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最新八年级上仁爱英语unit3 topic1section D

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lazy adj. 懒惰的

The pig is lazy.

stupid adj. 愚蠢的,笨的

The boy is stupid.

ugly adj. 丑陋的

The man is ugly.

List hobbies as many as you can.

play computer games collect coins go fishing listen to music watch TV go skiing去滑雪

play basketball
chat on the Internet 在网上聊天 walk a pet play chess do the housework play the guitar make model planes keep a pet

go shopping
go roller skating滑旱冰

What do people usually do in their spare time?
They usually keep pets, chat on the Net, collect things, play sports, dance to music, and play computer games, etc.

What pet do/don’t you like?
which animal can be a pet?



pig dog

Discuss the following questions in groups, using the words in the box.Then report it to your class. P62.2
What pet do/don’t you like? What does it look like ? Why do/don’t you like it ?
clever clean friendly beautiful funny dirty unfriendly lazy ugly stupid

You can begin like this: My favorite pet is a dog. It’s… I don’t like a pet pig. Because it’s…

This is my pet. Its name is Pink. Do you like it? Can you describe it?

Work alone


Listen to the recording and answer questions.
1.What’s the color of Pink’s skin?

It is light pink.
2. What is Pink like?

He is very clever and clean.
3. What does Pink like eating?

He likes eating fruit and vegetables.
4. What else does he like?

He likes walking.

P62 Finish 1 after reading the passage

? special特别的 a ~ gift ? every day每天(everyday每天的 ) ? everyday English ,everyday pets平常的宠物
? ? ? ? ? a dangerous pet Provide sb with sth, provide sth for sb为某人提供某物 服务 员为我提供了一个椅子。 The waiter provided ….. All pets provide their owner with love and comfort in their lives.所有宠物能为他们的主人带来爱和安慰。 ? light pink浅粉,dark blue深蓝 ? He/she指雄雌性,也可指国家(有感情motherland)

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Keep him in the house把他养在。。。 take a bath/ shower in the pond He doesn’t mind whether they are good or not.他 不介意它们是好还是坏。 whether = if但是句中出现or not则不能用if I don’t know if he is a student. I don’t know whether he is a student. I don’t know whether he is a student or not. take him out for a walk. be special to sb

Write a passage about your hobbies according to the questions below. 1. What hobbies did you use to have? Why? 2. What hobbies do you have now? Why do you like them?

You can write like this:

My Hobbies All of us have hobbies. And our hobbies are changing all the time. I used to ...

Used to

Grammar focus


I used to collect stamps, but now I hate it.
I used to enjoy pop music, but now I don’t like it. I usedn’t to go shopping, but now I like it. Did you use to go swimming during the summer vacation? Yes, I did. / No, I didn’t. What hobbies did you use to have?


Useful expressions


I am interested in playing basketball. I like reciting poems. I love singing and playing the guitar. I am fond of acting.

I prefer playing soccer. Pleased to see you! Collecting stamps must be great fun! Some of them are of great value.
I hate/don’t like/don’t enjoy it.

Survey the people around you. Ask questions about their hobbies and complete the table. Name In the past Now Reason

I know about some pets.

I can use these
useful expressions.

I can describe a pet like this.

A lot of people like pets . I like pets ,too. My favorite pet is a pig.
I call him Pink because the color of his skin is light pink. He is

very clever and I keep him in the house. He is clean. He likes
water and I often help him take a bath in the pond behind my house. He likes eating fruit and vegetables, and he doesn’t mind whether they are good or not. Pink likes walking, too. I often take him to go for a walk. He always follows me, just like a little friend.

1. Write a report about your survey in Part 4 and deliver it in class. 2. Recite the useful expressions in this topic.

Trick or treat!

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