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Unit9 When was it invented?



1. Who were they invented ________?

A. at B. with C. in D. by

2. Chinese ________ by more and more people in the world now.

A. is spoken B. is speaking C. speaks D. spoke

3. –Did you go to Jack’s birthday party? --No, I _________.

A. am not invited B. wasn’t invited C. haven’t invited D. didn’t invited

4. Gilbert ________ electricity and the light bulb _________ by Edison.

A. discovered, was invented B. was invented, discovered

C. invented, discovered D. discovered, invented

5. I ______ to sing a song last night.

A. am asked B. was asked C. ask D. asked

6. It was used ________ changing the style of the shoes.

A. to B. for C. in D. at

7. Cars were invented _________ 1885.

A. on B. at C. for D. in

8. Metal _________ making machines.

A. used to B. is used as C. is used to D. is used for

9. The yang man was made _______ a song again.

A. sing B. sings C. to sing D. singing

10. He ________ to swim in West Lake yesterday.

A. see B. seen C. was seen D. was singing

11. I won’t have a trip to Mount Huang unless my best friend Amy ________ too.

A. will invite B. invites C. is invited D. invite



________ _______ the calculator _________?


Televisions ________ __________ ________ __________ programmes.


Who ________ the egg __________ ________?


I think the telephone ________ ________ _______ the car.

16、He has a lot of ____________ (invent).

17、MP3 is used for _________ (play) music.

18. How many magazines can _____________ (borrow) from the library every week?

19、Edison invented the light bulb many years ago.(改为被动语态)

The light bulb ________ _________ by Edison many years ago.

20、The book was written by Lu Xun.(改为主动语态)

Lu Xun ________ the book.

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