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初中英语总结 现在进行时

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10. Don’t turn on the TV. Grandma ____ now. (08,北京)

A. is sleeping B. will sleep C. slept D. sleeps

19.—What is Mum doing now?

—She ________ some clothes. (08,北京朝阳)

A. washes B. is washing C. washed D. has washed

30. We should keep the habit of taking notes when the teacher _________ . (08,茂名)

A. will talk B. would talk C. is talking

38.---Jackson,I haven’t seen you these days.

---I for the coming English test.(08,广东汕头)

A.am preparing B.will prepare C.prepare D.have prepared

36. —Peter, I think we need to buy a new car.

—Oh, no! We are ____ out of money, you know? (08,武汉)

A. trying B. going C. getting D. running

39. Be quiet, please. The students ________ a class now. (08,娄底)

A. have B. had C. are having D. were having

14. They _______ for Shanghai on Friday. Shall we go to see them off at the train station? (08,资阳)

A. left B. were leaving C. have left D. are leaving

27. — It’s time for dinner. Where is your father, Emma?

— He ______ his bike in the yard. (09,新疆阜康)

A. clean B. cleaned C. is cleaning D. will clean

33. My friend __________ me. I have to leave now. (09.河北)

A. waits for B. waited for C. is waiting for. D. was waiting for

31. It __________ outside. You’d better take an umbrella with you. (09.江西)

A. rains B. is raining C. rained D. has rained

27. Mr. Green ______ to the manager now. You’d better call him later. (09.北京)

A. talk B. talked C. is talking D. was talking

39. —Shush, be quiet! The baby __________ in the next room.

—Ok. Sorry. (09.广东)

A. sleep B.slept C.sleeps D.is sleeping

36. —Where is my dad, Mum?

—Oh, he __________ Xiao Shenyang’s video in the bedroom. (09.安徽芜湖)

A. watches B. watch C. has watched D. is watching

3. —Where is Peter?(10娄底)


A. plays B. played C. is playing

29. –What’s your father doing now? –He ______ the room(2010北京)

A. cleaned B. cleans C. has cleaned D. is cleaning

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