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初中英语总结 现在完成时

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27.—Where is Mrs. Smith?

—She isn’t here. She ________ to England . (08,北京朝阳)

A. has gone B. has been C. went D. goes

13. — Hello! Can I speak to Alice?

— Sorry. She isn’t here right now. She ____ to the shop. (08,北京)

A. goes B. will go C. has gone D. was going

20.Mr Green _____Beijing since three years ago. (08,诼鹿)

A. has come to B. went C. had lived in D. has been in

29. ---_____you _____ out the problem, Sam?

--- Not yet, but I’m going to. (08,湖北咸宁)

A. Did, work B. Are, working C. Have, worked D. Will , work

39.--- your dictionary?

—No.So I have to buy a new one today.(08,广东汕头)

A.Did;find B.Have;found

C.Are;finding D.Had;found

31. — China’s 24th science research team_________ at Changcheng Station on

January 5, 2008.

— Wonderful! Our scientists ________ a lot in this field already. (08,哈尔滨)

A. have arrived; improved B. arrived; has improved C. arrived; have improved

26.—Look!The light is still on in Mr. Zhang’s office.

—I’m afraid he ________his work yet. (08,河南)

A. doesn’t finish B. didn’t finish C. hasn’t finished D. won’t finish

28. —Hasn't Betty come yet?

—No, and I ____ for her for nearly 2 hours. (08,武汉)

A. wait B. waited C. have waited D. had waited

8. ____ you ever ____to Singapore, a wonderful place to take a holiday? (08,绵阳)

A. Have, been B. Have, gone C. Did, go D. Do, go

32. —Did you go to see the film-Rush Hour Ⅲ last night?

—No, I didn’t. I ________ it several times. (08,孝感)

A. saw B. was seeing C. have seen D. would see

10. — Are you worried when your son often plays computer games?

— Yes. I think playing computer games ___________ on teenagers.


A. have a good effect B. has a good effect

C. has a bad effect D. have a bad effect

35. --Would you like to visit Shantou City with me this summer vacation?

--No, thanks. I it before. Besides, it's hot and humid there in summer. (08,四川自贡)

A. have visited B. visited C. will visit

38. Help! Wang Qiang an accident. (08,天津)

A. was having B. had had C. has had D. will have

26. The old man got sick last April and _________ in bed since then. (08,无锡)

A. was B. had been C. has been D. would be

33. --- How long have Mr and Mrs ___________?

--- For more than twenty years. (08,无锡)

A. married B. had married C. got married D. been married

14. She _____ for ten hours at least. It was at nine that she fell asleep last night. (08,宁波鄞州)

A. slept B. had slept C. has slept D. was sleeping

31. He ________our school for two weeks.. (08,青海)

A. left B. has left C. has been away from

31.—What are you going to do this Saturday?

—I ________ yet. (08,山东烟台)

A. haven’t decided B. won’t decide

C. am not decided D. didn’t decide

24. —I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

—Oh, not at all. I _________ here for only a few minutes. (08,淄博)

A. had been B. was C. has been D. have been

43. I ________ a copy of Yi Zhongtian’s book yet. I might buy one tomorrow. (08,上海)

A hadn’t bought B don’t buy C won’t buy D haven’t bought

20. Shanghai is a beautiful city, I ______ there before. (08,泸州)

A. go B. have ever been C. went

38.—_____you _____the film Harry Potter 5?

—No yet. I’ll see it this Sunday. (08,重庆)

A. Did, see B. Are, seeing C. Have, seen D. Do, see

17. Marry ________yet. I’m waiting for her. (08,攀枝花)

A. came back B. has come back C. hasn’t come back D. was coming back

56. —What is the weather like this summer here?


A. has B. has been C. are D. have been

43. —Hello, Mike. Long time no see. Where are you?

—Oh, not only my parent but also I _______ Wuhan for a month. (09,黄冈)

A. have gone to B. have been to C. has been in D. have been in

28.—How clean the bedroom is!

—Yes, I am sure that someone it. (09,武汉)

A. cleans B. cleaned C. has cleaned D. had cleaned

45. --- Where are the Greens, may I ask?

--- Well, they ______ to England. They have been there for nearly a week now. (09,吉林通化)

A. have been B. are going to C. have gone D. will go

30.—Shall we go to the museum?

—.I went there last week.(09,辽宁)

A.went B.am going C.go D.have been

27. --- Would you like to go and see the film with me tonight?

--- Thank you, but I ______ it already. (09,宁夏)

A. saw B. have seen C. see D. will see

33. --- I’m sorry to keep you waiting.

--- Oh, not at all. I ______ here for only a few minutes. (09,宁夏)

A. was B. have been C. will be D. am

26.— our drawing?

—Not yet! It will be done in a few minutes.(09,陕西)

A.Did;finish B.Will;finish C.Do;finish D.Have;finished

44. Helen loves to talk about travel. She __________ many places. (09.河北)

A. has gone to B. has been to C. has gone for D. has been from

31. She ______ as an animal trainer since 2003. (09.北京)

A. has worked B. works C. will work D. worked

32. —Hi, I __________ you for a long time.

—I __________ in Beijing. I’ve just come back. (09.朝阳)

A. hadn’t seen; am B. haven’t seen ; shall be

C. didn’t see; will be D. haven’t seen; was

34. Sam __________ Chinese since he came to China. He speaks good Chinese now.


A. learns B. learned C. has learned D. will learn

39. A∕H1N1 flu is terrible, but our government __________ action to prevent it

already. (09.安徽芜湖)

A. has taken B. took C. will take D. was taking

20. There are many people downstairs. What do you think ______?(10杭州)

A. to happen B. happening C. is happened D.has happened

35. He to Dongying many times, so he knows every corner of it. (10东营)

A. went B. will go C. has gone D. has been

( )10. —The Summer Palace is wonderful. Have you ever visited any other interesting places?

—Yes. Also, we _________ to the Great Wall. (10镇江)

A. have gone B. have been C. had gone D. had been

32. Rose came to Beijing in 2002. she ______ here for eight years. (2010北京)

A. was living B. live C. will live D. has lived

( )4.——cleaning my bedroom. It’s clean now.

—— (10定西)

A. have finished,did,finish B. finished,have,finished

B. C. finish,do,finish D. have finished,have,finished

41. My brother left school in 2005, and since then he ________ in Beijing. (10河北)

A. lives B. lived C. will live D. has lived

30. — Could I clean the bedroom for you? (10咸宁)

— No, thanks. I it myself.

A. cleaned B. have cleaned C. was cleaning D. had cleaned

37. —When did the old man die?

—In 2007. He ______ for nearly three years. (10广安)

A. died B. has died C. has been dead

16. Alex: Why are you still here? It’s almost eight o’clock. Tom: Because I my work. Don’t worry. It’s almost done. (10台湾)

(A) wasn’t finishing( )31.---When _____ he _____ for London? (10中山) ---The day before yesterday. He _____ for two days.

A. did, leave; has left B. has,left; has left

C. did, leave; has been away D. will, leave; is leaving

(B) wouldn’t finish (C) haven’t finished (D) won’t finish

40. Miss Gao came to our school in 2006. She _____ here for four years. (10龙岩)

A. teaches B. taught C. has taught 29. —Why don't you have a notebook with you? (10东营)

—I've_________it at home.

A. lost B. forgotten C. left D. found

33.__Hello! Is that Mr Jiang ? (10铜仁)

__No ,he_____Gui yang .He will be back in more than two weeks.

A.goes B. went C.has gone to D.has been to

19. Tom _______ the USA. He _______ back in two months. (10宿迁)

A. has gone to; comes B. has gone to; will be

C. has been to; comes

D. has been to; will be

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