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1.定 义:现在进行时表示正在发生或进行的动作。

2.标志词:(1) 时间状语 now 、at the moment

(2) 句前有提示词look 、listen 、look at …

3.谓语动词的构成:be +动词-ing

注意: see-seeing draw-drawing listen-listening


一. 写出下列动词的现在分词形式。

help_______ come_______ swim_______ eat _______ give_______ find _______ sit _______ write_______ tie_______ make _______ play_______ clean _______ catch_______ walk_______ ride _______ run_______ draw_______ listen_______ begin _______ dance_______ watch_______ sleep_______ see_______ have _______


1.Look ! The boy (read) books.

2.The girls (have) breakfast now.

3. — he (clean) the blackboard?

— No, he isn’t.

4.Tom football on the playground at the moment .

5.Listen! They (sing) in the muisc room.


1.我们正在看电视。We TV.

2.Tom 在图书馆看书。

Tom books in the library.


Kangkang is playing basketball .

4.他此刻正在睡觉。He is sleeping .

5.玛利亚在做什么?What Maria now?

6.你在做作业吗?you your homework ?


1.I am running on the playground .(变否定句)

I on the playground .

2.She is dancing in the gym.(变一般疑问句,并做肯定回答) dancing in the gym ? 划线部分提问)

they at the moment ?


1. I watch TV every day. I _________________TV now.

2. She works in a hospital. She _________________ in hospital.

3. Do you read this book? ____ you ________ this book.

4.Tom and Sam have lunch at about twelve.

Kitty and Ben ______________ lunch at about twelve.

5. They clean the room in the evening.

They ______________the room now.


1. The students _____ ______ (listen) to the teacher now.

2. Li Lei______ ________ (watch) TV now.

3. She____ _______ (look) at a nice picture now.

4. Look! The boys______ ________ (play) basketball.

5. Listen! They____ _________ (sing) a song.

6. A cat _____ ________ (run) up the tree now.

7. I ____ ________ (get) up now.

8. Her mother_____ _________ (wash) the dishes now.

9. He ______ _______ (go) to the park now.

10. They _____ ______ (sit) in the park.

11. My mother ________ ______ (clean) the room now.

12. She ______ ______(drink) some milk.

13. A cat_______ _______(sleep) behind the door.

14. Billy and Bob_______ ________(play) football.

15. They_____ _______ (have) fun together.


( ) 1.What are you doing? I’m_____ an interesting book.

A. looking B. seeing C. reading

( ) 2. What ___ your sister doing? She _____ cleaning the floor.

A. are, is B does, is C. is, is

( ) 3. Kate is ___ her green dress now .

A. putting on B puts on C wear

( ) 4. Is she___ her homework? No, she___.

A. do, doesn’t B does, isn’t C doing, is D doing, isn’t

( ) 5. Look! The cousins _____ new sweaters.

A. are wearing B. wearing C. are wear D. is wearing

( ) 6. Don’t talk here. My father and mother _____.

A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

( ) 7 Listen! The birds ___ in the tree .

A sing B singing C is singing D are singing

( ) 8. Who _____ over there now?

A. drawing B. is draw C. is drawing D. draw

( ) 9. The students _____ an English class.

A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

( ) 10. Listen! The baby _____ in the room.

A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

( ) 11.I am____ to the radio.

A. am listening B. listening C. am listen

( ) 12.She _____ the piano.

A is playing B are playing C playing

( ) 13..We ____ on the chair.

A. is sitting B. are siting C. are sitting

( )14.Lily _____ on the playground.

A. am running B. running C. is running

( )15. They ____ in the pool.

A. are swimming B. are swiming C. swimming

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