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1、Sandy is ________( heavy ) than Lily.

2、Mr Wu gave us some advice on how _______( make) friends.

3、Amy is ____________(fast) swimmer of the six students.

4、Yesterday Tom spent three hours _________( do ) his homework.

5、There are twelve _____(inch) in one foot.


6、There are two trees ____________in my house.

A in front B in front of C front of D in the front of

7 .The workers spent two years ___________the bridge.

A build B building C builds D built

8 .Taking buses in Beijing is ____________________than taking a taxi

A more cheap B much cheaper C a little cheap D less cheaper

9. Yao Ming is ______________Chinese basketball player that ever played in NBA.

A tall B taller C tallest D the tallest

10 ---How often does Bob play tennis?


A Every day. B For a year C A week ago D A month later

11 ----Would you like ___________TV? ----Yes, I’d like to, but I have lots of homework to do .

A watching B to watch C seeing D to see

12 We’re looking forward __________the football game tomorrow.

A to B at C on D of

13 I’m hungry now. Let’s stop__________

A having a meal B having a rest C to have a meal D to have a rest

14. -----____________________? ----It’s very interesting.

A Do you like the film B What’s favorite film

C What do you think of the film D Did you see the film

15 Of the two coats, she’d like to buy the ___________one to save money for a book

A cheapest B cheaper C more expensive D most expensive


All my family members like to use computers.

We live in China, __16______my uncle lives in Australia.My father and my uncle often ____17__emails to each other. Sometimes __18____chat online.

My mother is a ____19_______in a middle school.She often___20___the computer for her lessons. She also gets information for her lessons ___21____the Internet.

My brother and I like to _____22______computer games. I like to play Counter Strike, but he likes to play Tomb Raider. My ___23______don’t like us to play them for a long time. They say that playing computer games too long is bad for our ___24_________and study. We both like ______25____, too. So we often download songs from the Internet to our MP5 players.

16 A but B and C or D so 21 A in B on C at D with

17 A make B give C write D send 22 A make B do C play D get

18 A we B you C they D I 23 A parents B friends C father D mother

19 A doctor B teacher C worker D student 24 A legs B faces C ears D eyes

20 A plays B buys C uses D does 25 A music B English C films D books UNIT 3 18th,Oct,2013

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