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Unit 2 Topic 1 Section A

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What’s wrong with you?

I have a backache.

What’s wrong with her ?

She has a cold.

What’s wrong with him ?

He has a fever.

What’s wrong with them?

They have a cough.

What’s wrong with her ?

She has a headache.

What’s wrong with him ?

He has a toothache.

What’s wrong with her?

She has a stomachache.

感冒 发烧

have a cold


have a toothache

have a fever

have a backache


illnesses 胃痛


咳嗽 have a cough

have a stomachache


have a headache

Listen and number the pictures. Then ask and answer with your partner 4 1 3

录音 1c-P27





1.医生问诊,询问病情 2. 询问某人生气或不高 兴的原因

-What’s wrong with you? 你怎么了? =What’s the matter with you? -I have a ...
-What’s wrong with him?他怎么了? =What’s the matter with him? -He has a ...

Listen to 1a and choose the correct answers. 录音1a-P27

1. Kangkang has a ______. A backache B headache C toothache 2. Betty suggests that Kangkang should see a ___. A doctor B dentist C nurse 3. Betty hopes Kangkang will ______ well soon. A go B get C make
Guess the meanings of backache and headache according to toothache.

1a Watch the flash and read 1a.



Hello, Kangkang! You don’t look well. What’s wrong with you? Kangkang: I have a toothache. Betty: I’m sorry to hear that. You should see a dentist. Kangkang: I think I will. Betty: I hope you’ll get well soon. Kangkang: Thank you.

1.What’s wrong with you? =what’s the matter with you? 你怎么了? 2.You should see a dentist. should/shouldn’t 应该/不应该 Eg: 我们应该吃多点水果。 We should eat more fruits. 你不应该在这里吸烟。 You shouldn’t smoke here.

? 1. 抄写section D 的词组,中英,4遍,听 写 ? 2. 抄写单词,P27,28,30页的,中英, 4遍,听写 ? 3. 预习P28,P30,写中文 ? 4. 抄写section A 的1a和1c,中英,4遍, 背诵默写

I have a headache.

You should ___________ stay in bed and have a good sleep ___________ _.

I have a fever.

You should drink enough ___________ boiled water ___________.

I can’t sleep well at night.

You shouldn’t ___________ drink coffee or tea ___________. in
the evening

I have a backache.

You shouldn’t lift heavy things ____________.

I have a ____.

You should _______.

I have a ____.

You should _______.

I have a ____.

You shouldn’t _______.

He has a cold. What’s wrong with him?
He should drink more water.

She has a toothache.
What’s wrong with her? She shouldn’t eat too much chocolate.

He has a fever. What’s wrong with him? He had better see a doctor.

What’s the matter with him? He ____________ had better not drink cold water.

He has a stomachache.

What’s the matter with her? She had better not ____________ lift heavy things.

She has a backache.

Pair work
For example: A: What’

s wrong with you? B: I have a headache. /... A: You should/shouldn’t/ had better/had better not ...

Game Time


A. Listen to the conversations and number the pictures.






B. Listen again and then write down the advice, using should/shouldn’t.


You shouldn’t read in the sun. ? 1.____________________________________ He should see a doctor. ? 2.____________________________________ You shouldn’t eat too much. ? 3.____________________________________

胃痛 1. have a stomachache _____ 发烧 2. have a fever ______ 3. take a rest ________ 牙痛 4. have a toothache_____ 患感冒 5. have a cold _______ 看医生 6. see a doctor _____ You should go to bed early. 7. 你应当早点上床睡觉。 _____________________ Your mother doesn’t look well. 8. 你妈妈看起来气色不太好。___________________ You should drink more water. 9. 你应该多喝水。 ________________________ What’s wrong/the matter with you? 10. 你怎么啦? ____________________________

1. I have a headache.
You should have a good rest.

2. I have a cold.
You should go to see a doctor.

3. I have a toothache.
You shouldn’t eat too much candy.

1.练习册section D,综合,单元的, section A 2. 报纸part IV 3. 抄写P28的4个句子,P30的7个句子,每 个2遍,中英,听写 4. 预习section B的1a,写中文 5. 抄单词,toothache抄到lie down躺下, 中英,2遍

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