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Unit 1

要求:1. 语句通顺,书写工整
3. 词数:60-80
(提示词语:go to Chinese classes, make friends, listen to the radio, dictionary, useful, read Chinese stories, talk with, difficult, ask a Chinese teacher for help…)
Dear Frank,
How’s it going? I miss you.
I know you want to learn Chinese now. I have some good ideas. First, you can go to Chinese classes and make Chinese friends. Then, you must listen to the radio in the morning, and read Chinese stories. It's good for your listening and speaking. If you see some words you can't understand, you can by looking up dictionary. It's useful for you. Maybe, you can ask a Chinese teacher for help.
I hope you can speak Chinese well.
Friend, XXX

困难,给他发一封e-mail, 向他提供几条学习英语的建议。
要求:1. 词数80-100
Dear Li Lin,
I know it isn’t easy to learn English well, but I have some suggestions that help. You said you couldn’t understand people when they talked fast. Well why don’t you join an English club? You can get much listening practice there. Having conversations with friends is helpful, and also you can watch English-language TV. It’s the best way to improve your English. I believe you’ll be good at English if you work hard at it!
Zhang Hua

P6 3c Write an article about the things that have helped you the most in learning another language.
I think the best way to learn English is to use it. Every morning I read English aloud after I get up. I practice my listening skills by watching English-language videos. Every Friday afternoon I go to the English club to practice conversations with friends. I think it helps me with my speaking skills. Oh, keeping a diary in English is also helpful.
In my free time, I usually listen to English songs. It also helps. Now I can sing many English songs. What do you think is the best way to learn English? Can you tell me?

P7 SC2 Xu Zheng won a prize for his essay about the importance of English. Later, a reporter from the school magazine interviewed him. Use the reporter’s notes to write an article about Xu Zheng.
Xu Zheng is a middle school student. He won a prize for his essay about the importance of English. He likes taking notes, watching movies and listening to pop songs. He finds the pronunciation is difficult. And native speakers speak English too quickly. He often learns English by making up conversations and speaking to friends in English. He thinks most people speak English as a second language. English is used around the world for computers and also used in science. English can help us understand many new books and movies.
Unit 2


In the past: straight hair, quiet and shy, not like English, like singing.
Now: tall, short and curly hair, outgoing, like English very much, like sports.

Two days ago, I met my friend Lily. To my surprise, she has changed a lot in the last few years. She used to have straight hair. But now she is tall and has short and curly hair. She used to be really quiet and shy. Now she is so outgoing. And in the past, she used to hate the English class. But now it's exactly opposite. She used to like singing, so that we often went to concerts. But now her favorite hobby is sports.

要求:1. 词数80左右
2. 条理清楚,语意连贯
My life changed much. When I was in primary school, I used to study four subjects, but now I have seven subjects. I used to like math, but now I find it so difficult for me. I used to like tests, but now hate them. When I was young, there was little homework every day. So I had much time to play. But now I’m a middle school student. I have to study hard for tests.

P15 SC2 Look at the pictures and write about Yu Mei.
It seems that Yu Mei has changed a lot. She used to be short when she was younger, but now she is much taller. She used to have long, curly hair, but now she has short, straight hair. She used to play soccer, but now she is outgoing and friendly. We all like her very much. We are good friends.





I have changed a lot since I moved to this new school this term.
I used to have many friends and be outgoing, but now I have few friends, and I become a little quiet. In the old school, I used to spend much time playing with my friends, but now I have to spend most of my time on my schoolwork. I used to have no interest in my lessons, so I usually got bad grades. However, now I become more interested in my studies, and my grades are improving a lot.
Unit 3

P23 SC2 Read the article. Write a letter to the editor agreeing or disagreeing. Explain your reasons.
Dear Editor,
I would like to reply to the article “Helping and learning” in your last newsletter. I agree with some ideas and disagree with others. The article said that students should be allowed to do these things, such as going to an old people’s home. I agree, and we should have a special day to help others. By doing this, we can understand the society more. But I disagree that students should be allowed to have Friday afternoon off to volunteer and help others. I think we can do that on Saturday or

Sunday. As for Friday afternoon, we should join different clubs. That would be more fun.
Yours sincerely,
最近你和父母针对“青少年该不该在周末与朋友外出”进行了讨论。请根据下列表格中的信息提示,以“Should teenagers go out with friends on weekends?”为题,写一篇英语短文。开头已给出,不计入总词数。
Your parents’ ideas
Your ideas
1. go over lessons
1. …
2. have a good sleep
2. …
3. help parents do housework
3. …
要求:1. 所写内容需包括表格中提供的父母的想法
2. 至少给出你的三个想法。
3. 80词左右
Should teenagers go out with fiends on weekends?
Recently I’ve had a discussion with my parents about whether teenagers should go out with friends on weekends. My parents think that teenagers should stay at home on weekends. They should go over their lessons. And they could have enough time to have a good sleep. They also think teenagers should help parents do some housework on weekends.
In my opinion, we teenagers should be allowed be go out with friends for fun on weekends, so we can relax more. And we can also share ideas with each other. What’s more, we can also take some exercise together to keep it.

Be allowed
Be not allowed
Bring drinks to school
Bring mobile phones to school
Bring dictionaries to school
Run in the hallway
Play basketball
Come late to school
Run and do other exercises
Get the ears pierced
Different schools have different rules. We also have many rules at school. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school because they can make a lot of noise. But we can bring drinks and dictionaries to school. We’re not allowed to run in the hallway because it is dangerous. But we can play basketball, run and do other exercises on the playground after class. Coming to school late and getting the ears pierced are not allowed in our school. Could you please tell me what your school rules are?
Unit 4

P31 SC2 Read the e-mail from Fran and write a reply.
Dear Fran,
I’ve got your e-mail. After I read your e-mail, I just want to give you some advice. First, I think you should help your friend Mei set up her confidence. If she has confidence in herself, she won’t be terrified of speaking in front of other people. Second, it’s a good chance to practice English. Don’t take it as a contest. Third, if your friend is really hard at everything, though she fails, nobody will blame on her. Your friends and other students will understand her. Finally, it’s important to take part in the activity, but not the results. I really hope your friend will win this contest. Wait for your good news.


ar Yang Fen,
Now I am new here. I can’t understand what the English teacher says, and I am afraid of talking with the classmates here. But the biggest problem for me is that I can’t sleep the night before a big exam. Could you help me?
Wang Li
You should…
Why don’t you…
If I were you, I would…
Dear Wang Lin,
I’m glad to hear from you. I have some suggestions that may help you.
First, you said you couldn’t understand what the English teacher said. Well, you can try to listen for the most important words, not every word. And after class you should do more listening practice.
Second, you may feel shy to talk with your new classmates. Well, you can try to talk to someone who looks friendly.
Lastly, don’t be afraid of exams. If I were you, I would drink some milk and have a good sleep to face the next day’s exams.
I hope you will do better in English and get along well with your new classmates.
Yang Fen

提示:1. 多交流,增进相互了解;
2. 不要总是抱怨孩子,应当多鼓励;
3. 给孩子适当的娱乐时间;
4. 为孩子树立一个好榜样
If I were a parent, I would not always complain that my child doesn’t understand me. I would communicate with him or her. I wouldn’t say I wasn’t like this at his or her age. They could have their hobbies, such as listening to pop music, watching action movies, choosing their own clothes and friends, etc. If I were a parent, I would encourage them to have fun. I would force them to study all day. I would encourage them however a little progress they had made. The most important thing is that I would be a good model for them and win their respect.

Unit 5

P38 Write another paragraph about Bell Tower using these notes.
Then we interviewed some other neighbors. Everyone had their own ideas. Chu family said, “Late night, we found footsteps in the hallway. We thought it might be the neighbors, so we didn’t mind it at all.” Lao Zheng said, “I thought someone trying to get in the window when I heard the noise. But I couldn’t find anyone. At last, I thought it might be the wind.” Xiao Ning said, “Each time when I get home, I can find garbage in front of my house, so I think it might be cats which often eat near my home.”

要求:1. 书信格式要正确。
2. 运用以下句式进行推测:
She might …
It is possible that…
3. 80词左右。
Dear Luc

I’m sorry to hear that your pet dog, Mary, has been lost for several days. You needn’t worry about her. She might be trying to find out the way home now. Or she might meet a kind person and be sent to the police station. And also it is possible that she is playing somewhere with some other dogs.
I think she will come back home sooner or later.
Best wishes!

I’m going to have a nice weekend. On Saturday morning, I’ll visit my uncle. In the afternoon, I will go to the supermarket to buy something. In the evening, I will watch TV that is interesting. On Sunday morning, I will do my homework. In the afternoon, I’m going to play football with my friends.

Might be Eric
Warm-hearted, helpful
Could be John
A member of a volunteer club
Might be Julia
Always do homework in the
classroom after school
Different students have different opinions about this matter. Kate thinks it might be Eric who cleans up the reading room, because Eric is a warm-hearted boy who always likes to help others. However, Mark doesn’t agree with Kate. In his opinion, it could be John. John is a member of a volunteer club. He is interested in volunteering to do something for other people. John might do these things. Cathy has different ideas about it. She thinks it might be Julia. Julia always does homework in the reading room, so she has the chance to clean up the reading room alone.

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