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Dear editor,

I am Evan from Canada.Being the eldest child in the family has its

disadvantages.First of all, I have to share all my __________(玩具) with my younger sisters.Of course, they don't n __________ to return the favors because I'm totally uninterested in their things.__________ (除……之外), they are always hanging around me.I just can't get a moment's p__________.At meals, I have to eat whatever is __________the plate regardless of the taste.My sisters only try one bite if it's not __________ favorite food.In addition, w __________ it comes to practicing our musical instruments, I have to practice than double the time.Worst of all ,I get a larger quantity of homework, __________ ( 对比) to them.

I'm feeling rather annoyed.Can you please g __________ me some advice?

Yours truly,

Evan Smith


52、 __________

53、 __________

54、 __________

55、 __________

56、 __________

57、 __________

58、 __________

59、 __________

60、 __________完成句子(10分)

61、What a p__________ ! I failed the chemistry exam again.

62、 My sister often helps me with my homework. She is very h__________.

63、 It has been sunny all day, so I don't think it will r__________ tomorrow.

64、 If you are f __________this afternoon, let's go shopping.

65、 Listen carefully and a __________ my question.


__________,I don’t like his new hairstyle at all.



67、 父亲和我都喜欢看篮球比赛。

__________my father __________I love watching basketball matches.


__________the time passed l


I want to know __________late for school again today.


The classroom windows __________by the students every week.


71、One morning a fox sees a cock. He thinks ,"This is my breakfast. "

He comes up to the cock and says, "I know you can sing very well. Can you sing for me?"The cock is glad. He closes his eyes and begins to sing. The fox sees that and catches him in his mouth and carries him away.

The people in the field see the fox. They cry," Look, look! The fox is carrying the cock away. "The cock says to the fox," Mr Fox, do you understand? The people say you are carrying their cock away. Tell them it is yours. Not theirs. "

The fox opens his mouth and says," The cock is mine, not yours. "Just then the cock runs away from the fox and flies into the tree.


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