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Review adjectives and adverbs(二) 比较极和最高级
屏山镇中学 杨旺粉

small 1 fast quick happy 3 busy early

smaller faster quicker happier busier earlier

smallest fastest quickest happiest busiest earliest


nicer finer later hotter bigger redder

nicest finest latest hottest biggest reddest


fine late hot


big red

beautiful 5 tired early

more beautiful more tired more early

most beautiful most tired most early

good/well—better—best bad/ill/badly—worse—worst little—less—least many/much—more—most


(1) It’s as cold

today as it was yesterday.(colder)

2) He runs faster than I.(fast) 3) When spring comes, the days are getting longer and longer.(long) 4) The city is 5) The film is more and more beautiful .( beautiful)


interesting than that one.(little) bigger

6) The busier he is (busy), the happier he fells.(happy)
7) My pear is a little 8) Mary did even than yours.(big) worse

than Lucy.(badly)

9) His handwriting is much better than mine.(good) 10) He is the taller of the two boys.(tall) 11) He works harder than us.(hard)

1. as+原级+as… “ 和…一样” 2. not as/so+原级+as… “和…不一样” 3. …比较级+than… “比…更…” 4. 比较级+and+比较级 “…越来越…” 5. less+原级+than… “…不如…” 6. the+比较级…,the+比较级… “越…就越…” 7. the+比较级+of the two “两个中比较…的一个” 8. much, far, a lot, still, even, any, a little+比较级+than 表示“更…得多”或“更…一点” 9. Which/Who…+比较级 A or B? “A和B中谁更…?”

12) Shanghai is the largest city in China.(large) the tallest of the three girls.(tall) 14) He jumped highest in the high jumping.(high) 13) She is 15) Lucy is one of the most popular singers in our class.(popular) 16) Changjiang River is the first longest river in our country.(one) 17) Who runs fastest , Kate, Tom or Mike.(fast) 18) You are the most beautiful girl(that) I have ever seen.(beautiful)

19) The boy works hardest that I have never seen before.(hard)
20) Which is the biggest , the sun, the earth or the moon?(big)

1. A…+(the)+最高级+of/in短语 “在某范围内A最…”

2. A…+one of the+最高级+复数名词 “A是最…之一”
3. …the+序数词+最高级+单数名词+in+范围 “在某范围内第几最…” 4. Which/Who…(the)+最高级,A,B or C? “A、B和C,哪个最…” 5. A…the+最高级+(that)I have ever seen/heard/read. “A是我所见过的/听过的/读过的最…的”

形容词比较级可以表示 最高级的含义
Li Lei is the tallest student in his class. 李雷是他班上最高的学生 Li Lei is taller than any other student in his class. 李

雷比他班上任何一个学生都高 Li Lei is taller than anyone else in his class. 李雷在他班上比其他学生都高。 No one is as tall as Li Lei in his class. 李雷在他班上比别的任何一人都高 No one is taller than Li Lei in his class. 在他班上没有一个人有李雷高 ? 1) 形容词/副词的比较级+ than + any other+单数名词 ? 2) 形容词/副词的比较级+ than + the other+复数名词 ? 3) 形容词/副词的比较级+ than + anyone else… ? 4)“否定词+比较级”、“否定词+as…as…”结构

1、Jim used to be a short boy. but now he is D A. tall B. taller C. tallest D. the tallest

in his class. one I’ve ever heard.

2. My father told me a story last night, it is A. the funniest 3. None is A. thin B B. funniest C. funnier


D. the funnier

than Tom in his class. C. thinnest B D. the thinnest city Shanghai, however, it’s the second

B. thinner

4. Nanjing isn’t so large in East China. A. like largest

B. as, largest

C. like, lager (you) .

D. as, larger

5. My pencil is longer than


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