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年级:初一 学科:英语 课题:Unit 1 第6课时 Test

创建人:赵义贤 创建时间:2013.1.27 使用时间:2013-3-6


1.说英语________________ 2.擅长于……___________ 3.讲故事___________

4.弹吉他_________ 5.打鼓__________ 6.弹钢琴__________

7.善于应付……… |对......态度好_________ 8.放学后 _________

9.擅长_________ 10.讲故事俱乐部__________________


1. We need some ________ (music) for our music festival.

2. If you can dance, please come and join ________(our).

3. can you _________(paint)?

4. I can't play the trumpet. It's ________ (easy).

5. Can you _______ (does) Chinese Kong Fu, Lee?

6. She wants _________(join) the music club.

7. Can you play the violin __________(good)?

8. Let him _______(open) the door.

9. May I ________ (swim) here?

10.That is ________ (we) classroom.


( ) 1Bob can play ________ tennis but can't play ________ violin.

Athe, the B×, × Cthe, × D× , the

( )2. – _______ Mary and Jill play piano this afternoon ? –Yes, they _______.

A. Do ; are B. Can ; can C. Do ; does D. Does ; do

( )3.----- ____________ are these bananas? ----They are 10 yuan .

A. What many B. What much C. How much D. How many

( )4. I like __________ club.

A. music B. music's C. the music D. musics

( )5. _________ do you want to join?

A. How club B. What club C. When club D. Where club

( )6. He _________ to join the music club.

A. don't want B. don't wants C. doesn't want D. doesn't wants

( )7. We want two good musicians _______ our rock band .

A. for B. of C. in D. to

( )8. _____ do you like art ?

A. When B. Why C. What D. Which

( )9. -_____she ______ Japanese? -No, she can't.

A. Does, speak B. Do, speaks C. Can, speak D. Can, speaks

( )10. His father _______TV every day.


年级:初一 学科:英语 课题:Unit 1 第6课时 Test

创建人:赵义贤 创建时间:2013.1.27 使用时间:2013-3-6

A. watch B. watches C. sees D. looks at



3.She can play the violin.变成一般疑问句并作肯定回答

4Tom can play the drums. He can't play the trumpet.用but连成一句

5.We want to join the English club.(变成否定句)


Boy: Here ____1____ a list(清单) of all the clubs.

Girl: What club do you want _____2____ ____3_____?

Boy: Hmm. I want to _____4____ the ______5_____ club. I want to learn English.

about you?

Girl: Hmm. I want to _____6____ the chess club. Do you like ____7_____?

Boy: No, I don't like chess. By the way(顺便问一声), do you _____8____ music? Girl: Oh, yes. I can sing ____9____ dance. I like music very much.

Boy: Me, too. ____10______ join the music club. How

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