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2013新外研版八年纪上册Module6 Animals in danger Unit2导学案

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昌乐县实验中学 八年级英语学科导学案 设计:潘虹 魏莉 2013-10-16

Module6 Animals in danger

Unit 2 The WWF is working hard to save them.


★知识与技能: 掌握Module6Unit2的单词和短语。

★过程与方法: 通过自主学习、合作探究,能读懂关于panda的文章,并从文中发现含动词不定式的句子并掌握基本结构。



1. What animals do you know ? 2. Which animal do you like best?


Ⅰ. Fast reading快速阅读

Read and match 完成Activity2


Ⅱ. Careful reading详读


Para 1.第一段

Scanning (扫读)——在回答问题时,根据题干中问到的内容,可以帮助你准确地定位,找到答案。

Read Para1 and answer:

1. ______ are in danger.

A. Pandas B. Tigers C. Monkeys

2. There are about _______ pandas in the world now.

A. 1600 B. 340 C. 1940

3. Why are the scientists doing a lot of research?

A. To help pandas produce more babies

B. To help baby pandas live

C. Both A and B.

Para 2

Read and answer:

1. Where does the panda live? ______________________________________

2. What does the panda eat? ________________________________________

3. ________________________________, so pandas are losing their home.

Para 3

Read paragraph 3 and answer the questions.


昌乐县实验中学 八年级英语学科导学案 设计:潘虹 魏莉 2013-10-16

1. Why does the government set up nature parks ?


2. Pandas born in zoos may ___________ live in the nature parks.

Para 4

Read paragraph 4 and check the sentences T or F.

1.The World Wide Fund for Nature only wants to protect pandas. ( )

2.Elephants have become the symbol of all animals in danger. ( )

3.We do not want to lose tigers elephants or any other animals. ( )




①处在危险中_________________ ②在野外_________________

③研究中心_________________ ④照顾,照料__________________

⑤住在森林里_________________ ⑥中国西南部_________________

⑦为了,以便_________________ ⑧建立自然公园________________

⑨发展其它计划________________ ⑩保护所有动物________________

⑾它的标志_________________ ⑿努力工作_________________

2. Language points:

(1) There are only about 1,600 pandas living in the wild today.

句型“There be sb / sth doing sth 表示 有某人/某物正在做某事。

【活学活用】There is a girl ________ in the room. 有个女孩正在房间里唱歌。

(2) In order to protect pandas in the wild, the government is setting up nature parks

and developing other plans.

In order to 意思是“为了? 以便?”,在句子中作目的状语。

【活学活用】__________ have a great future, we need to study hard.

(3) And it chose the panda to be its symbol.

Symbol 名词,“the symbol of “ …..的象征。

【活学活用】The dove(鸽子) is _________ peace.

Post-reading: Retell the passage .

Ⅳ Test 请选出最佳答案!

1. There is a bird ________ in the sky. A. fly B. flying C. to fly D. flies

2. Do you know the tigers was _____ danger? A. at B. in C. of D. on

3. We want to raise more money _____ all animals.

A. protect B. protecting C. to protecting D. to protect

4. Scientists are doing a lot of research ______ pandas produce more babies.

A. help B. helping C. to help D. helps

(亲,每空一分,A=4 B>3 C>2分,你达标了吗?)

Homework :完成行知天下63页学以致用


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