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If you ask him,he will help you.如果你请他帮忙,他会帮你的。

If you fail in the exam,you will let him down.如果你考试不及格,你会让他失望的。


If he runs he’ll get there in time. 如果他用跑的,他就会及时赶到那儿。


If the fog gets thicker the plane may/might be diverted. 如果雾在大一些,飞机可能就会改在别的机场降落。

If it stops snowing we can go out. 如果雪停了,我们就可以出去。


If you want to lose weight you must/should eat less bread. 如果你想减肥,你必须少吃面包。


If you are looking for Peter you’ll find him upstairs. 如果你是在找彼得,上楼就会找到他。

if 条件状语从句的时态练习

15.如果他到的晚了会发生什么事情?What _______________ if he _____________ late?

16. 如果努力学习,你就会取得好成绩。

If you__________ _________, you ___________ good _____________.

17. 他如果看电视太久了,他的父母会不高兴。

If he _________ TV too much, his parents __________ __________ unhappy.

18. 如果我们为他组织生日聚会,大家都会来的。

Everyone ________________ if we _____________ a birthday party __________ him.

19. 如果明天不下雨,我会和你一起去公园的。

If it __________ __________ tomorrow, I ______________ go to the park _________ you.

20. 如果她睡过头了,就会旅游迟到的。

She__________________________ the trip if she ___________________.

21. 如果他有空,他会帮助你的。

If he _________________, he _________________ you.

22. 如果Tom考试不及格,他就没有机会上高中了。

Tom _________have the ________to go to the high school if he ________ the exams.

23. 你如果抄同学的作业就不能学好各门功课。

You _______ _____ good at all the subjects if you ______ the other students’


1.If you _____ to the party, you’ll have a great time. A. will go B. went C. go D. going

2. It will be a long time ____ Peter _____ his work.

A. since, has finished B. after, finishes C. when, will finish D. before, finishes.

3. What will father _____ us from Japan? A. take B. bring C. carry D. make

4. Weifang is famous ______ kites. A. for B. to C. on D. with

5. I ____ her the answer if she ____me.

A. can tell, will ask B. will tell, will ask C. would tell, ask D. will tell, asks

6. – What are you going to do tomorrow?

--We’ll go to the library tomorrow if it ___.

A. isn’t rain B. rain C. won’t rain D. doesn’t rain

7.—Do you know when he will come back tomorrow?

--Sorry, I don’t know. When he ____ back, I’ll tell you.

A. comes B. will come C. come D. may come

8. What will you do if you _____ to the old folk’s home visit?

A. go B. went C.going D. will go

9. If I eat ____ food, I’ll be very fat.

A. too many B. many too C. too much D. much too

10. I’ll give the book to him if he ___ here next Sunday.

A. will come B. comes C. is coming D. came

11. There ____an English film in our school tomorrow.

A. is going to have B. will have C. is going to be D. has

12. Could you tell us where ____?

A. will the next Olympic Games held

B. the next Olympic Games will be held

C. would the next Olympic Games be held

D. the next Olympic Games would be held

13. When my mother returned last night, I ____ a book.

A. read B. am reading C. was reading D. am going to read

14.What ____ you ____ when it began to rain?

A. do, do B. were, doing C. are, doing D. did, do

15. I’ll wake you up when he ____back.

A. will B. is going to come C. comes D. come

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