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班级 姓名 成绩


( )1. ----Hello, Jim! ---- __________

A. Hello, Gina! B. What’s your name?

C. Thank you. D. I am Bob.

( )2.----Is that a pencil? ----__________

A. That is B. Yes, that is.

C. Yes, it’s D. Yes, it is.

( )3.Please call me ______ 289-6578

A. in B. for C. on D. at

( )4. ----_______that in English? ----- It’s a map.

A. What’s B.What C. Is D. It’s

( )5.---_______ your phone number? -----It’s 87667895

A. Where’s B. What’s C.How’s D. What

( )6.______ name is Zhen Mei? What is ______ name?

A. I; you B. My; you C.My; your D. I;you

( )7.______book is _______ the floor.

A. An; on B A; under C. The; under D. The; on

( )8.----Do you play computer games? ----Yes, I _____

A. have. B. do. C. has. D. does.

( )9.Peter has an ______ book

A. interesting B. fun C. boring D. difficult.

( )10. ---Are these your English books? --- Yes, ________

A. they’re B. they are

C. these are D. they’re not

( )11.Mary and I ____ cousins

A. am B. is C. are D. be

( )12.---Is this your _________? --- Yes, she is.

A. sister B. brother C. father D. son

( )13--- Your English is very good. ---_________

A. No, it isn’t. B.Yes, it is.

C. Thank you. D.No,no

( )14.----_____ your cousin _____ a tennis racket?

---- I don’t know.

A. Do; have B. Does; have C. Do; has D. Does; has

( )15._______ goes to school with her mother.

A. We B. You C. Tony D. Mary

二.句型转换。(10分) 16. His pen is black.(划线提问)

______ ______ is his pen?

17.That is my dictionary.(改为复数)

______ are my __________.

18.My pencil is in the drawer.(划线提问)

______ _______ your pencil?

19.These keys are on the dresser.(改成一般疑问句) _______________________ .

20. thanks, the, photo, for, family, of, your.(连词

成句) ___________________________ .


21.There are some _____(watch) over there.

22.My brother ___(play)volleyball every day..

23.____(she) family name is Bush.

24. Bruce ____ (not eat) oranges.

25. Let ____(we) watch TV.



( )26.Is the cat behind the sofa? A. No, it isn’t.

( )27.Is it a map? B. Yes, they are.

( )28.Are these your cousins? C. It’s black and blue .

( )29.What color is your bag? D. That’s OK

( )30.Does he like bananas? E. No. it’s on the sofa

F. Yes, he does.


Hello, everyone. I am ___36____ English girl. ___37____ name is Ron. I have __38___ friends. They are Mary and Jenny. They are __39___. ___40____ are all in Beijing now. Mary and Jenny ___41____ a soccer ball. ___42____ ball is very nice. I __43___ have a soccer ball. I have a volleyball. ____44____ ball is nice, too. In the evening we ___45____ TV.

( )31. A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )32. A. I B. My C. Her D. Your

( )33. A. one B. two C. three D. four

( )34. A. parents B. brothers

C. sisters D. my uncles

( )35. A. They B. You C. She D. We

( )36. A. see B. meet C. have D. take

( )37. A. They B. My C. Your D. Their

( )38. A. am not B. don’t C. aren’t D.isn’t

( )39. A. My B. Her C. His D. Their

( )40. A. watch B. see C. look D. look at



I have a good friend in my class. His name is Jack Green. He is twelve, and I am twelve, too. His father and mother work in Beijing. He likes Chinese food very much. I often ask him to my home to have Chinese food. “welcome to our house.” My father says to Jack. “ And thanks for helping Wang Lin”

“ You’re welcome. I’m English. I can help him with his English. And he can help me with my Chinese. We help each other.” 根据短文内容选择正确内容。

( )41._______ is my good friend.

A. Jack B. Green C. Wang D. Lin

( )42. My name is _______.

A. Jack B. Sam C. Li Lin D. Wang Lin

( )43.Jack likes Chinese _____ very much.

A. drinks B. food C. people D. /

( )44.I am _____ years old.

A. ten B. eleven C. twelve D. thirteen

( )45.Jack often helps Wang Lin with his _____.

A. Chinese B. English C. Japanese D. homework

七. 书面表达(15分)



一些情况),好让更多的朋友认识你。 (字数不少于40字)










1—5 ADDAB 6—10 CDBAB 11—15 CACBD


1.What color 2.Those dictionaries 3.Where is

4.Are these keys on the dresser

5.Thanks for the photo of your family.


1—5 watches ,plays,Her,doesn’t,us




1—10 BBBCD 6—10 CDBAA


1—5 CACBB 6—10 ADBCB


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