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七年级期中 阅读短文,根据首字母提示填空,每空一词。(10’)

Most American families are smaller than the families in o 81 countries. Most American families e 82 have one or two children. C 83 in the US will leave their parents' home when they grow up. They usually live far f 84 their parents because they want to find good jobs. They often w 85 to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to visit their parents on h 86 . Parents usually let their children choose their o 87 jobs. Americans think it important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves.

Children are asked to do some work around their house. And in many families, children are paid (付钱)for d 88 some housework so that they learn how to make money for their own use. Do you often help y 89 parents do housework? Do you want to live with your parents w 90 you grow up ?

七年级期末 根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。(10’)

Lofton is a little village (村庄)in England. It is not f__81___ from the city of Manchester. Not many families l__82___ around the village, so the people all know each o__83___. Most of them are friendly and helpful. Though their homes are in Lofton, many people have jobs in Manchester. S__84__ work in large factories there. A few work in shops o___85___ offices. Most of these people go to work by train. It usually t__86_ _ about half an hour to go from Lofton to Manchester.

In the evening a lot of people like watching TV. But if they go to see a film or go to a concert (音乐会), they have to go to Manchester, because there are n___87___ cinemas in Lofton. Like many other villages near towns or cities, it is clean and quiet. So life in Lofton may not be so e___88____ as the life in the b___89___ cities, but it can be just as interesting. That is w___90__ people in Lofton love their village.



One day I found a little girl sitting in the park sadly. Lots of people passed by but never s 81 to see why she looked so sad. As I got closer I saw that her b 82 had a strange shape. That’s a hump (驼背)! Perhaps that was the r 83 why people just passed by and make no effort to help. I sat down beside her and said, “Hello!” Then she, in a low voice, said, “Hi.” I smiled and she smiled b 84 , shyly. Then we talked there u 85 it got dark. I asked the girl why she was so sad. She looked at me and said with a sad face, “Because of the hump.”

“But, you make me t 86 of an angel (天使), sweet and friendly,” I said. She looked at me and asked, “Really?” I said, “Yes, I think you are an angel and you come here to watch over all those people walking by.” When she h 87 this, the little girl jumped up. “I am! I’m an angel!” I was happy because she was no sad any m 88 .

After that, my life also changed. I learned how to s 89 both happiness and sadness with others. I believe now we give something to others in the s 90 way we get the same.


根据短文内容及首字母提示, 填写所缺的单词。(10’) There was a big earthquake under the India Ocean Area o 81 December 26th 2004 and it c 82 a large tsunami. Tsunamis are great sea waves produced especially by an earthquake.

That morning my classmates and I went to the seaside and had breakfast when we h 83 a loud noise like bombs. People in the sea ran w 84 to the bank and s 85 , ‘Water is coming!’ Someone told us to run to a higher place. We ran as q 86 as we could. Since we did not know what happened, we were very f 87 . We looked back and saw a t 88 picture. The water waves were so strong that cars were made to fall upside down and the flood w 89 away everything on the seaside . We were safe but the n 90 of victims was over 140,000. People call the day ‘Black Sunday’.


根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词。(10’) Man has a big brain. He can think and s 76 languages. Scientists once thought that man isn’t the same as animals b 77 man can think and learn. They know now that dogs, monkeys and birds can learn, too.

They are beginning to u 78 that men are different from animals because they can speak. Animals can’t speak. They make much n 79 when they are afraid, or unhappy. Apes(猿) can learn some things more quickly than man. One or two of them have learned a few words. But they cannot join words to make s 80 . They cannot think l 81 us because they have no language. Language is a wonderful thing. Man has been a 82 to build a modern world because he has language. Every child can speak his own language very w 83 when he is four or five, b 84 no animals learn to speak.

How do children learn it? Scientists don’t really know w 85 happens inside our body when we speak. They only know that man can speak because he has a brain.



Fourteen –year-old girl Du Bingzi was walking towards her home .S 67 , a man stopped her and shouted, “Give me your money!”

Du’s hands were c 68 by the man .But in one quick movement , she took back her arms and started to scream for attention. The man ran away without getting any of her money. Du is a student from Beijing No.25 Middle School . Her teacher Chen Han has started giving his students an u 69 lesson: self-protection. Luckily, Du had just learned how to escape from an a 70 ,a person who plans to hurt someone.

The school has taught self–protection for four years. During this time, about 5,000 students have learned to how to protect t 71 .

According to a new survey, students’ s 72 has become a big problem. Nearly 50% students say they are worried about r 73 on the way to and from school.

This school is not the only one to care about students’ safety. Many other schools in China also have lessons l 74 this.

Student Ma Xiang said, “I learn how to save lives and most such courses tell students how to avoid (避免) d 75 situations.” Students practice what to do if they are attacked by a bad person.

They are taught how to save lives if someone is hurt. They also learn how to work t 76 and build team-spirit.


81 other 82 each 83 Children 84 from 85 write

86 holiday 87 own 88 doing 89 your 90 when


81.far 82.live 83.other 84.Some 85.or

86.takes 87.no 88.exciting 89.big 90.why


81. stopped 82. back 83. reason 84. back 85. until

86. think 87. heard 88. more 89. share 90. same


81. on 82. caused 83.heard 84. wildly 85.screamed/shouted

86.quickly 87. frightened 88. terrible 89. washed 90. number


76. speak 77. because 78. understand 79. noise 80. sentences

81.like 82. able 83. well 84. but 85. what


67. Suddenly 68. caught 69. unusual / uncommon 70. attacker 71.themselves

72. safety 73. robbery / risk(s) 74. like 75. dangerous 76. together

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