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七年级英语上册第一次月考试卷 班级 姓名 分数 Ⅰ.单项选择 (15) ( )1. This is mother, and name is Mary.

A.her; his B.my; her C.your; his ( )2.---Hello! Mary. ---Hi! is Jim.

A.I; Her B.My name; His C.I’m; My name

( )3.---What’s his car number? --- 72738.

A.I’m B.My car number is C.It’s

( )4.---What’s your name? ---Tom.

A.first B.family C.last ( )5.How you spell watch?

A.are B.is C.do

( )6.There’s old pencil on the book. pencil is


A.a/an B.the/the C.an/The

( )7.---How’s your mum? ---She’s .

A.at home B.in bed C.OK

( )8. --- Where_______ my pictures? --- ______ are in your bag.

A. is, these B. are, They C. are, Those

( )9. --- _____ not here? --- Tom and Jim _____ not here.

A. Who’s, are B. Who’re, is C. Who, are

( )10. --- Are you eleven? --- _________.

A. No, I am B. Yes, I’m C. Yes, I am

( )11. --- Where is “I” ? --- ________.

A. I’m here B. It’s here C. Yes, it is

( )12. I ______ know his name.

A. can’t B. don’t C. isn’t

( )13. Li Lei ______ a Chinese boy.

A. am B. is C. are

( )14. --- What _______ we do in summer? --- We _______ swim in

the river.

A. am, do B. do, do C. can, can

( )15. Hello! _______ my parents.

A. This is B. It’s C. These are II.根据句意,完成单词。(10)

1. He comes f____ England.

2 Six and six is t______.

3.The teacher is writing on the b___________.

4.She is a new s_________ in Class Two.

5.Beijing is a big c_________.

6.C_________ the window ,please. It is cold outside.

7.Nice to m_____ you.

8.He runs f_____, he is the best runner.

9. W________ to our party.

10. He can play table t________.


1. This is my grandmother.(改为否定句)

This ______ my grandmother.

2. His telephone number is 535-2575.(就划线部分提问)

_______ _______ _______ _________ number?

3. It’s his backpack.(改为一般 疑问句)

______ it ______ __________?

4. She’s Jenny.(改为同义句)

______ ______ _______ Jenny.

5. My mother is fine.(就划线部分提问)

_____ ______ _______ mother?

6. Are they your teachers?(否定回答)

_____, _______ ________.

7. ________ ________ _________ from ? (写出问句)

Iam from England.


1. 早晨朗读英语非常重要。

It is important to read ________ in the _______.

2. 汤姆会骑自行车。

Tom can ________ a bike.

3. 这是大明的妈妈,她是一名经理。

This is ________ mother, she is a _______.

4. 我喜欢打篮球。

I like ________ _______

5. 挨着我父亲的那个女人是一名英语教师。 The woman ______ my father is an teacher .


Ma Lili is a Chinese ___1___. She is twelve. That old 2 is American. The American doesn’t know(不认识)Ma Lili. Ma Lili tells her that she is Ma Lili. She is twelve. Ma Lili asks, “What is your name? How old are you?” She tells 3 name only (只) to Ma Lili. 4 she doesn’t tell Ma Lili how old she is. She says 5 a secret.

( ) 1. A. boy B. man C. girl

( ) 2. A. man B. woman C. girl

( ) 3. A. she B. her C. its

( ) 4. A. But B. And C. Or

( ) 5. A. it B. its C. it’s

Ⅵ. 阅读理解 (大家知道,“词不离句,句不离文”。下面的两篇文章就测一下你对文章的理解能力,请在阅读时注意一些细节。) (30)


阅读短文,判断正(T)误(F)。 Many English people have three names. The first name and the middle name are the given names. The last name is the family name. I have a foreign friend. His name is David Henry Fry. Fry is the family name. David and Henry are his given names. The family name is usually the family name of the father. People often call a man with “Mr” before his family name. But when we call married(已婚的) woman. We use “Mrs” before her husband’s family name.

( )1. A lot of English people usually have three names.

( )2. The family name is usually the family name of the father.

( )3. People often use Miss before the family name of a married woman.

( )4. The family name is the given name.

( )5. If a man’s name is James Brown, we should call him Mr James.



Dear Lingling,

I am your new pen friend. I am from New York and I am thirteen years old. My family name is Smith. I am in Class Four Grade Seven at Apple School in America. There are thirty-two students in my class. My favourite subject is English. Miss King is my English teacher. She is our good friend. Yours, John

( )1. What’s the boy’s given name? A. Smith. B. King. C.


( )2. How old is he ? A. Eleven. B. Thirteen. C.


( )3.Where is he from? A. America. B. England. C. China.

( )4. Who is his English teacher? A.Lingling. B.Smith.

C.Miss King.

( )5. Does he like his English teacher? A. Yes, he does. B.

No, he doesn’t. C. We don’t know.


Joan is an American girl. She lives in China now. She is in my class. Her parents work in China, too, but her brother works in the U.S.A. He often writes letters to them. Joan likes Chinese class very much, and likes speaking Chinese with us after class. Her father teaches us English well. We all like his class. On Sundays, Joan goes to the People’s Park with her father and mother. Sometimes she goes shopping with her mother. They like the Chinese food very much. It’s a happy family.

1. Joan is from ________.

A. China B. Japan C. the U.S.A. D. Canada

2. Joan likes speaking ________with us after class.

A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese

3. Joan’s ________ is an English teacher.

A. father B. mother C. brother D. father and mother

4. How often does Joan go to the shop?

A. Often. B. Never. C. Every Sunday. D. Sometimes.

5. Which is not wrong?

A. Joan’s mother is a good doctor.

B. There are three people in her family.

C. They like to eat the Chinese food a lot.

D. The family are all in China.

VII . 补全对话,每空一词 (10)

A: Hi, Wang Tao! Come and Let's go and ____1___ basketball. B: __2____, I can't.

A: What are you ___3___ now?

B: I'm doing ___4___lessons. Go and ask Zhang Hong.

A: Thank you, ____5___ is he?

B: He is __6____home.

A: Is Zhang Hong __7____?

B: Yes. Come ___8___, please. Hi, Li Bin.

A: Zhang Hong, ___9___ you play basketball ___10___us? B: Certainly! Lets go.

Ⅷ. 根据提示写一则人物介绍。不少于5句话: (10分)

提示:中学 Middle School

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