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初中英语总结 时态

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27. ---My brother and I will go to the library tomorrow.

---_________.Shall we go together ? (08,诼鹿)

A. So am I B. So do I C. So I am D. So will I

28. ---Look at the sign. Reading aloud is not allowed in the reading–room. ---Oh, I’m sorry, I ____________.(08,诼鹿)

A. don’t notice B. didn’t notice C. wasn’t noticing D. wasn’t notice

30.The bad boy was often seen ________the things in the shops. (08,诼鹿)

A. to steal B. to stealing C. steal D. stole

47. —Paul, could you please ______ the TV? It’s too noisy.

—Sorry, I’ll do it right now. (08,娄底)

A. turn up B. turning up C. turn down

22.—Have you heard the good news?

—No, what _______?(08,苏州)

A. is it B. is there C. are they

D. turning down D. are those

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