play tennis? A. On weekends. B. On weekdays. C. On Wednesdays. 4. Why is Rosamund Kwan so beautiful? A. Because she’s a film star. B. Because she’s Guan Zhilin. C. Because she has a healthy lifestyle. 5. What can we know from the dialogue? A. Tina is often ill. B. Tina likes vegetables. C. Tina often does sports.


1. What sport does Mr Smith like?

A. Basketball.

B. Soccer.

C. Tennis.

2. How often does he play basketball? A. Every evening. B. Every weekend. C. Twice a week.

3. How often does Linda watch TV? A. Once a week. B. Every evening. C. Hardly any.

4. When does Linda surf the Internet?
A. On Thursday evening. B. On Saturday evening. C. On Sunday evening. 5. How long does Linda do her homework?

A. Half an hour.

B. One hour.

C. Two hours.

四、听独白,回答问题。 1. What does Susan do? A. A student. B. A P.E. teacher. C. An English teacher. 2. How often does she give English classes? A. Every weekday. B. Four times a week. C. Once a week. 3. What do the students do in her class? A. Read English books and play games. B. Give short plays and play basketball. C. Sing English songs and watch TV. 4. What does Susan do after class? A. Plays tennis with girls. B. Plays football with boys. C. Watches TV with students. 5. How many hours does she sleep a day? A. 10. B. 8. C. 6.

五、Alice Zhang是一个学生杂志社的记者,她想了解一下学生 们的学习和生活情况。听Alice和Hugo之间的对话,完成下列表 格。(在相应的表格内打“√”) Note: experiment 实验 Once a Twice a Three times a Four times How often? week week week a week Chinese & English Physics & chemistry Experiments Art P.E.

六、请继续听Alice和Hugo之间的对话,挑出Hugo每星期要进行 的课外活动,在相应的图画下打“√”。

七、Hugo的课余生活还是挺丰富的,那么他的饮食习惯怎么样 呢?继续听他们的对话,完成下列图表。)请将相应图片的序号 填在括号内)

八、听录音,帮助Alice完成她的采访笔记。 Note: almost 几乎,差不多
Most of the students are 1)___________ 2) ___________. They sleep about 3) ___________ hours every night. They have vegetables, fruit and milk ten or eleven times a 4) ___________. They like delicious 5) ___________ 6) ___________, too. But they eat it only 7) __________ a week. Because they think healthy lifestyle helps them 8) ___________

better and get 9) ___________ 10) ___________. But some of them 12) ___________ 13) ___________ every day, they eat junk food almost 14) ___________ 15) ___________,too. They 16) ___________ 17) ___________ eat vegetables and fruit. They don’t like to drink 18) ___________. They go to bed 19) ___________ 20) ___________.

1. W: What do you usually do on weekends? M: I usually go skateboarding.

2. M: Do you often go shopping with your friends?
W: No, I can’t stand it. I like reading in the library.

3. W: How often do you go to the movies?

M: Once a month. But I watch TV every night.
4. W: What do you often have after dinner?

M: A cup of tea, and some fruit.

5. W: Who in your family has a healthiest lifestyle? M: My grandpa. He goes to bed early and gets up early.

二、 1. W: Excuse me, Mr Baker. How often do you exercise? M: Every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. 2. M: How often do you go to KFC? W: Never. They are junk food, I guess.

3. W: What sports do you like, Steve? M: Tennis. I play tennis with my sister every weekend. 4. W: My favorite film star is Rosamund Kwan. M: You mean Guan Zhilin. Yes, she’s so beautiful. 5. W: Tina doesn’t come to school today. M: She’s ill again. W: Oh, dear. I think she needs more healthy food and more exercise.

Dialogue 1
M: Mr Smith likes basketball very much.
W: So he is. He has a lot of books on basketball. M: And he watches basketball matches on TV every evening. W: Does he often play basketball? M: Yes, he does. He’s very busy, but he plays basketball twice a week.

Dialogue 2 M: Do you often watch TV, Linda?

W: Not very often. I only watch Animal World on Thursday
evening. M: Do you surf the Internet? W: Yes, every Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon. M: What do you usually do in the evening?

W: Do my homework and read.
M: How long do you do your homework? W: About an hour.

My English teacher is Susan. She is very popular in our class. She has a round face with long hair. She gives us four English classes a week. In her class, we read English books, play games, and sing English songs. Sometimes we have short English plays in class. So we like our English class very much. Susan is very healthy. She likes hamburgers very much, but she has them only once a week because she thinks they are junk food. Susan likes sports, too. She plays tennis with girls; sometimes she plays basketball with boys too. But she can’t play football. Susan watches TV every evening. Her favorite channel is CCTV-9 because it is English. She doesn’t go to bed very late. She says, “I must sleep 8 hours a day. Then I can enjoy every day.”

W: Hello, Hugo. I’m Alice Zhang from The Youth. Can I ask you some questions? M: Sure. Go ahead. W: Do you like your school life? M: Yes, Miss Zhang. W: Which is your favorite subject? M: I like physics best. I like doing physics experiments. W: Do you like chemistry experiments? M: No, not very much. W: How often do you have these classes? M: Three classes a w

eek and we usually do experiments twice a week. W: What about other lessons? M: We have four English and four Chinese classes every week. For P.E., three. And art, once a week.

W: Then, what do you usually do after class, Hugo? M: I usually play basketball or football with my classmates. Sometimes, I go to the reading room. W: Do you surf the Internet? M: No, I like it but my mother doesn’t want me to do it. W: What else do you do? M: I learn drawing on Monday afternoon. W: Do you like it? M: Yes, many of us like drawing but some like music, like playing the guitar and the piano. W: Oh, I see. What do you do in the evening? M: Nothing much. Do my homework, listen to music and watch TV. W: Do you sometimes go to the movies or parties? M: Yes, but not very often. Once a month.

W: So what do you like to eat, Hugo? M: My favorite food? There are many. I like milk, fruit, and KFC. W: Do you take them every day? M: Oh, I always have milk and eggs for breakfast. For lunch and supper, I usually have fish. I hardly have any pork. Sometimes I have beef. I never have mutton. It smells terrible. W: Do you have vegetables? M: Well, I don’t like them. But I know they are healthy food so I often have some vegetables like carrots and cabbages. But I usually have fruit after meals. W: How often do you go to KFC? M: Sometimes. About once a week. Because I am busy at school.

M: Good morning, boys and girls. I think most of our classmates are pretty healthy. We go to bed early at night and get up early in the morning – we sleep about nine hours every night. We try to have a lot of vegetables, fruit, milk and other healthy food, usually ten or eleven times a week. And we try to exercise every day, some in the morning, others in the afternoon. We like junk food too because they are delicious. But we try to eat only once a week. So you see, healthy lifestyle helps us study better and get good grades. Yet, I am sorry to say some of us are kind of unhealthy. Although some of them have one healthy habit of doing sports every day, they eat a lot of junk food, almost every day, too. They hardly ever eat vegetables or fruit. They don’t like to drink milk. They go to bed too late. I hope they will do better. Thank you.

How often? Chinese & English

Once a week

Twice a week

Three times a week

Four times a week

√ √ √ √ √

Physics & chemistry



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