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unit 9.Reading

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Unit 9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?

Australia: Sydney

France: Paris

Russia: Moscow

The United States: New York

What do you know about the country?
United Kingdom

What do you know about the country?

What do you know about the country? China

What do you know about the country?

What do you know about the country? Japan

What do you know about the country? Australia

What do you know about Singapore?

Things I have known Place Population Language Food Places of interest Weather

The new things to me

Southeast Asia

New words and expressions
southeast wonderful population quarter fear brave excellent Night Safari
东南部; 东南的


害怕, 担心 勇敢的 卓越的 夜间野生动物园

environment natural temperature equator whenever spring autumn season awake type

环境 自然的;自然界的 温度 赤道 无论何时 春天 秋天 季节 醒着的 类型


in Southeast Asia 度假胜地 a wonderful place to take a holiday 超过四分之三的…… more than three quarters of… 练习英语的好地方 a good place to practice English 中国以外(的地方) outside of China 担心…… fear that… 来自中国的食物 food from China not have any problem finding rice 不费劲找到米饭 feel brave 觉得勇敢 an excellent place 一个绝好的地方

尝试新食物 西餐

似乎很奇怪 天黑 在白天 如此特殊 醒来 做某事的最好时间 一个更自然的环境

try new food western food Night Safari seem strange It’s dark. during the daytime so special wake up It’s the best time to do…. a more natural environment


a normal zoo


almost the same
all year round


be close to the equator
be not too far from…

Section 1 Before You Read
1.Where is Singapore?
It is in Southeast Asia. (para1)

2. What languages do people speak in Singapore? Chinese and English. (para1)

3.What kinds of food can we eat in Singapore? Chinese/Indian/western/Japanese food. (para2)

4. What is the best time to watch animals ? Why? (para3) At night. Because a lot of animals only wake up at night. 5. Why is the temperature almost the same all year round? (para4) Because the island is so close to the equator.

Section 2 While You Read
Have you ever been to Singapore? For many 东南亚 Chinese tourists, this small island in Southeast Asia is a wonderful place to take a holiday. On the one 人口 hand, more than three quarters of the population are Chinese, so you can 四分之三 simply speak Putonghua a lot of time. On the other hand, Singapore is an English-speaking country, so it’s also a good place to practice your English! 对于很多中国人来说,这个东南亚的小岛 是个非常棒的度假胜地。

Have you ever tried Chinese food outside of China? 担心 Maybe you fear that you won’t be able to find anyt

hing to eat in a foreign country. In Singapore, however, you’ll find a lot of food from China; you won’t have 也许你会担心人在国外 找不到可以吃的东西。 rice, noodles, or dumplings. any problem finding 勇敢的 However, if you’re feeling brave, Singapore is an excellent place to try new food. Whether you like Indian food, western food, or Japanese food, you’ll 精彩的,优秀的 find it all in Singapore. 然而,如果你勇敢的话,新加坡是个品尝 新事物的精彩地方。

Most large cities have zoos, but have you ever been to a zoo at 夜间野生动物园 night? Singapore has a night zoo called the “Night Safari”. 天色晚的,黑暗的 It might seem strange to go to a zoo when it’s dark. But if you’ve ever been to a zoo during the daytime, you might understand why this zoo is so special. A lot of animals only wake 狐狸 up at night, so this is the best time to watch them. If you go to see lions, tigers, or foxes during the daytime, they’ll probably be asleep! At the Night Safari, you can watch these animals in more natural environment 睡着的 than a normal zoo. 环境
但是如果你白天去参观过动物园,你就会发现这个动物 园是多么地特别。


One great thing about Singapore is that the
几乎 一整年

temperature is almost the same all year round. This because the island is so close to the equator.
赤道 So you can choose to go whenever you like—

spring, summer, autumn, or winter! And, of course, it’s not too far from China!

“好像、似乎” , 其后加形容词。

He seems unhappy today.

She seems sad.

1) seem to do something. He seems to be happy.

My mother seemed to know that.

2) It seems that + 从句 It seems that he is happy. = He seems (to be) happy.

Section 3 After You Read 3a. Complete the word map with the words from the reading.

names of places

China, Singapore, Southeast Asia, zoo, Night Safari


lions, tiger, foxes


summer, spring, autumn, winter


→ Chinese, Putonghua, English →
rice, noodles, dumplings, Indian/Western/Japanese food

kinds of food

3c. The statements below are all false. Using information from the reading, write four true sentences.
1. Singapore is a big country in Europe. Singapore is a small (island/country) ________________________________ in Southeast Asia. _________________ 2. In Singapore, you can only find Japanese food. You can find many kinds of food ________________________________ in Singapore. ______________

3. It’s good to see lions and foxes during the daytime because they’ll probably

be awake.
It’s better to see lions and foxes at ___________________________

night when they are awake. _________________________
4. It's best to visit Singapore in autumn. You can visit Singa

pore at any time _______________________________ of year/ in any season. ___________________

Fill in the blanks: Why is the zoo so special?
1. Singapore has a special zoo called __________________. the “Night Safari” 2. A lot of animals _________ at night, so wake up this is _____________ to watch them. the best time 3. At the zoo, you can watch lions, tigers, and
foxes in a _______________________than a normal zoo. more natural environment

Reading strategy: reflection
1. After reading, write down three or more things you have learned. 2. We always remember things better if we take time to reflect. 如果我们花点时间去回顾阅读过的内容, 就会记得更好。

1.He _______ ever _______ (be) to the has been

History Museum several times.
2. --- _______ you ever _______ (be) to the zoo? Have been

--- Yes. I ______(go) there last summer. went
saw I ______ (see) many kinds of animals there.

3. --- Where is Mr. Wang?
--- He ___________ (go) to the library. has gone He wants to borrow some library books.

4. Rodgers _________ (plant) those trees. planted

did He _______ (do) it the day before yesterday.
have learned 5. We _____________ (learn) English for

more than two years.
6. When he ________(finish) his work, he finishes

__________ (ring) me up. will ring

Write a short ad to introduce Qingdao in 2008 to foreign tourists with the information given by the teacher(places, people, food, places of interests, weather).

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