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初中英语总结 一般现在时

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25.Mid-Autumn Day usually ________ in September or October every year . (08,北京朝阳)

A. come B. comes C. is coming D. will come

35.—Look at the sign on the right.

—Oh, parking ________here. (08,河南)

A. doesn’t allow B. isn’t allowed C. didn’t allow D. wasn’t allowed

27. —Can your father drive?

—Yes, and he usually _____ to school. (08,武汉)

A. drove B. is driving C. drives D. has driven

24.---It’s not just the government’s duty to protect the______.

---I agree.My grandpa often _________up garbage for recycling and takes good

care of animals and plants.He is a good example to US.(09,哈尔滨)

A.environment;picked B.environments;pick C.environment;picks

26.—What does your sister like doing in her spare time?

—She watching TV.(09,武汉)

A. likes B. liked C. has liked D. had liked

36. —Can I help you ?

—I bought this watch here yesterday, but it __________ work. (09.江西)

A. won’t B. didn’t C. doesn’t D. wouldn’t

( )30. -What did your dad tell you, my baby? (10黑龙江鸡西)

-He said the sun ______ in the east.

A. went up B. will go up C. goes up ( )44. In winter the days _____ colder and colder. (10中山)

A. gets B. getting C. got D. get

30. — You don’t look well, Don! You’d better see your doctor.

— I ________, but he said there was nothing wrong. (10滨州)

A. will B. would C. had D. have

4.—Do you know if Cindy wilt drive to Italy this weekend? (10苏州) —Cindy? Never! She driving.

A.has hated B.hated C.will hate D.hates

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