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人教版Unit9 What does he look like?课件PPT

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Aims and language points:
Teaching aims (教学目标) 1. 能在日常情境中描述人的外表。 2. 能用所学内容解决实际问题。 3. 区别句型“He/she has …” and “He/she is (of) …”.及 选择疑问句。 Language points (语言点) 1. 词汇:1)名词n. tonight, cinema, glass (glasses), 2)形容词adj. little 3)副词 adv. later 4) 短语 a little 2. 句型: What does … look like? Is he tall or short? Do they have straight or curly hair? She has long straight hair.


He is tall.

He is of medium height. He is short.


She is heavy . He is of medium build . He is thin .

What does he/she look like?

She has short hair. She has long hair.

He has no hair./

He doesn’t have hair

Wang Fang Long straight hair

What does she look like? She has …

Mary Curly hair

What does she look like? She has …


Hair 头发


short hair long hair
curly hair straight hair

She has short, curly hair
?一头漂亮乌黑 的长发

beautiful, long black hair.

She has · and · . · · · · long hair

straight hair
black hair
She has long, straight , black hair.

She has · and · . · · · ·
long hair curly hair
brown hair
She has long ,curly, brown hair

(of medium height; thin ;long hair)
She’s of medium height. She’s thin. and she has long hair.

What does she look like? (tall ,medium build, short hair)
She is tall. She is of medium build. And she has short hair.

Key Words for describing people:
(描述人的词汇) 1)hair(头发): short straight long curly

2)height(高度):tall, short, medium height 3)build(体格): fat, thin, heavy

medium build

2d Role-play the conversation. (Three)

Mike: Hi, Tony. Are you going to the movie tonight? Tony: _______. We’re meeting at seven, right? Mike: Yeah, _______I may be _______ late. My friend David is going, too. Just ________________ first.

Tony: Oh, but I don’t know him. ________________? Mike: Well, he has __________ and ____________. Tony: OK. Is he tall ________ short? Mike: _______________. He’s _____________. Tony: OK, sure. See you ____________ then.

2d Read the conversation and answer the following questions.

Q1. What are Mike and Tony going to do tonight? They are going to watch a movie tonight. Q2. Where will Tony meet David? He will meet David in front of the cinema.

Q3. What does David look like? He has brown hair and wears glasses. He’s of medium height.

Grammar Focus
What does he look like? What does she look like? What do they look like? Do they have straight or curly hair? Is he tall or short? He’s really tall. She has long straight hair. They’re of medium build. They have curly hair. He isn’t tall of short. He’s of medium height.

Notes: Look like 长得像;选择疑问句回答不能有“yes” 或“no”。

描述人的长相用动词 be还是 have/has



语法点滴: 描述人物外貌的常用动词“is”与“has”.

描述一个人的外貌时,常用到动词is/am/are以及 实义动词have/has, “is” 是“ 是” 的意思; 而 “have/has” 是“ 有,长着,留着、蓄着” 的意思; “ be ﹢ 形容词”常用来描述某人在体貌上的特征。如 :个子的高、矮,体形的胖、瘦等。而“have﹢形容词 ﹢名词”句型常用来说明某个人身体某部位具有什么 样的特征。如:对头发、胡须、脸、眼、耳、口、鼻 、手等的描述。
说某人是“中等个子”或“中 等身材” 时,要用“be of”, 而不能用have/has, 也不能 只用is.

What does he/she look like?
has short hair. has long hair. has straight hair. has curly hair.
has beard


is tall. is short. is medium height / build is fat/heavy. is thin.

3a Write these words in the correct box.

short hair

straight hair

curly hair

long hair

of medium build
of medium height


heavy thin of medium height short hair

of medium build straight hair


short long hair

curly hair

3b Circle the correct words to complete the conversation.

A: So what do / does your friend Clark look like?

B: Well, he is / has thin, and he have / has black hair.
A: Really? Is / Does he tall or short?

B: He is / isn’t tall or short. He is / has of medium build.
A: Does he has / have curly or straight hair?

B: He is / has straight hair. And he is / has really

3c Write answers to these questions about different people. Then tell your partner about them.

1. What does your favorite actor or actress look like? 2. What does your favorite teacher look like?

一.写出下列词或词组的反义词。 short long ______ thin _______ fat small tall ______ big _______ short easy old new/young difficult ______ ________ bad straight good ______ curly ________ short hair long hair ________

Fill in the blanks.

 has 1.Tom ______ short straight hair. is 2.Dick ______ tall,but his sister is ______ a little bit short  am 3.I ______ medium height and medium build. has 4.Betty’s mother ______.long blonde hair. 5.Mike and Sam ______ tall but thin. are 6.(Does/is) _____ Mary wear glasses? Does Is 7. (Has/Is)______ Old Henry's beard black?  wears 8.Tony (wears/is)______ a blue T-shirt. is 9.Mr.Santos (is/does)______ a medium build. 10. What (do/have)______ the new students look like? do



1. What A you look like? (选择) A. do B. is C. does D. are 2. He B tall and he short curly black hair. (选择 ) A. is, is B. is, has C. has, is D. has, have 3. My English teacher has long straight hair. (改为否 定句) My English teacher doesn’t havelong straight hair. 4. Her favorite singer is thin and medium height. (对 划线部分提问) What does her favorite singer look like ? 5. She is not heavy or thin. (同义句) wears She is ofmedium build . 6. She always wea

r a red shirt.(改错)

Use the new words to describe your friend, your teacher or your pen pal. You can begin like this:

I have a friend. His/her name is … He/she is tall/… He/she has …

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