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1.(2010天津,38) We will have a field trip this afternoon. The news makes everyone _______.

A. excited B. frightened C. happily D. luckily

2.(2010上海,35)Listening is just as ______ as speaking in language learning.

A. important B. more important C. most important D. the most important

3.(2010上海,36)Is this a photo of your daughter? She looks _______ in the pink dress!

A. lovely B. quietly C. politely D. happily

4.(2010上海,49)My dog is gentle and never bites, so you needn’t be ______.

A. excited B. frightened C. satisfied D. interested

5. (2010上海,53) “_______”.

A. is surprised at B. is famous for C. is fond of D. is worried about

6. (2010重庆,29)---Who did English homework better, Leo or Nike?

---Leo is more careful. I think Leo did ______Nick.

A. as good as B. as well as C. better than D. worse than

7.(2010重庆,36) ---I don’t have enough money. This watch is too expensive.

---Look, there are some more over there. They are ______ and nice.

A. big B. old C. small D. cheap

8.(2010江苏南京,8)---Peter has good grades in all his subjects, but he never shows off.

---I agree. He is very ______.

A. easy-going B. imaginative C. modest D. generous

9. (2010广东,33)---How are you feeling today?

---Much _____. I can go to school next week.

A. good B. better C. best D. well

10.(2010湖北武汉,32)---Are you scared of the flight?

---No, just a little ______.

A. angry B. serious C. anxious D. calm

11. (2010湖北武汉,37)--- Waiter, $20 for dinner, right?

---I’m afraid $25, sir, for drinks are______.

A. extra B. free C. high D. spare

12.(2010浙江温州,4)---Hi, Ella, which is the ______ street in your city?

---High Street. Many people go shopping there.

A. busier B. quieter C. busiest D. quietest

13.(2010四川成都,34)What a nice picture of a house. It would be ______with some green trees around it.

A. good B. better C. worse


1.(2009北京,26)Tian’an men Square is one of ________ squares in the world.

A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest

2.(2009天津,36)This year the villagers have produced ______ rice ______they did two years ago.

A. less; than B. as less; as C. fewer; than D. as few; as

3.(2009浙江杭州,26)---Tina, Mother says we can have a pet! How about a dog?

---I prefer a cat. It is _______ to take care of.

A. easy B. easier C. easiest D. the easiest

4. (2009四川成都,38)It is not so ________ as yesterday, so there are _____ people sitting in the square.

A. cold; fewer B. warm; more C. cold; more

5. (2009广东,31)The Changjiang River is the _______ river in China.

A. long B. longest C. short D. shortest

6.(2009广东深圳,5)---The cake looks ______.

---Yes, and it tastes even _______.

A. well; good B. nice; better C. good; worse D. better; best

7.(2009山东济南,27)I can’t see anything in the box because it is _______.

A. heavy B. thin C. full D. empty

8.(2009湖北黄冈,38)---I’m sure I will get good grades in the graduation exam.

---If so, I believe your parents will ______ the result.

A. be satisfied with B. be angry about C. be tired of D. be worried about

9.(2009湖南长沙,29)In Changsha, it’s hot in July, but it’s even _______ in August.

A. hot B. hotter C. hottest

10.(2009安徽,35)---Hello! Golden Sun Hotel. Can I help you?

---Do you have a room _______ for this weekend?

A. available B. useful C. empty D. possible

11. (2009黑龙江哈尔滨,23)Humor is very important to human beings. We can never have too much of it. Without humor, life would be _______.

A. disappointed B. boring C. bored

12. (2009辽宁沈阳,38)My sister is 1.9 meters tall. It’s very _______ to find clothes big enough for her.

A. important B. easy C. difficult D. interesting

13. (2009陕西,34)My father told me a story last night. It is _______ one I’ve ever heard.

A. the funniest B. funniest C. funnier D. the funnier

14. (2009甘肃兰州,29)You should tell ______ possible to support your ideas.

A. as many information as B. as much fact as C. as many facts as D. as many news as

15. (2009江西,34)---How about the dishes?

---Fantastic! Nothing tastes_______.

A. nice B. better C. terrible D. worse

16. (2009山西太原,18)I hear more parks will be built in Taiyuan.

I’m sure Taiyuan will become _______ than before.

A. modern B. more beautiful C. the most energetic

17. (2009山西,33)Life in the countryside is quite _______ that in modern cities.

A. the same B. different from C. full of

18. (2008黑龙江哈尔滨,28)---There will be _______ people in Beijing than usual because of all the visitors to the Olympics.

---Right. We Chinese should feel part of the Olympics and try our best to help.

A. many B. more C. most

19. (2008河北,25)The air in the countryside is _______. So many people from the city go there on Weekends.

A. soft B. pretty C. fresh D. delicious

20. (2008湖北武汉,33)---May I have another cake?

---You’d better not. You shouldn’t go swimming on a _______ stomach.

A. hot B. hungry C. fat D. full

21. (2008北京,22)I think real cards are _______than e-cards

A. nice B. nicer C. nicest D. the nicest

22. (2008辽宁十二市,32)My sister is a _______ girl. She always makes mistakes whatever she does.

A. careful B. patient C. serious D. careless

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