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九年级英语Unit 7重点知识

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九年级英语Unit 7

1. be supposed . 应该 如: We are supposed to stop smoking. 我们应该停止吸烟。

表示 “应该”的词有:should, ought to ,be supposed to 2. shake hands 握手 shake 本意是“摇动、震动” 你本应该问清楚怎么样穿才得体。中的“should have asked”是“情态动词+现在完成时”表示过去本应该做某事,事实上没有做 如:She should have gone to Beijing. 她本应该去了北京。(但没有去)

4. be relaxed 对某事随意、不严格 如: They are relaxed about the time. 他们对时间很随意。

5. pretty adv. 相当, 很 =very She is pretty friendly. 她相当友好。

adj. 美丽的 She is a pretty girl. 她是一个美丽的女孩。 6. make plans == plan 打算做某事 如:

She has made plans to go to Beijing.==She has planned to go to Beijing.

7. drop by 访问 看望 拜访 串门

We just dropped by our friends’ homes.我们刚刚去朋友家串门。

8. after all 毕竟 终究 如: You see I was right after all.你看,毕竟还是我对了。

9. invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人做某事 如:

Lily invited me to have dinner.莉莉请我吃晚饭。 10. around the world == all over the world 全世界 11. pick up 捡起 挑选

如:He picked up his hat. 他捡起他的帽子。 12. point 指向

13. stick v. 剌 截 n. 棒,棍

chopstick 筷子 是由chop(砍)+stick(棒)合成,通常用复数形式:chopsticks

14. go out of one’s way to do 特意,专门做某事 如:

He went out of his way to make me happy. 他特意使我高兴。

15. be different from 与…不同 如:

Chinese food is different from theirs. 中国菜与他们的不同. 16. get/be used to sth. 习惯于…

get/be used to doing sth. 习惯于做某事…

be used to do = be used for doing 被用于做… used to do 过去常常做… 如:

I wash clothes every day. But I’m used to it.


I am used to washing clothes. 我习惯于洗衣服了。 The knives are used to cut things. 小刀被用来切东西。 The knives are used for cutting things. 小刀被用来切东西。 She used to watch TV after school. 她过去放学后常常看电视。

17. 我发现要记住每一样事是困难的。

形容词 to do sth. 如: I think it hard to study English.

18. cut up 切开、切碎 如:Let’s cut up the water melon. 让我们切开这个西瓜吧。

19. crowd v.挤满 其形容词和过去式及过去分词都是:crowded 20. can’t stop 忍不住做某事= I can’t stop laughing. 我忍不住笑 21. make faces 做鬼脸

22. face to face 面对面

23. learn…by 自学 = 如:

I learn English by myself. 我自学英语。= I teach myself English.

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