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一、 听力(20分)

A. 听句子,选择恰当的答语。Listen and find the correct answer.(6分)

1. A. Good night B Good afternoon. C Hi. D Good morning.

2. A. How are you. B How do you do. C Fine, thank you. D Hello.

3. A. It’s $10. B. It’s on the bed. C It’s blue. D Yes. I am..

B. 听对话,按所听到的顺序给下列对话排序.Listen and number the conversations.(3分)

A: Is this your pencil?

B: Yes, it is. It’s my pencil.

A: Is this your ruler?

B: No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

C. Nick想举行生日聚会,经调查,他发现下列食物中有些是他的同学不喜欢的,请你帮他圈出来

D. to

help him makes a shopping list. Listen to the tape. Betty and her dad will talk to you. Can you help them to make their own shopping lists? (6分)

a pen a backpack some apples bread

some books a dictionary a shirt salad

a pair of shoes carrots, hamburgers

Shopping list

Betty’s List Dad’s List

二、 笔


A. 读下列单词选出服装类,并写在下面的横线上.Look at the list , there are some words about

clothes, Find them and write them on the line.(5分)

alarm clock, pants, bag, shirt, baseball, bed, skirt,

cassette, shorts, CD, sweater, chair, desk, socks,


B. 单项选择(10分)

1) _______ is it ? ----It’s in the desk..

A. What B. What’s C. where D. Where

2) My friends ________ in the classroom.

A. am B. is C. are D. have

3) ----Are these notebooks? ----Yes, __________.

A. they is. B. they’re. C. they are. D. it is.

4) -----________ he like salad? ----Yes, he _______.

A. Does… do B. Do… does C does…does D. Does.. does.

5) She ________ ice cream.

A. like B. is C. have D. likes

C. 补全对话.Complete the conversations with the words in the box.(4分)

Conversation 1

A: Hi. My name is Nick.

B: Hi, Nick. ________ Jane.

A: Nice to meet _______, Jane.

B: ______ your last name, Nick?

A: _____ last name is Smith.


A: _______ play basketball.

B: I ______ like basketball.

A: Do you ______ a computer game?

B: ____, I do.

A: Let’s play computer games.



Jim 是学龄前儿童, 他要加入游泳俱乐部,但是不会填卡片,请你读完对话后,帮他把卡片填上. Assistant: Good morning. Can I help you?

Jim: Yes, please. I’d like to join the swimming club.

Assistant: Good ! I have a few questions. First, what’s your name?

Jim: Jim.

Assistant: How old are you ?

Jim: I’m five.

Assistant: What is your address and telephone number?

Jim: My address is Grand Street. My telephone number is 603-2845.

Assistant: Can you swim?

Jim: Yes, and I like it very much.

Assistant: Here is a card. Please fill it out.


Bob 的朋友想了解Zig Zag’s Clothes Sale的情况. 他从服装店拿到一份资料,他打算把这份资料送给朋友. 可是资料不完整,为了把资料补充完整,请先读下面的介绍,然后替Bob把每件衣服的情况填好.

Hi, boys and girls. Have a look at Zig Zag’s Clothes Sale. We have these black shoes only twenty dollars. The blue jeans are ten dollars and the shorts for all colors are eight dollars. Do you like this yellow sweater? It’s only fifteen dollars. For boys, these white shirts are eleven dollars, and there are pink dresses for girls.

Passage 3

阅读Dan和他的兄弟的短文选出正确答案.Read the paragraph, then circle the correct answer.

My name is Dan and I have two brothers, Bob and Ray. We like hamburgers for lunch. Bob and I like french fries, but Ray doesn’t. I don’t like eggs for breakfast, but Bob and Ray do. I like fruit for breakfast. We really like chicken and salad for dinner.

( )1.____ doesn’t like french fries.

A. Dan B. Bob C. Ray D. Dan and Bob

( )2.____ like hamburgers.

A. Dan and Bob B. Bob and Ray C. Dan, Bob and Ray D. Dan and Ray

( )3.____doesn’t like eggs for breakfast.

A. Bob and Ray B Dan C Bob D. Ray

( )4.____ likes fruit for breakfast.

A. Bob and Ray B Dan C Bob D. Ray

( )5.____ like chicken.

A. Dan and Bob B. Bob and Ray C. Dan, Bob and Ray D. Dan and Ray


一、看图完成句子。Look at the picture and complete the sentences below .


Paul is Susan’s ________.

Kate is Jane’s __________. Jane is Frank’s __________. Richard and Tom are Robert’s ___.

Mary is Kate’s __________.

2. Lisa的朋友到Lisa家看的。Lisa is a student. One day her new friend, Betty comes to see her. This is what Betty sees in Lisa’s room


It’s a beautiful room. There is a big window near the bed. On the wall, above the bed is a guitar. And there’s a desk beside the window. On the desk there is a computer, and a chair in front of the desk. There is a table on the left side of the room. There is a TV set on the table. The drawers are next to the bed, near the door. On the floor is a pretty doll. It’s soft and comfortable.

1) 照她的描述写一写自己的房间。Describe your own bedroom, or your classroom.


2)根据她对Lisa房间的描述画出Lisa的房间Draw a picture of Lisa’s room.











A B 1-5 6-10

C DPassage1:


E 一、______________________




一、口试 (20分)(略)

二、听力 (20分)


B. 3,2,1

C. carrots, French fries, apples, vegetables, broccoli.

D. Lily’s: a pen, a backpack, a dictionary; Dad’s: hamburgers, a shirt, some books.


A.pants, shirt, skirt, shorts, sweater, socks, hat

B.1-5 CCCDD; 6-10 BDCBA

C.1. I’m, you, What’s, My, Let’s, don’t, have, Yes





一、son, wife, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, daughter, grandsons, grandmother

二、1. I have a beautiful room. There are a lot of things in my room. My bed is near the window, beside the desk. And there is a computer on the desk. The chair is on the floor, next to the desk….



Dear Tomoko,

I’m A. I live in China. …


A. 听句子,选择恰当的答语。Listen and find the correct answer.(6分)

1. Good morning.

2. How are you?

3. What color is this T-shirt?

4. How much are these shoes?

5. What’s your name?

6. Is this your backpack?

B.听对话,按所听到的顺序给下列对话排序.Listen and number the conversations.(3分)

A: Is that your backpack? B: No, it isn’t. It’s his backpack..

A: Is this your ruler? B: No, it isn’t. It’s her ruler.

A: Is this your pencil? B: Yes, it is. It’s my pencil.



and circle the food that Nick’s classmates like. (5分)

Conversation 1:

Nick: Hi, Sue.

Student1: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Sue, do you like chicken?

Student1: No, I don’t. And I don’t like apples. My friend Lily doesn’t like chicken and apples,



Nick: Good morning, Lucy.

Student1: Good morning, Nick.

Nick: Do you like vegetables, Lucy?

Student1: Yes, I like all vegetables but tomatoes. I don’t like eating tomatoes.


Nick: Hello, Kate.

Student1: Yes?

Nick: Do you like salad?

Student1: Let me see. No, I don’t like salad.


Nick: Hi, Mary.

Student1: Hi, Nick.

Nick: Do you like bananas?

Student1: Yes, I do. But I don’t like carrots.

D 听对话,帮Betty 和她爸爸分别列出购物单。It’s Sunday. Dad is going shopping. Betty wants to help him makes a shopping list. Listen to the tape. Betty and her dad will talk to you. Can you help them to make their own shopping lists? (6分)

Dad: Betty, I’m going shopping. Do you want something?

Betty: Yes. I want some hamburgers for lunch. And I also want a shirt and some books. What about you, Dad?

Dad: I want to buy a pen, a backpack and…

Betty: And what ?

Dad: And a dictionary. An English and Chinese dictionary. Betty: Ok, let me list these things on the paper.

Betty: For Dad, we’ll buy a pen, a backpack and a dictionary. For Betty, we’ll buy hamburgers, a shirt and some books. Dad: Thank you, Betty. You’ re really a good girl.

Betty: You’re welcome, dad.

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