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Welcome to our class

Zou Chunrong

Unit Three

Is this your pencil?

What’s this in English?

anpen key quilt jacket orange It’sa map a ruler o

What’s this ? It’s…

a pencil
What are these ? They're ...



What’s this in English? It’s…

a book - -/ /

What are these? They're ...


What’s this in English? It’s…

an eraser
/I/ /eI/


What’s this in English? It’s…

a dictionary



What’s this in English? It’s…

a schoolbag

What’s this in English? It’s…

a pencil box

Quick revision

a pencil

a pencil box

a book

an eraser

a schoolbag

a dictionary

What’s this in English?

Match the words with the things in the picture. 1.pencil__e__ g 2.pen______ 3.books____ b h 4.eraser____ c 5.ruler_____ f 6.pencil box__ 7.schoolbag__ a 8.dictionary__ d

Is this a pencil box? Yes, it is.

Is this a ruler?

No, it isn’t(=is not). It’s an eraser.

Is this an apple(苹果)? No, it isn’t. It’s an orange. Is that a schoolbag? Yes, it is.


Are these books? Yes,they are. Are those books?
No,they aren't. They're pencil boxes.

Are these pencils?
Yes,they are.

Are those pencils?
No,they aren't. They're pens.

Ask and answer with your partners, using the things around you.(用你身边的物品 与同伴进行对话练习.)

Is this/that a/an….? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t. It’s a/an…
Are these /those ...? Yes,they are. No, they aren't. They are....

Yes, it is. It’s mine.

Is this your ruler?

Is that your schoolbag?

No, it isn’t. It’s his.(=his schoolbag)

Are these your books?

No,they aren't. They're hers .(=her

Is that your pen?

Yes, it is. It’s mine.

Find the owner(寻找物品的主人)

A: Excuse me, is this /that your …? B: Yes, it is./ No, it isn’t. It’s his/ hers. A: Here you are.(给你) B: Thank you.


Listen and number the conversations [1-3].


A:Is this your pencil? B:Yes,it is.It’s mine.

A:Is that your schoolbag? 2 B:No,it isn’t. It’s his. A:Are these your books? 1 B:No,they aren’t. They're hers .

填 空
1.-Is that your pencil? it is -Yes, ____ ____ . 2.-Is this your ruler? No -___ , it isn’t. 3.-____those your books? Are aren’t -No, they ____. 4.-Is this her pen? It’s -No, it isn’t. ____ mine. Is 5.-__ that your pencil box? -___ , it isn’t. It is his/hers. ____ No 6.-Is this his eraser? Yes -___ , it is. Is 7.- __ this your eraser? -Yes, it is ___ ___. It’s___ . mine

课 堂 练 习

Grammar Focus
Let’s see these sentences:

? This is a ruler.


? Is this a ruler? (一般疑问句) ? Yes, it is. (肯定回答) ? No, it is not(=isn’t). (否定回答)

? They are books. (陈述句) ? Are they books? (一般疑问句) ? Yes,they are . (肯定回答) ? No, they aren’t. (否定回答)

Is this your pen? Is that her book? Is it her ruler?

肯定回答: 否定回答:

Yes, it is .

No, it isn't.

这些句子都可用于: 确认某物

的主人. this 意为“这个”,用来指离说话者较近的物。 that 意为“那个”,用来指离说话者较远的物。 It可以说较近的物,也可说较远的物.答语要用it. 这些句子都是一般疑问句,一般最后一个重读音节 要升调,都能用yes或no 来简单回答.

Class is over

Thank you! Goodbye.

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