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1 My mother's birthday is _______________.

A. in July 22st B. on July 22th C. on July 22nd D. in 22nd 2 — ______ can he do?

— He can ______ Chinese Kung fu.

A. How; do B. What; do C. Where; see D. What; does 3—Are you good_____swimming?

—Yes, and I think I can help the children _____it

A with in B with with C at with D for in 4. — __ Mary cleaning her room? --- No, she is __ .

A. Does, reads B. Can, read C. Is, reading D. Does, reading 5.Just go straight and turn____.The school is _____. A. left, to the left B. left, on the left C. on the left, left D. left, left 6.—____there any books on my desk? — Yes ,there is one on it..

A. Are B. Is C. Has D. Have

7 —____the weather in Qingdao? —It’s cool. A How B What’s C How’s D What

8 Gina likes to ____ time with her family on Sundays. A take B spend C spends D takes

9 We ____have any Chinese classes on Thursdays. And we ____ an English class now.

A don’t have; are having B aren’t having; don’t have C aren’t having; are having D don’t have; have

10 It’s snowing and we _____ a great time _____ in the park. A having; is making a snowman B is having; make a snowman C are having; making a snowman D has; is making a snowman 11 Time _______ when I play basketball with my friends. A go quick B go quickly C goes quickly D are quickly 12 —Is there a library near here? —Just go down North Road and turn left.You can find the library_____ . A easy B easily C on right D at the right 13 —Does he have to wear a uniform at work?

—Yes, she _____

A has B does C does D have to 14 Don’t talk here. Grandparents _____.

A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep 15 The pandas are ______interesting.

A kind of B. a kind of C .kinds of D .kind 二、 口语应用。请从B中选出适合A的答语


16 Is his birthday in July? A Sure, no problem.

17 How’s it going? B It’s behind the police station. 18Who likes math? C I can sing

19 Can you sing or dance? D It takes 15 minutes 20 How long does it take? E Not much 21 What does he have to do? F Yes, it is 22 What are you doing? G Terrible! 23 Do you want to join me for dinner? H Eric does

24 Could you just tell him to call me back? I Yeah, I ‘d love to 25 Where is the hotel? J He has to be quiet. 三、阅读理解。判断正(A)误(B)

Jim is an English boy. He comes to China with his father and mother. They come here to work. Jim comes here to study.

He is in No. 5 Middle School. He gets up early every day. He isn’t late for school. He studies hard. He can read and write English well. He often helps us with our English, and we often help him with his Chinese. After class he likes playing

football, swimming, running, jumping and riding. He makes many friends here. We are glad to stay with him. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house, mend something or do the shopping. He likes Chinese food very much.

He likes living here. He likes Chinese students very much. We all like him , too.

( )26 Jim gets up late every day. ( )27. He often teaches us English.

( )28. After class , he likes singing and playing basketball. ( )29. On Sunday he often helps his mother clean the house. ( )30. He doesn’t like Chinese food. 四、词汇过关

A.根据句意和首字母补全单词。 1 Is there a bank in the n__________?

2 Don’t arrive late for class. This is very i_________ 3 I like ice-cream because it’s very d___________ 4 Elephants are in great d______. We must save them 5 We can see snow in w_________

6 The park is a_______ from the hospital

7 W________is between Tuesday and Thursday 8 The w______here is windy and sunny 9 Are you s_______ for the math test?

10 Look! My grangfather is reading a n_________ 五、同步语法

划线部分提问) _________ the bank?

2 You can’t take photos in the library.(改为祈使句) _______ _______ photos in the library.

3 Jack exercises on Mondays.(改为现在进行时) Jack _______ _______ right now.

划线部分提问) _________ the weather in summer?

5 My mom is making dinner in the kitchen.(一般疑问句) _______ your mom_______ dinner in the kitchen? 6 Where are pandas from?(改为同义句)

Where _______ pandas _______ _______? 六、完成句子


My father 2他想念他的家人,希望吃到他妈妈的美味粽子

He _______ his family and _______ ________ _______his mom’s _________ zongzi


I enjoy _______Chinese _______ with my grandpa.

4 他们每年砍到很多树,所以动物们整处于极大的危险中。

They _______ _______ many trees every year, so may animals are _______ _______ _______. 七、书面表达


1 早晨6:30必须起床。 2 在校必须穿校服。 3 不准在教室吃东西。 4 不准在过道里跑。

5 周末在家不能长时间看电视。

6每晚必须练钢琴。晚饭后必须做作业。 Dear Lucy,

I have many rules at our school and at home. Yours Linda

一、1-5 CBCCB 6-10 ACBAC 11-15 CBBBA

二、16-25 F G H C D J E I A B

三、26-30 F T F T F

四、1、neighborhood 2、 important 3、 delicious 4、 danger 5、winter 6、across

7、Wednesday 8、weather 9、 studying 10、newspaper

五、1、 Where’s 2、 Don’t 3、 is exercising 4、 How’s 5、Is making

6、 do come from

六、1、 is talking on 2、 misses wishes to have delicious 3、

4、cut down losing their homes

七、作文(略) playing chess

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