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Xin Xin Middle School

He is tall.

He is medium height.

He is short.

She is thin. He is medium

He is fat / heavy.

She has long hair.

She has short hair.

She has straight hair. She has curly hair.
They are beautiful / good-looking.

tall long hair curly hair fat heavy


short hair

Medium height

straight hair medium build thin thin good-looking

He is thin.

She has curly hair. She has straight hair.

He is fat.

He has no hair.

f… a a d h e… b… g/a… e… d

tall curly

tall. medium build

medium height.

heavy short.

straight hair.

curly hair. thin.

long hair short hair

is David Sally Pete tall heavy
thin short medium build

has curly hair

medium height long hair

short hair


has short hair. has long hair. has straight hair. has curly hair. .has a beard.
is tall. is short. is medium height. is fat/heavy. is thin. is medium build.


long hair

big eyes

short dress white

Describe one of your friend/teacher. Then let other students guess who he/she is?

Guessing Game

Describe: She is tall. She has black long hair. She

wears glasses….
Do you know who she is? Guess: Is he …?

Write a short passage:
Describe your parents, favorite teachers/stars ......
Report: My math teacher is tall。 He has short straight hair … …

What do you look like now? Take out your pens and design a new look for yourself in the future.

Xin Xin Middle School

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