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Unit 15 We’re trying to save the manatees!

1、 try to do sth. 设法做某事

try doing sth. 试着做某事

2、10 feet long 10英尺长

3、be against doing sth. 反对做某事

4、in one’s life 在一生中=in life

5、once a day 每天一次

6、be surprised to do sth. 做某事感到惊奇

7、provide sth. for sb. =provide sb. with sth. 提供某事物给某人

8、care for 关心;关怀;照顾care about 关心;担心

9、take care of 照顾=look after

10、agree to sth. 同意某事

agree to do sth. 同意做某事

agree with sb. 同意某人

11、turn off 关掉

turn on 打开

turn up 调高

turn down 调低

turn over 翻过来

12、stop doing sth.停止做某事=give up doing sth.

Stop to do sth. 停下来做某事

13、hear of 听说=hear about

Hear from 收到某人的来信=get /receive a letter from sb.

14、pull down 推倒

15、be made from 由……制成(不能卡不出原材料)

be made of 由……制成(能看出原材料)

be made up to 由……组成

16、be suitable for 对……适合=be fit for

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