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( )16. This is _______ orange and that is ________ banana.

A. an; an B. a; a C. an; a D. a; an

( )17. —Are there _______ chairs in the room?

—Yes, there are _______.

A. some; any B. any; some C. some; some D. any; any

( )18. — ____________?

— He is a worker.

A. Who is your father B. Where is your father

C. What is your father D. How is your father

( )19. There _________ many new books in your room. But I _________ only one.

A. have; have B. is; have C. are; has D. are; have

( )20. We often go home _________ 4:30 _________ the afternoon.

A. at; in B. at; on C. on; in D. at; at

( )21. — ________ , where is Sunshine Park?

—It’s behind the supermarket.

A. Excuse me B. I’m sorry C. Do you know D. Please tell me

( )22. —How much is this football?

—You may ___________ forty yuan for it.

A. spend B. take C. pay D. cost

( )23. —Is Sally from America?

—No. Sally is an ________ girl, but she’s in ________ now.

A. America; England B. English; America

C. American; English D. England; America

( )24. Please ________ the picture. What can you ________?

A. look at; see B. see; look at

C. look at; look at D. see; see

( )25. —What’s this?

—________ a clock.

A. Its B. It’s C. That’s

( )26. —___________ English classes do you have every week?

— Five. D. This is

A. How often B. How long C. How much D. How many


66. Liu Hua is a very good football _______________.

67. I don’t think it’s ________________ for visitors to just do some shopping.

68. It’s not _______________ for you to spend so much time watching TV.

69. How many _____________ are there in an hour?

70. Miss Yang is a new teacher. She teaches ______________ English.



Mr Smith is an English teacher. He comes from America. He has a daughter. Her name is Amy, and she is a good engineer(工程师)in New York. Mr Smith likes traveling very much, and he can speak Spanish very well.

Now Mr Smith is in China, so he wants to learn some Chinese. He works very hard at his Chinese, and he goes to Chinese classes in an evening school. He has a lot of friends in China and they often help him. He likes to talk with them. He tells his daughter that he can speak good Chinese, and he doesn’t have any trouble (困难) with his Chinese at all, but the Chinese have a lot.

( ) 41. Mr Smith works in ____________.

A. a hospital B. a police station C. a school D. a restaurant

( ) 42. What’s Mr Smith’s daughter?

A. A teacher. B. A doctor. C. An engineer. D. A student.

( ) 43. Mr Smith learns Chinese ____________.

A. very well B. with his daughter

C. every morning D. very hard

( ) 44. Where does Mr Smith learn Chinese?

A. In an evening school. B. At home.

C. In his friend’s home. D. In a park.

( ) 45. We know that Mr Smith is good at ____________.

A. Chinese B. Spanish C. Japanese D. French



oday is Monday again and it’s fine! We just had a test in the science class. I think I did really well. If I get a good grade, Mum will let me go to the basketball game next Friday. There I can see my favourite basketball player — Kobe. I can’t wait!

I went to Mark’s birthday party with Jenny and Billy on Saturday. I bought him a storybook. We listened to music and danced at the party. Then we sang “Happy Birthday” to Mark and had some cake. I did have a good time. I hope I can have a birthday party like that when my birthday comes. And I hope I can get a new bike on that day.

Oh, the bell is ringing! It’s time to go to the maths class. I hope I don’t fall asleep in class!

( ) 46. How is the weather today?

A. Windy. B. Cold. C. Rainy. D. Fine.

( )47. What day is tomorrow?

A. Monday. B. Tuesday. C. Thursday. D. Sunday.

( ) 48. How can the writer go to the basketball game next Friday?

A. By having a test in science. B. By doing well in the science test.

C. By playing basketball well. D. By going to Mark’s birthday.

( ) 49. How did the writer feel at Mark’s birthday party?

A. Happy. B. Sad. C. Tired. D. Worried.

( ) 50. Where did the writer write this diary?

A. At home. B. In the park. C. At school. D. On the bus.

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