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1、I spent a week__________(learn) a bit of taichi

2、Do you know how _________(get) to the nearest bookshop?

3、As a _________(success)teacher, he always regards the students as his own children.

4、_________(Britain) people often begin their conversations by talking about the weather.

5、What do you think of this___________(education) exchange?

6、Mary isn’t here at the moment.She__________later

A comes B came C has come D is coming

6、Why not_________your teacher for help when you can’t finish_________the story by your self?

A to ask;write B to ask,writing C ask, writing D asking, to write

7、Why not_________a camera with you? You can take many photos.

A bring B to bring C bringing D brought

8、I am very hungry. I __________breakfast yet.

A have B had C didn’t have D haven’t had

9、You should be more friendly ________others , then you will make more friends.

A with B of C to D about

10、---Do you have enough students to clean the room?

-----No. I think we need _________students.

A another B two others C more two D another two

11、---Do you think the rain will stop tomorrow?

-----_________.It has rained for ten days.It’s too wet everywhere.

A I hope not B I’m sure C I’m afraid not D I hope so

12、The twins are talking about the new movie. It’s fun to __________them

A join B join in C take part in D enter

13、His hair style is the same ____________

A as me B as mine C with mine D with me

14、I really ______about the English exam because I haven’t studied for it.

A worry B worries C worried D worriedly

15、----When did you ______?

----Two days ago.

A arrive B arrive at C get D reach

16、I feel__________nervous when I meet new people.

A a bit of B a bit C some D a little of

17、_________, the Internet was only used by government. But how it’s widely used in every field.

A as usual B at first C after all D so far

18、I really enjoy the noodles and vegetables.They ________delicious.

A stay B feel C taste D sound

19、The workers will build a new railroad _______the two cities,

A since B between C as D during

_____the morning of September 8th, many visitors arrived _________the train station for a tour.

A In, at B on, to C in , in D on , at

20、The tour guide had made the route for the school trip.We don’t need to _________that.

A be worried about B be afraid of C be sorry for D care about

unit 5 1st, Nov. 2013, Class 8

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your message.Yes, I am having a good time_21___educational exchange in France.It’s much better than I thought it would be.I was a bit nervous when I ____22____here, but now everything goes ___23____.My host family is really__24__.They try their best to make me _25_at home.And you wouldn’t believe how quickly my French has __26_! I can understand much French words now although I still make a lots of mistakes.My biggest problem is learning how __27_at the dinner table.As you know, the culture of France is not the same___28__that of China.I find it difficult __29__everything .I have made many friends. We are getting on well with one__30___.

21、A from B in C on D of 26、A good B improve C improved D increase 22 A arrive B arrive at C arrived D arrived at 27、A behave B to behave C behaving D behavior

23、A good B well C fast D pretty 28、A from B with C to D as

24 A friendly B serious C strict D hot 29 A to remember B remembering C remembered

D remember

25、A to feel B feeling C feel D felt 30、A other B another C others D other’s

unit 5 1st, Nov. 2013, Class 8

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