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( )1. I have_______ notebook and two pens in my bag. _______notebook is for you.

A. a; A B. the; The C. the; A D. a; The

( )2. -_______ does your brother watch TV? - Every Saturday and Sunday.

A. How many B. How often C. How much D. How long

( )3. There_______ some milk and eggs on the table.

A. is not B. aren't C. is D. are

( )4. We can use QQ to_______ with each other on the Internet.

A. tell B. speak C. say D. talk

( )5. Remember to_______ your homework to school tomorrow.

A have B. bring C. take D. buy

( )6. - Could I use your dictionary? - Yes, you_______.

A. can B. could C. need D. should

( )7. - Does the computer_______ you lots of money? - Yes. It's more than 10,000 yuan.

A. spend B. cost C. pay D. buy

( )8. Is it time _______ TV now?

A. for watch B. to watch C. watch D. watching

( )9. His English is very_______, but he can't sing English songs very_______.

A. good; good B well; good C. good; well D. well; well

( )10. We can see only one of the doors_______.

A. are opened B. is closed C. is close D. are closed

( )11. Amy thinks moon cakes are too sweet. She_______ eats them

A. often B. always C. usually D. seldom

st( )12. My family always _______ a party_______ the evening of 31 October.

A. have; in B. has; in C. has; on D. have; on

( )13. He sometimes_______ a picture, but now he_______.

A. draws; sings B. drawing; singing C. draws; is singing D. drawing; sings

( )14. She likes drinking a cup of coffee before_______.

A. to work B. works C. working D. work

( )15. - Do we need to buy some vegetables? - Yes. Let's buy some_______.

A. potatos and carrots B. cakes and apples

C. tomatoes and carrots D. noodles and peanuts

二、完形填空(每小题 1分,共 10分) My penfriend is a kind and friendly girl. She is in England. Her 1 is Connie. I meet Connie 2 the Internet, and we are both twelve years 3 . First, I 4 a letter to her and introduce my hobbies, my school and my daily life. A few days later, I receive Connie's 5 . She 6 me a lot about 1

herself. I learn that she loves languages, sports and movies. She likes China and Chinese food very much. She tells me something about England too. Connie is good at English, French and Spanish(西班牙语), so I ask her to 7 me a little of them. Connie wants to learn some 8 , but it's very difficult for her. Through Connie, I know 9 about the world outside. I would like to 10 Connie some day in England.

( )1. A hobby B. name C. age D, job

( )2. A on B. for C. at D. in

( )3. A young B. big C. small D. old

( )4. A read B. sing C. write D. draw

( )5. A book B. letter C. call D. photo

( )6. A asks B. says C. talks D. tells

( )7. A teach B. help C. give D. answer .

( )8. A English B. French C. Chinese D. Spanish

( )9. A more B. less C. few D. little

( )10. A call B. write C. visit D. help



Mr and Mrs Brown live in a small house near London with their Children. Usually Mr Brown comes back from work very late. At that time, his wife and the children are asleep(熟睡的). So he opens the front door of his house with his key and comes in very quietly.

One night he comes home very late. But he can't find his key. He rings (按) the bell. Nothing happens(发生). He rings it again. Again nothing happens. Nobody inside the house moves(移动). Mr Brown knocks at the bedroom window. He calls his wife's name. He shouts but his wife doesn't wake up. At last he stops and thinks for a few minutes. Then he begins to speak like a small child. "Mother," he says. "I want to go to WC." He speaks very quietly but at once(立刻) Mrs Brown wakes up. Then he speaks to her, and she opens the door for him.

( )1. Mr Brown and his wife live in_______.

A. a small country B. London C. a house but not big D. a small town

( )2. Mr Brown comes back _______.

A. early B. from work very late C. before his wife and the children go to bed D. at 7 p.m

( )3. Mr Brown can't open the door because_______.

A. he comes home late B. he can't find the key to the door

C. he can't wake up his wife D. something is wrong with the key

( )4. Mr Brown speaks like a child because_______.

A. he looks like a child B. he wants to wake up his children

C. he wants to make fun of his wife D. he wants to wake up his wife 2

( )5. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. The Browns live in a small house in London B. One night Mr Brown comes home early.

C. Mr Brown often comes back from hospital very late. D. At last Mrs Brown opens the door.


One evening Tim is driving his car in the country and looking for a hotel. Then he sees an old man on the side of the road, so he stops his car and says to the old man, "Where is Sun Hotel? Will you please tell me how to get there?" "Yes," the old man answers. "I'll show you the way." He gets into Tim's car, and they drive for about 12 kilometres. When they come to a small house, the old man says, "Stop here." Tim stops and looks at the house. And he says to the old man, "But this isn't a hotel." "No," the old man answers. "This is my house. And now I'll show you the way to Sun Hotel. Turn back and g0 9 kilometres. Then you'll see the hotel on your left. "

( )6. Tim wants to stay _______ for the night.

A. in his car B. in the old man's house C. in the hotel D. in the street

( )7. Tim stops to_______.

A. drive the old man home B. ask the way C. buy something D. say "hello" to the old man

( )8. The old man takes Tim to_______.

A. a hospital B. a policeman ' C. a hotel D. his home

( )9. In fact(实际上), it's only about_______ kilometres to get to Sun Hotel.

A. three B. six C. nine D. twelve

( )10. At last, Tim drives_______ kilometres more to Sun Hotel.

A. twelve B. eighteen C. twenty-one D. twenty-four


We are learning English, but how can we learn English well? A student can know a lot about English, but maybe he can't speak English.

If you want to know how to swim, you must get into the river. And if you want to be a football player, you must play football. So, you see, you can learn by using it. You must listen to your teacher carefully in class. You must speak English to your classmates every day and also you must write something in English. Then one day you may find your English is very good.

( )11. You know a lot about English, but maybe _______it.

A. you can speak B. you can study C. you can't speak D. you can't study

( )12. You must get into the water_______.

A. to learn how to swim B. to skate C.to jump D.to play

( )13. If you want to be a football player, please_______.


A. buy a football B. play football C. have some lessons D. read some books

( )14. If you want to study English well, you must often_______.

A. speak English to your classmates B. write something in English

C. listen to your teacher in class D.all the above

( )15. The best title(标题)for the passage is“_______”.

A.How to swim B. To be a good player C. How to study English well D. To learn English well is important



1. Shall we meet at the g_______ of our school?

2. This nice watch is too e_______.I don't have enough money to buy it.

3. It is very important to have a h_______ lifestyle.

4. Can you tell me_______(另一)way to the park?

5. We should brush our_______(牙齿)twice every day.

6. We usually can let off fireworks to ____________ (庆祝) New Year’s Day.

7. Mo Yan is the first Chinese Nobel Prize Winner. He is one of my __________ ( 偶像 ).

8. In our class ,we often get ____________ (一起) to discuss happily .

9. We learn many subjects, such as Chinese, English, Maths and B ____________.(生物) 10. ---How many (play) are there in a football team? ---Eleven. 11.There are many (diary) in the book.

12. Today my grandparents bought a lot of ___________ pies . ( tomato ) 13. Morning exercises help us get r for the day.

14. We do morning exercises every day to keep h____________. 15. The students usually b books from the library.


1. - Who_______ (come) to your birthday party every year? - My grandmother.

2. Jack's mother enjoys_______ (run) every morning.

3. Look! This pair of glasses_______ (fit) me very well. I'll take it.

4.- Do the students plan_______ (take)a trip? - Yes, they do.

5. - Where is your mother, Kitty? - She_______ (exercise) in the park. She often does exercise there.


1. Can you teach _______Maths? He doesn't learn it well.

2. There is a box of sharp _______on the shelf. You can take one.

3. All these girls look pretty and clever. They want to be_______.

4. He likes drawing pictures and his pictures always look_______.


5. Winter holidays are _______.What do you want to do?


1.Sometimes we take a bus to school.(同义句转换)

Sometimes we_______ to school_______ bus.

2.She is free on Sundays.(同义句转换)

She _______ _______on Sundays.

3.Kitty is making a model plane with her brother.(对画线部分提问)

_______ _______Kitty _______with her brother?

4.Eddie goes to sleep after breakfast.(改为一般疑问句)

_______ Eddie _______to sleep after breakfast?

5.There is a library at the school.(改为复数句)

_______ some _______at the school.












6. 在春节,我会打扮成美猴王。

During the Spring Festival , I can ___________________ a Monkey King .

7. 在学校我们总是玩得很开心。

We always _________________________________ at school.


The headmaster Mr Ding will ___________________________ our school.

9. 他们里面有太多的糖,对我的牙齿有害。

They__________________ my teeth because they have too much sugar in them _.

10. 一天一个苹果,医生远离我。 An apple a day ________ __ ________.


The Spring Festival is an important h___1____ in China . Most Chinese f__2___ come home and have a big celebration .

It’s always in January or F__3___. It’s often c__4___ at this time of year, but people are happy. Family m__5__ all stay at home and then have a big d__6__ . After that, people like to watch TV . C__7___ have lots of fun because they can receive red p__8___ as p__9__. We always e__10___ ourselves on that day. 5


一、1.D 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.B 6.A 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.B 11.D 12.D 13.C 14.C 15.C 二、1~5. BADCB 6~10. DACAC

三、1~5. CBBDD 6~10. CBDAB 11~15. CABDC

四、A.1. gate 2.expensive 3.healthy 4.another 5.teeth 1.celebrate 2. heroes 3.together 4.Biology 5. players

6. diaries 7. tomato 8.ready 9. healthy 10. borrow

B.1. comes 2. running 3.fits 4.to take 5.is exercising

C.1. him 2. knives 3.dancers 4.colourful 5.coming

五、1. go; by 2.isn't busy 3.What is; doing 4. Does; go 5.There're; libraries 六、1. He spends half an hour reading newspapers every day.

2. The people in China usually celebrate the Spring Festival.

3. It's important for anyone to have a healthy diet.

4. I don't have enough money to buy that computer.

5.All of us enjoy chatting with friends at lunchtime.

1.During the Spring Festival , I can dress up as a Monkey King . 2. We always have a good time / enjoy ourselves at school.

3.The headmaster Mr Ding will show the visitors around our school.

4. They are bad for my teeth because they have too much sugar in them. 5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away .


1.holiday 2. families 3.February 4.cold 5. members

6. dinner 7. Children 8. packets 9. presents 10. enjoy


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