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Teaching Content:Unit 16 P1-7,Unit19 P4-6单词。

Teaching Aims:

●To enable Ss to master the vocabulary..

●To enable Ss to use the sentences in oral and written forms naturally.

Teaching Materials:

PPT etc.

Anticipated Problems:

●Ss can’t remember the meaning of the phrase.

●Ss can’t understand what the dialogue talk about..

Possible Solutions:

●give some pictures and give some examples

●Watch video and give some questions. That’ s help Ss understand.


●Listen:听读Unit16,精听,30分钟,泛听30分钟,家长签字 ●Read: Unit 16


●Memorize: New words

Teaching Procedures:

Period 1

Step I. Greetings and roll call 7min

1. Do greetings to Ss

2. Have a roll call to check the attendance.

3. Cut into 2 groups, give numbers and check the numbers

Step II. Warm up 8min

1 Look and find

T shows 2 pictures, Ss find what the difference is.

Ss: There is a/an/ some_______.

Step III. Presentation 1 5 min

1 Lead in :

Show a house.

What’s in the house ?

2 Ask and answer

What’s in the house ?

There is a/an/…in my house.

Step IV. Practice40min

1 Look and say

1) What’s in the living room ?


There is ________.

2) What’s in the bedromm?

There is _______.

2 Free talk.

Tell us , what’s in your______?

3 Guessing game.

Is there a/an…in the pencil-box?

Yes, there is .

No, there isn’t.

(其中有张图片是复数的,所以利用那张图片,引入Are there______?) 4 Look and say

Are there any _____ in the pencil-box ?

Yes, there are.

No, there aren’t.

5 Lead in : I can see______.

Show some pictures and say : There are/is _____in the _____.

I can see_____ in the______.

6 Practice: I can see____.( Look and say)

Ask: What can you see?

I can see_______.

Can you see_____in the ____?

Yes, I can .

No, I can’t.

7 Preposition Phrase (Show some pictures)

next to in front of behind near between

8 Fill the blanks on in at under near

___the desk ____the bag _____the bag ____the bag ______the river

9 Make a dialogue.

Turn to page 6-7, find your partner.

Period 2

Step I. Greetings 1min

T asks , Ss answer

Step II. Warm up 2min

I say you do

I say: sit down , you must sit down.

You must_______( 提前下放)

Step III. Presentation 10min

1 Lead in : You must eat.

Free talk:


If you a student, you must do your homework.

When you get up , you must brush your teeth, comb your hair, wash your face

2 Practice: I must______.

T describes, you say: I must______.

Step IV. Reading


2 47min listen and watch Listen and answer. (Divide Ss into groups, they should listen firstly, and they find the answer

and write down together , the first one rasie your hand, T checks.)

Q: What time is it ?

Who are both hungry?

What is there on the table over there?

Who can look, but can’t eat ?

What’s the problem ?

Is there any fish ? And salad?

Are there any hot dishes ?

What must Nina not do ?

What can't she do ?

What can she eat ?

3 Listen again and check. ( Watch video again . 把文章分成4小段来听,先听,然后再引


4 Fill the blanks ( what do you hear ?)

5 补充内容:

----I’m ______. Hungry, thirsty

How old are you ? I’m____

How tall are you ? I’m___

Who are you ? I’m_____.

----tired, sad, happy I’m______.

Are you _____? Yes, I am / No, I’m not.


______is the problrm.

Traffic jam, pollution

----There is some_____.

There are some______.

Fish salad dishes, students

6 listen and read

7 Review the new words

Practice :

Game 探测灯 What can you see ?

8 Let’s match

Eat 鱼 Finish 为什么 Why? 很多Tired 完

Problem 吃Lots of 疲惫的Fish 沙拉Salad 问题Dish 喝Drink 请自便吧Mustn’t 桃子

Peach 不能Help yourself! 菜肴


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