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To do that sort of thing is foolish。 主语 I want to see you this evening. 宾语

All you have to do is to finish it quickly. 表语 We found a house to live in. 定语

She came here to study English.
I warned the patient not to eat cold water after the operation.

状语 宾补

1. 作主语
1)注意:常用动名词而不是动词不定式作主语 e.g. Learning English is very important. 2)用it作形式主语用不定式 (It + be + adj. / n. + to do sth)意思相当于To do sth+be +adj./n.)

e.g. It is important to learn English. It is a pity(遗憾)to have made such a mistake.
3)例外句型(请记住): It is no good /no use /no help + doing sth. It is no use arguing(争论) about it.

2. 作宾语 1) 只跟to do的动词,常见的有:
learn /agree/ask/plan/hope/wish/ decide/want/need……

e.g. She hopes to find a better job. I wish to go with you. I want to eat meat for lunch. She hopes to meet her parents. 特殊用法: sth need/ want/ require doing= sth need/ want/ require to be done 某事需要被做

3. 作宾语补足语: 1)ask 类(v+sb to do sth)
want / wish / would like e.g. 1 She asked me to help her. 2 The teacher told him to come on time. 3 老师要学生们按时做家庭作业。 The teacher wants the students to do the homework on time.

2)感官动词类(V + sb. + do sth.)
see/ hear/ notice/ find/ watch/ hear/feel/ smell…

I often hear them sing the song in the next room .
We watched them play football .

3)使役动词类(V + sb. + do sth.) make/ let / have… e.g. The teacher let me answer the question.

They were heard to sing a pop song. He was made to answer the question.

练习: 1.He was made _________. A. go B. gone C. going D. to go 2.Though he had often made his little sister _____, today he was made _____by his little sister. A. cry;to cry B. crying;crying B. cry;cry D. to cry;cry


B. 动词不定式的否定式只须在to


My father decided not to take up the job.

The teacher told us not to be late again.


C. 带疑问词的动词不定式在to
Mr.Lin will teach us how to use the computer. Can you tell me where to get the book?
I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to do.


D. 作简短回答或避免不必要的重复时,
动词不定式常常省去to 后面的动词, 只保留to 。

A:Would you like to come to my party? B: Yes , I’d love to ( come to your party). Mary想用我的自行车,但我叫她别用。 Mary wanted to use my bike, but I asked her not to ( use my bike).

4. 作表语
doing 表习惯性动作; to do表将来一次性性动作 My wish is to become a scientist. My job is teaching you English.

5. 作语 不定式:作目的、结果(only之后)和原因 (v./adj.之后) 分词:作时间、条件、伴随、结果和原因(句首)

定式用作目的状语时,其句 意特点很明显,通常在译成中文时可用“为了”来 表示。 To help the panda, the government has made a new plan.

(2005.福建卷)—Can the project be finished as planned? —Sure,______ it completed in time ,we’ll work two more hours a day. A. having got B. to get C. getting D. get (2005.广东卷)—He hurried to the station only ______ that the train had left. A. to find B. finding C. found D. to have found (2005.重庆卷)Daddy didn’t mind what we were doing, as long as we were together,_____ fun. A. had B. have C. to have D. having

6. 作定语
to do将来的主动动作,to be done表将来的被动动 作 1 I have two books to read. 2 Have you got anything to say? 3 He’s looking for a room to live in. 4 I don’t have a pen to write with. 5 I have clothes to wash, and do you have clothes to be washed? 6 The question to be discussed is very important.

练习 1.Frank is the kind of person who people like to ________. A. make friend with B. make friends of C. make friends D. make friends with 2.The worker works very hard. She is always the first _____ and the last _____. A. come, leave B. coming, leaving C. to come, to leave D. to come, leaving ? 解析:由only, last, next, 序数词或形容词最 高级修饰的名词常用不定式做定语。再如: ? She is always the first student to arrive at school.


一般式: to do (表将来)

一般被动式:to be done
进行式: to be doing(表正在进行) 完成式: to have done(表已经完成) 完成被动式: to have been done
否定式: not

to do

用作主语、宾语等。 When to start has not been decided. He can tell you where to get the book. I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know what to do.

四、动词不定式的复合结构: 1)for sb. to do sth 2) (It is +性格adj+)of sb. to do sth
性格adj:nice, kind, cruel, thoughtful, careful, careless… It is very important for us to learn English. It is difficult for him to finish the task in such a short time.

It is very nice of you to help me. It was careless of him to make such a mistake.

1.Fill in the blanks with the proper forms of the verbs given.
1. It is very hard for you to understand ____________ (understand) this story. thinking 2. After __________ (think) everything over, she decided ______________ (not send) her letter. not to send to see 3. He did not want_______ (see) him. cry 4. I saw him_____ (cry) in the classroom. do 5. Let her _____(do) her homework herself.

翻译 1. 我的梦想是成为一名科学家。

My dream is to be a scientist.
2. 为了赶车,我早早地起床了。

( In order) to catch the bus, I got up early. 3.我不喜欢被盯着看. I don’t like to be stared at.
4. 不要逐个单词地翻译。 Try not to translate every word.

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