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2013人教新目标八年级英语上册 unit Section A-2 课件

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Unit 5

Do you want to watch a game show?

1.educate “V.” 教育--- education “n” 教育 more educational 更有教育意义的
Talk shows are more educational than game shows.

2.plan---planned /planning plan to do sth. make a plan to do sth.
She plans to watch soap operas tonight.

3.hope to do sth.

/hope (that)从句

We hope to have a good life . We hope (that) we can go to the moon月球 one day.

4.find out 查明,弄清(事实,真相) find 找到 (某人,某物)
Let’s find out who he is. I can’t find my book anywhere.

5.discuss”v.” 讨论--- discussion “n” have a discussion about 关于…进行讨论 We had a discussion about TV shows.

6.sth. happen to sb. 某人发生了某事 What happened to Jim yesterday? 昨天吉姆发生什么事了 An accident 事故happened to her . happen to do sth.碰巧做某事 I happened to meet him just now 刚才.



He may可能be at home. They may可能play basketball now. May可以 I come in?

8. excepct (sb.)to do sth.期待(某人)做某事
Everyone expects to get good grades.

9.learn …from…从…中学到…

learn from sb. 向某人学习
We should learn form Lei Feng.

2c Ask and answer questions about the TV shows in 2a. Use information that is true for you.

A: Do you plan to watch the news tonight?
B: Yes, I like watching the news. I watch it

every night.
A: Why?

B: Because I hope to find out what’s going on 因为我想了解世界各地正在发生的事。 around the world.

1.What does Grace think of game shows and sports shows? She can’t stand them

2.What does Sarah hope to be? A TV reporter.

2d Role-play the conversation.
Grace: What did you do in class today, Sarah?

Sarah: We had a discussion about TV shows.
My classmates like game shows and

sports shows.
Grace: Oh, I can’t stand them. I

love soap operas. I like to
follow the story and see what happens next.

Sarah: Well, I don’t mind soap operas. But my favorite TV shows are the news and talk shows. Grace: They’re boring! Sarah: Well, they may not be very exciting, but
可能 是

you can expect to learn a lot from them.
I hope to be a TV reporter one day.
one day (过去的/将来的)有一天 some day ( 将来的)有一天

One day ,I met him my Chinese teacher on the street. 有一天我在街上遇见了我的语文老师。 Work hard,and you will make your dream come true one day/ some day. 努力学习,有一天你将会使你的梦想实现。

tell jokes 讲笑话

play jokes 开玩笑

comedy—复数____________ comedies meaningless 毫无意义的 homeless 无家可归的 粗心的 careless
actor act “v”扮演---”n”男演员_______ action ---”n” 行动_______

be famous as…作为(某身份)而出名 Jackie Chan is famous as an actor.

be famous for…因为…而出名
Li Qi is famous for his songs in the Voice of China.

become连系动词 ①“成为”(+名词) become friends ②“变得

”(+形容词) become famous
get/become stronger and stronger.

poor rich 富有的 ——反义词____________ the + adj 某类人 the rich 富人 the poor 穷人 the young 年轻人 老人 the old

Don’t watch TV too much! It’s bad for your health and study


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