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2013人教新目标八年级英语上册 unit 5 Section B 课件

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?

talk show soap opera sports show game show news

talent show comedy

action movie cartoon

scary movie

1a What do you think of these TV shows and movies? Choose words from the box and write them under the pictures. Each picture can have more than one word. educational relaxing
令人放松的 有教育意义的 严肃的,稳重的 精彩的,绝妙的 毫无意义的

serious boring


meaningless enjoyable




talk show soap opera sports show game show news ________ _________ exciting educational boring ————— __________ serious enjoyable _____

talent show comedy action movie cartoon scary wonderful _________ ————— enjoyable movie relaxing exciting __________ ________ _____ meaningless


John wants to watch talk shows

because they’re enjoyable. I like
to watch action movies because they’re exciting.
Say something about one of your friends and you.

2a Discuss the following questions with a partner. 1.Do you like to watch cartoons?

2.What is your favorite cartoon?
3.Why do you like it?

2b Read the passage and complete the time line on the next page.

When people say “culture”, we think of art and history. But one 想起 very famous symbol in American culture is a cartoon. We all know and love the black mouse with two large round 那只长着两只大圆耳朵的黑老鼠 ears-Mickey Mouse. Over 80 years ago, he first 80多年前 米老鼠 appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie. 《威利号汽船》

think of 想起;想出… think about 考虑… think over仔细思考
When I see the photos, I often think of my classmates.当我看见这些照片的时候,我经常想起我 的同学们。 He thought of a plan at last.最后他想出了一个计划。

When this cartoon came out in New York 出版,发行 on November 18, 1928, it was the first cartoon with sound and music. The man 第一部有声音和音乐的动画片 behind Mickey was Walt Disney. He became very rich and successful. In the

1930s, he made 87 cartoons with Mickey. 用 在20世纪,30年代

success “n”成功 successful “adj”成功的 successfully “adV.”“成功地” succeed “v.” 成功 [s?k?si:d]

可能 Some people might ask how this cartoon animal became so popular. One of the main reasons is that Mickey was like a common man, but he always tried to face any danger. In his early films, Mickey was unlucky and had many problems such as losing his house or girlfriend, Minnie. However, he was always ready to try his best. People went to the cinema 总是乐于尽他最大的努力 to see the “little man” win. Most of them wanted to be like Mickey.

might①本身为情态动词 ”可能“(比may 可能性小)

② 也是may 的过去式

unlucky “adj”不幸运的 lucky “adj” 幸运的--- “adv”____________ luckily luck “n.” 运气 Luckily ,no one was hurt. 幸


be/get ready to do sth.准备做某事 be/get ready for sth.为某事做准备 Are you ready to have English class? Do you get ready to have English class? Are you ready for English class? Do you get ready for English class? try one’s best (to do sth.) 尽某人的最大努力(做某事)
If you try your best, you can get everything you want. I try my best to get first in my class. You should try your best to achieve your goals .

On November 18, 1978, Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the 米奇成了第一位入选好莱坞星光大道的卡通人物 Hollywood Walk of Fame. Today’s cartoons are usually not so simple as little Mickey Mouse, but everyone still knows and loves

him. Who has a pair of ears more famous than

Let’s review the phrases.
1. 想起 __________ think of over 80 2. 80多年前________ years ago 3. 发行; 出版 ___________ come out 4. 在二十世纪三十年代 _____________ in the 1930s 5. 主要原因之一 ______________________ one of the main reasons 6. 准备做某事 __________________ sth. be/get ready to do 7. 尽某人的最大努力 (做某事) _____________ (to do sth.) try one’s best

Do you like cartoons? Do you know Mulan? Can you say something about her?
Mulan didn’t have any brothers. She took her father’s place to join the army. Mulan dressed up like a boy. Nobody knew she was a girl in the army.

get dressed 穿衣服

1. dress up 装扮; 乔装打扮 dress sb.给某人穿衣服 乔装打扮 dressed up to e.g. The girls dress oneself 给某人自己穿衣 take part in the party. 女孩子 服 们打扮起来去参加舞会。 2. take one’s place 代替; 替换 代替;替换 e.g. A robot will take his place. 一名机器人将代替他的位置。

3. army n. 陆军; 陆军部队 参军 军队 e.g. My brother joined join the army the army last year. 去年我哥参了军。
4. do a good job 干得好 干得好 e.g. I hope you’ll do a good job in the company. 希望你在公司好好干。


Fill in the blanks in the movie review. Use the words in the box to help you.

阅读指导: 首先, 阅读短文, 整体把握短文大意。 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,判断空格处 的意思,联系所给单词,确定空格处应填的 单词。 最后,再通读一遍短文,看是否通顺合理。

fantastic shows action want comes from played about like exciting plan

Mulan is an ________ ______ movie. It exciting action ___________ an old Chinese story. The comes from 来自 movie is ______ a village girl, Mulan. She about 关于 dresses up like a boy and takes her 像 father’s place to fight in the army. I think 打仗 the actress _______ Mulan’s role well. played 角色 fantastic The other actors are also _________ and

they did a good job in the movie. I _____ Mulan very much. The movie like _______ her love for her family, shows 展示了她对她家人的爱 friends and country. If yo

u ______ to plan plan to you watch a movie this weekend anddo sth. ______ to see something enjoyable, want choose Mulan!

What do you and your partner think of these TV shows or movies? Write description words for each one.

What do you think of soap operas?

I think they’re boring. …

What about your partner?


My parents

soap opera talent shows news sports shows game shows talk shows

scary movies action movies cartoons

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