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公开课导学案Unit1 Will people have robots (Section A , Section B &Self-check)

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Unit1 Will people have robots? (Section A , Section B & Self-check)

复 习 课 导 学 案

【复习目标】 Knowledge aims:

1. Remember the words, phrases and sentences in Section A, B &Self-check. 2. Be able to make predictions. Ability aims:

Improve the students’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing.. 【课前准备】

1. Try to remember the words (From “robot” to “thought”). 2. Go over the Future Tense. 【课堂复习任务】

Task One: Words

I. Check the words in pairs. II. 根据首字母完成单词:

1. There are many tall b______ in my hometown. 2. I hope there will be less p_______ in the future.

3. I think r_____ can help people do lots of difficult jobs. 4. I’ll p_______ dress more causally. 5. The old man lives a____.

6. The head of the factory will give him an ______ (面试). 7. My father works in a big ________ (公司).

Task Two: Section A

I. Translation:

1.在将来 2. 活到…… 3.一百年以后 4. 更少的污染

5.较少的使用地铁 6. 在家通过电脑学习 II. Group work:

1. 区分(a) few, (a) little

1) 含义 肯定义 ____________ 否定义 ___________

2)后接名词 (a) few接________ (a) little 接_______ 3) 比较级 后接_______ little______后接______ Note: 后接__________

4) a little后还可以接 ___________ 2. Exercises:

1) Don’t worry, we have time. 2) He is new here, so he has friends.

3) We can do the work with ____ money and ____people than they can. 4) There is milk, you’d better buy some.

5) There will be _____ robots everywhere, and humans will have ____work to do.

6) Lilei often talks ___but does ____. So everybody says he is a good boy.

Task Three : Section B & Self-check

I. Translation:

1. 获奖 2. 乘火箭飞往月球 3. 预测将来 4. 住在一套公寓里

5. 实现 6. 最大的电影公司之一. 7. 住在太空站 II. Fill in the blanks according to 3a.

In ten years, Ming will be a reporter. She will live in Shanghai, because she went to Shanghai last year and _____________ it. She will live in an apartment with her best friends, because she doesn’t like ____________. She will ______. At the weekends, she ____________ dress more casually. She to Hong Kong on vacation, and one day she might even visit Australia. Ⅲ. Listen and fill in the blanks.

The future can be difficult. There are many famous predictions that never . Before 1929, there was no sound in movies. The head of one of the biggest movie in the Unites States predicted that no one would want to actors . Of course, he was wrong! In 1977, the head of the largest computer company in the United States said, “No one will want to have a computer in his or her home.” He that computers would never be used by most people.

Task Four: The Future Tense

I. Check the homework

II. Exercises:

1. 用词的适当形式填空:

1) His father _______ (not be) back home in a week.

2) Li Ping always _____ (reach) school early.

3) There ____ (be) a class meeting next Friday.

2. 改错:

1) There is going to have a football match next Sunday.

2) There are some milk and two pieces of paper on the desk.

Task Five: Summary

What have we learned this class?

Task Six: Challenge yourself

1. 根据汉语完成句子:

1)人们将活到150岁。People ____ ___ __ __ 150 years old.

2) 五天后,Jim就15岁了。Jim ____ ___ fifteen years old ___ ____ ___.

3) 这个周末有一次会议。There_____ ____ a meeting this weekend.

4) 我将要去香港度假. I’ll go to Hong Kong ___ _________.

2. 选词填空:

2. There are many children 3. We are sure Hong Kong will be even tomorrow.

4. There are many famous in the world. the bus to school. 6. They say there _______ a new school in two years. Task Seven: Homework Write something about your future life.

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