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M11Unit 2课件

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Unit 2 It was a quiet country village.

New words
? crime ? flat ? 犯罪 ? (英)公寓 ? 法律

? law
? rubbish

? 垃圾
? 城郊住宅区

? suburb
? tax

? 税

? vision
? add

? 景象,幻影
? 增加

? add to
? fault ? police ? cure

? 向??增加
? 错误 ? 警察 ? 治愈,治好,治疗

Listen to the passage and answer the Questions. 1. Why do people move to cities? Because they want to look for work and have a better life. 2. What do cities need for the people who live there? Cities need hospitals, schools, houses, flats, shops, police, public transport, clean water…

Scan the passage and find the main idea of each paragraph.
A. The changes to Parkville over the last 50 years. B. Your town has the same problems as Arnwick. C. Parkville was a quiet country village 50 years ago. D. What the cities need for the people who live there.

Paragraph 1: Paragraphs 2-4: Paragraph 5: Paragraph 6:



Read the passage again and choose the best answer.

1. The writer wants to ____________. a) show the disadvantages of how cities have grown over the years. b) show that life in the city can be enjoyable c) describe the dangers of city life d) explain what cities need to give the people who live there

2. Parkville became a suburb of Arnwick because ______. a) no one wanted to live in a village b) people wanted better places to live c) Arnwick are larger d) people feel safer in large cities

3. “But it’s not her fault” means Jo _____. a) doesn’t want to add to the traffic and pollution b) is unhappy about adding to the problems c) doesn’t choose to go to a school so far away d) feels bad about the traffic and pollution

4. The writer has written a story probably because _________. a) he’s not interested in facts b) it’s more intereting c) it’s too dangerous to talk about a real city d) it’s clearer than if he describes a real city

?1. … with some fields and the hills in the distance. ?in the distance: far away 在远处/在远方 ?2. But Parkville was close to a big city ... 但是帕克威尔邻近一个大城市…… ?be close to 邻近;靠近 ?The church is close to the stadium. ?这个教堂靠近体育场。

3. Jo’s family live in one of those new flats – there’s no room for small houses any more. 周和家人住在那些新楼房里,那里再也没 有地方盖小平房了。 room此处为不可数名词,意思是“空间, 地方”。如: That sofa would take up too much room in the flat. Is there any room for me in the car?

4. This adds to the traffic and pollution. add to : increase 增加 add…to…“把……加到……” 如:Add the sugar to the milk. 5.It takes Jo an hour to get to school. It takes sb some time to do sth. 花费某人多长时间去做某事。 6.It’s difficult to run a big city . It’s+adj+to do sth

7. It’s difficult to run a big city, and to protect people from crime. 管理一个大

城市, 保护人民不受侵害 是很难的。 protect… from… 表示”保护/防护……不受…… 如:She wore a pair of sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun.

?8.what do you think of…? ?你们认为…怎么样?

? in the centre of ? at that time ? on the edge of ? in the distance ? be close to ? decide to ? close down ? pay for ? in fact ? protect…from…

在……的中心 在那时 在……边缘 在远处 邻近,靠近 决定去做某事 关闭 支付 事实上 保护…不受…

请根据所给汉语提示完成英语句子, 每 空词数不限。
1. Wearing sunglasses can ________ our eyes _____ sunshine protect from (保护你的眼睛免受阳光刺激).

2. There __________ (需要有) a big need to be swimming pool in the villa. 3. The soldiers put up their tents _____________ the forest (在…边缘). on the edge of 4. He is used to hearing noise because he in the centre of lives right _______________the city


5. We need ___________________ (更多的 more public transport 公共交通工具) and _______________ fewer private cars (更少的私家车). 6. I can hear thunder _____________ (在远 in the distance 处). 7. The shop has closed down (关门) already. __________ 8. The woman is wearing the same _______ clothes as mine (和我一样的衣服). _____________

Write about a problem your city has. Use the problems in Activity 5 to help you.

Cause More people More people

Effect More shops, more jobs, more visitors ... More serious pollution, more crime, more crowded ...

1. Write the short passage. 2. Collect the solutions. 3. Finish the exercises1,2,3 in the exercise book.

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