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Grammar: be 动词的用法。

be 动词随人称变化为: am, is, are。
汉语意思是: “是”或者“叫做……”。

am 用于第一人称。例如:
I am fine. 我身体很好。 I am ten. 我十岁。 I am your teacher. 我是你的老师。

is 用于第三人称单数名词或者代词。例

She is Jenny. 她叫珍妮。

His name is Li Ming. 他的名字叫李明。
It is a red apple. 它是一只红苹果。

are 用于第二人称和复数名词。例如:
How are you? 你身体好吗?

They are red, blue and yellow. 他们是红、
蓝、黄。 Those erasers are green. 那些橡皮是绿 色的。 They are my friends. 他们是我的朋友。

Fill in the blanks with the correct form
of “be”.

1. Orange and blue ___ my favourite are

2. Shorts ___ my favourite clothes. are
3. Whose shoes ___ these? are 4. The boy’s name __ Jim. is

5. Look at my dress! It __ new. is
6. This pair of pants __ old. You need is

a new pair.
7. I ___ your new teacher. am 8. This __ Danny. He __ a new is is student here.

Complete the dialogues:
A: What is it? B: It’s a _____. dress A: Is it new? B: Yes, it is ________. A: What colour is it? green B: It is _____.

A: What are they? B: They are ______. shoes A: Are they new? B: ______________. No, they aren’t A: What colour are they? B: They are ______. brown

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