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1. -This is Lucy speaking. Can we ______ snacks to the party?

-No, we can't.

A. show B. find C. bring D. take

2. I know you don't like ______ music, but what do you think of ______ music in the film?

A. /; / B. the; the C. the; / D. /; the

3. -______milk do you need to buy?

-Two cartons.

A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often

4. It's snowing heavily, so there is a lot of snow all ______ the ground.

A. above B. over C. on D. in

5. -Mike, I can't stop playing computer games.

-For your eyes, I am afraid you ______.

A. have to B. may C. would D. could

6. The park is far from here. It's about ______.

A. thirty minutes' walk B. thirty minute's walk

C. thirty-minute's walk D. thirty-minutes' walk

7. Most students like dinosaurs, but ______ of them know the story of dinosaurs.

A. many B. each C. few D. any

8. -What is Amy cooking in the kitchen?

-Fish, I guess.______ good cook she is!.

A. What a B. What C. How a D. How

9. Ann is a ______ girl because she often leaves books in the park.

A. tidy B. brave C. careless D. friendly

10. -Paul, why didn't you close the windows yesterday?

-Really? I remember______ them before I left.

A. to close B. closing C. not to close D. not closing


is Connie. I meet Connie .

a letter to her and introduce my hobbies, my school and my daily life. A few days later, I receive Connie’s me a lot about herself. I learn that she loves languages, sports and movies. She likes China and Chinese food very much. She tells me something about England, too. Connie is good at English, French(法语)and Spanish(西班牙语), so I ask her to me a little of them. Connie wants to learn some

difficult for her.

Through Connie, I know about the world outside. I would like to Connie some day in England.

( ) 31. A. hobby B. name C. age D. job

( ) 32. A. on B. for C. at D. in

( ) 33. A. young B. big C. small D. old

( ) 34. A. read B. sing C. write D. draw

( ) 35. A. book B. letter C. call D. photo

( ) 36. A. asks B. says C. talks D. tells

( ) 37. A. teach B. help C. give D. answer

( ) 38. A. English B. French C. Chinese D. Spanish

( ) 39. A. more B. less C. few D. little

( ) 40. A. call B. write C. visit D. help


1. You can call me Simon. (双宾语结构)

e.g. 1) 我们喊她鲁茜。 We ____________ ____________ Lucy.

2) -- 你们把它们称为什么? -- 光盘。

____________ ____________ you call ____________? -- CDs.

2. She walks home after school. / She goes home on foot after school.


e.g. 1) 他经常坐火车去上海。

He often goes to Shanghai ____________ ____________.

He often ____________ ____________ ____________ to Shanghai.

2) 他爸爸每天骑车上班。

His father goes to walk ____________ ____________ every day.

His father ___________ ___________ ___________ to work every day.

3) 她妈妈有时乘飞机去广东。

Sometimes, her mother goes to Guangdong ___________ ___________. Sometimes, her mother ____________ ____________ Guangdong.

3. How do you say that in English? (注意say, speak, tell, ask用法上的区别)

e.g. 1) 妈妈经常对我说:“你一定要好好学习。”

Mum often ____________ __________ me, “You must work hard. ”

2) 吉姆英语讲得很好. Jim can ____________ ___________ very well.

3) 我外祖父经常给我讲故事。

My grandfather often ____________ me stories.

4) 我能问你一个问题吗? May I ____________ you a question?

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