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1. 对一个八岁孩子来说,学好英语不容易。

2. 她尽可能经常回家去看望父母。

3. 这里禁止吸烟。

4. 未经许可,不许把书带出阅览室。

5. 他是无意中伤了他自己。

6. 这本字典是他的吗?

7. 你过去害怕独自一人呆在家里吗?

8. 假如你小心点,你就不会犯错。

9. 你和你的同学相处的怎么样?

10. 你们可以通过编对话来练习英语。


At one of the school in London, the students can go into town in the afternoon. But they must 36 to the school before six. One afternoon, Bob went to see a film. When he came back to the school, the school gate had already been closed. He went around the building to 37 door. That one was closed, too. Then he saw an open window on the 38 floor. It was the 39 office, Bob looked 40 the room, but no one was in. He quickly 41 into the room. Just then he heard a voice. Bob looked round and hid (躲藏) himself 42 a chair. Then the head teacher came in and sat down on the chair. He read a book for an hour. At last the head teacher stood up and went towards the door. “Thank goodness, he didn't 43 me.” Bob thought. 44 he left the room, the head teacher spoke to the chair, “Would you please 45 the lights when you leave?”

( )36. A.come B.go C.return D.get

( )37. A.the other B.another C.small D.open

( )38. A.first B.second C.third D.fourth

( )39. A. teacher's B. headteacher's C. door keeper's D. students'

( )40. A.at B.out of C.into D.from

( )41. A.climbed B.went C.ran D.jumped

( )42.A.behind B.in front of C.beside D.under

( )43. A.see B.hear C.catch D.find

( )44. A.As soon as B.After C.Before D.When

( )45. A.turn up B.turn on C.turn down D.turn off

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