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八年级英语上课件Unit 3 period 4

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Unit 3
I’m more outgoing than my sister.

辽宁省锦州市卫生学校 冯 晓

Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.

Period 4: Section B 3a — 4 (含Self Check)
辽宁省锦州市卫生学校 冯 晓

Say something about friends
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? T: A good friend can make you happy. S: He/She tells you funny stories. T: A good friend should be helpful. S: He/She helps you solve problems. T: A good friend should be honest. S: You always believe what he/ she says. T: A good friend shares your joy. S: He/She shares your sadness, too. T: A good friend should keep secrets. S: You can tell him / her everything.

Liu Huan and Fei Mao are both heavy, Fei Mao is heavier than Liu Huan. .

Xiaoshenyang and Feng Gong are both funny, but Xiaoshenyang is funnier than Feng Gong.

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How to compare two people
内容:相同点和相异点 结构:比较级+than, as+形容词原形+as

Understanding the job ad
a. Who offers the job?
b. What kind of person they need? C. What number should I call if I want the job?

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