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2012-2013第一学期八年级英语期中考试(仁爱版) 2

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学校:_____________ 班级:_____________ 姓名:___________ 座号:___________ Ⅰ.听句子,选择正确图片。每个句子读两遍。(7.5分) ( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. Ⅱ.听句子,选择正确答语。每个句子读两遍。(7.5分) ( )6.A.Yes, you’d better not. B.No, you’d better not. C.No, you can’t smoke. ( )7.A.You can ask him. B.You’d better catch a bus. C.You are all right. ( )8.A.That’s right. B.That’s OK. Please take a seat. C.All right. ( )9.A.Yes, I’d like to. B.Really? C.No, thanks. ( )10.A.No problem. B.Not at all. C.That’s very kind of you. Ⅲ.听对话及问题,选择正确答案。每组对话及问题读两遍。(5分) ( )11.A.Music. B.Art. C.Sports. ( )12.A.The girls. B.The boys. C.Class Three. ( )13.A.One. B.Two. C.Three. ( )14.A.He asks her to come earlier next time. B.He asks her to study hard. C.He asks her to go home earlier. ( )15.A.Playing basketball. B.Running. C.Going out for a walk. Ⅳ.听短文,判断正(T)误(F)。短文读两遍。(5分) ( )16.Michael Jordan was born in Washington, DC. ( )17.Jordan could play basketball very well in his high school. ( )18.He played so well that people called him“Air Jordan”. ( )19.He became a basketball team member in the Houston Rockets. ( )20.Once he got 36 points in one game. 第二部分 基础知识运用 (70分) Ⅰ.单项选择。(20分) ( )21.I’ll play baseball, because it can_______. A. build me up B.to build up me C. build up me D. to build me up ( )22.—Would you mind _______ the room? —Not at all. A.clean B.cleaning C.cleaned D.will clean ( )23.That’s very kind _______ you, but I think I can manage it myself. A.to B.at C.of D.from ( )24.Kangkang is good _______ playing basketball. A.at B.to C.with D. for

( )25.I see Wei Han _______ English almost everyday.

A.reads B.reading C.read D.to read

( )26.Li Ming will take part in the boys’ _______.

A.800-meter race B.800-meter races C.800 meter race D.800-meter-races

( )27.You should not eat _______ meat. It can make you fatter.

A.too many B. much too C. too much D.many too

( )28.—Watching TV too much _______ bad for your eyes. —I’ll go to bed right away.

A.is B.are C.was D.be

( )29._______ necessary for us _______ English well.

A.This is; to learn B.It’s; to learn C.It’s; learn D.That’s; learn

( )30.You had better ask your brother _______ playing computer games. It’s bad for him.

A.to give up B.not to give up C.to give it up D.not give it up





Mike:This is Mike. Hi, Jack. I have two tickets for a basketball match. Jack:I’d love to. Mike:Let’s make it two. Mike:At my home. Mike:See you.

31.________ 32._________ 33.________ 34.________ 35.________


Mike is my friend. He the day with morning exercises. After morning exercises, English at home. It’s time to breakfast. His habits are pretty . He eats a lot of vegetables. He eats junk food. He says it is bad for his to eat junk food too much. In the afternoon, he plays football with his classmates. Because he doesn’t like to go to the movies, he often TV at home. Sometimes he gets on the Internet and talks me the Internet.

( )36.A.start B. starts C. begin D.begins with

( )37.A. reads B. reading C.watch D.books at

( )38.A.take B. like C. owe D. have

( )39.A.eating B.eats C.eat D.to eat

( )40.A.bad B.badly C. well D. good

( )41.A.hard B.harder C.hardly D.hearty

( )42.A.healthy B.health C.fit D.fitness

( )43.A.looks at B.reads C.watches D.sees

( )44.A.about B.from C.with D.at

( )45.A.in B. with C.at D. on



You are what you eat

Keeping better eating habits can help you reduce (减少) disease. A healthy eating plan means choosing the right foods to eat and preparing foods in a healthy way.


Do you often change your toothbrush? Maybe you think it is not necessary. A study shows old toothbrushes bring disease. You should often change your toothbrush.


Swimming, running, skating, skiing, dancing, walking and some other activities can help you stay healthy. You should exercise at least three times a week and for twenty minutes or more each time. Do it.

Plan out your life

You should have breakfast before you go to school. Have a proper (合适的) meal for lunch. Follow a healthy diet.

( )46.What’s the passage mainly about?

A.Healthy food. B.Healthy lifestyle (生活方式).

C.Junk food. D.Healthy sports.

( )47.What is the best title (标题) for the second paragraph(段落)?

A.Man’s disease B.Disease

C.Change the toothbrush D.Your bathroom

( )48.At least how long should you exercise each time?

A.Twenty minutes. B.Fifteen minutes.

C.Five minutes. D.Ten minutes.

( )49.From the passage, we know _______ can help us stay healthy.

A.proper diet B.exercise

C.sleep and exercise D.proper diet and exercise

( )50.What does a healthy eating plan mean?

A.Choosing the right foods. B.Cooking the foods in a healthy way.

C.Never eat meat or fresh vegetables. D.Both A and B.


All over the world, people enjoy sports. Sports are good for people’s health. Many people like to watch others play games. They buy tickets or turn on their TV sets or may be online to watch.

Sports change with the seasons. People play different games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We can find sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting and people everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very popular in the world. People from different countries cannot understand each other, but after a game they often become very friendly to each other.

( )51.Sports are good for _______.

A.the players B.people’s health C.the coaches D.people who like sports

( )52.If you like sports, you can _______.

A.buy tickets to watch the games B. watch the games on TV

C. watch the games on the Internet D.A、B and C

( )53.People play _______ in different seasons.

A.the same game B.different games

C.any games D.all kinds of games

( )54._______ is very popular in the world.

A.Table tennis B.Baseball C.Football D.Skating

( )55.From this passage we can see that _______ can become very friendly.

A.people from different countries all B.people from the same country

C.people who do the same sports D.after a game, people from different countries


Yao Ming, the center of the Chinese National Men’s Basketball Team, served the Houston Rockets in 2002 in NBA. The 2.26m, 120kg center became the first player to come from a foreign team.

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai in September, 1980. His mother was a center and captain of the Chinese National Women’s Team. His father played basketball, too.

Yao Ming is widely known in China. He came to be a very important basketball player in CBA. It’s short for China Basketball Association. During the 2000-2001 season, he got 27.1 scores for the Shanghai Oriental Sharks in every match.

Yao Ming joined the Houston Rockets in October, 2002. He said it was a new start in his basketball life. He would do his best to learn from the NBA and improve himself.

Sport analyst (分析家) Bill Walton said,“Yao Ming has the potential, the capability of changing the future of basketball.”

( )56.The Houston Rockets is the name of a _______ team.

A.table tennis B.volleyball C.basketball D.golf

( )57.Both Yao Ming’s father and mother were _______.

A.football players B.basketball players

C.the centers of the Chinese National Team D.the captains of the Chinese National Team

( )58.Yao Ming _______ in CBA during the 2000-2001 season.

A. was good B.is good C. did well D. does well

( )59.Yao Ming _______ the Houston Rockets in October, 2002.

A.did his best to join B.was well-known in

C.became a member (成员) of D.liked

( )60.Sport analyst Bill Walton thought Yao Ming was able to _______.

A.learn from the NBA B.change the future of basketball

C.improve himself D.became the captain of the Houston Rockets

第三部分 写作(25分)



61. The box is so heavy. Could you please do me a f_______?

62. What’s wrong with you? I have a s_______.

63. You have a fever. You should s_______ in bed.

64. Kangkang has a toothache. He should see a d_______.

65. Your temperature is 39oC. You’ve got a f_______.


66.我将参加学校运动会。 I will _______ _______ in the school sports meet.

67.她擅长跑步。 She is _______ _______ running.

68.熬夜对你的健康有害。 _______ up _______ is bad for your health.

69.我必定会让他戒烟。 I must ask him to _______ _______ smoking.

70.妈妈,赶快! Mom, _______ _______ !


__________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________

听 力 材 料



1. Could you please open the window?

2. Li Ming fell ill. Let’s go to see him.

3. He wants to join an English club.

4. I am sorry I am late for class.

5. He is angry with his son.


6. Would you mind my smoking here?

7. How can I get to the Capital Stadium?

8. I’m sorry I’m late for class.

9. Would you like to go hiking with us?

10. Let me help you carry the big box.


11. W:Lucy’s brother is good at the high jump.

M:That’s true. He likes running and playing basketball, too.

Q:What is Lucy’s brother good at?

12. W:Did you win in the last football match, Lu Ming?

M:No, our team missed one goal, and the girls got two goals.

Q:Who won the game, the boys or the girls?

13. W:Lin Ping, I’m sorry I lost your eraser. I’ll buy you a new one.

M:Never mind. I have another one.

Q:How many erasers does Lin Ping have?

14. W:I’m sorry, Mr. Wu. I’m late.

M:Would you mind coming earlier next time, Kate?

W:Sorry. It won’t happen again.

Q:What does Mr. Wu ask Kate to do?

15. W:Michael, do you like playing basketball?

M:Certainly. What about you, Maria?

W:I like going out for a walk.

Q:What does Maria like doing?


Michael Jordan is the most famous basketball player in the world. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He didn’t play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first. Michael Jordan became famous when he joined the basketball team in North Carolina. He played so well that people called him“Air Jordan”. Then he became a basketball team member in the Chicago Bulls. He once got 63 points in one game.



Ⅰ. 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.B

Ⅱ. 6.A 7.B 8.B 9.A 10.C

Ⅲ. 11.C 12.A 13.B 14.A 15.C

Ⅳ. 16.F 17.F 18. T 19.F 20.F


Ⅰ. 21-25 ABCAC 26-30 ACABA

Ⅱ. 31-35 CDAEB

Ⅲ. 36-40 BADAD 41-45 CBCCD

IV. 46-50 BCADD 51-55 BDBCD 56-60 CBCCB


I. 61. favor 62. stomachache 63. stay 64. dentist 65. fever

66.take part 67. good at 68. staying late 69. give up 70. hurry up

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