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71. A shark is a dangerous _____________ (动物) that lives in the sea.

72. Lin Shuhao did a good job in the basketball match last month. He is my favorite ________(明星).

73. John is ___________ (幸运的) enough to be shoes for the swimming club.

74. It has been the _________ (第十) day since we climbed the Great Wall. 75. He borrowed my iPhone 4s and hasn’t ___________ (归还) it to me.


76. Newton was sitting under an apple tree when an apple f__________ on to his head.

77. In my hometown, the weather of this summer is much h__________ than that of last summer.

78. Tom and Jerry r__________ their bikes to Uncle Ma’s Farm twice a month.

79. The mother cat was killed, and the baby cat had to live by i__________.

80. Pass me that pair of glasses, please. I can’t see the words c___________.



1. My English teacher drives her c_______ to work every day.

2. There are f_______ seasons in a year.

3. —Is it your dictionary?

—No, it’s not m_______.

4. We usually s_______ the floor before the Spring Festival.

5. Project Hope has raised money and p______for the education of 2.7 million poor students.

6. Mother gave me a new _______ (书包) as a present on my birthday.

7. Don’t be_______ (害羞) when you speak English to foreign friends.

8. I like the pink and white dress very much, it feels __________ (柔软的).

9. People could h______ (几乎不) believe their ears when they heard the news about Wu Bin .

10. People not only in China but also from many other countries are still _______ (受影响) by Confucius’ thoughts.


A. 根据句意和汉语提示,在空白处填入适当的单词

46.____________(节日) like Christmas and Halloween are also popular in China now.

47. Pop star White Houston was found __________(死亡) on the eve of the Grammy Awards.

48.---What are the workers doing over there?

--- They are busy_______________( 建造 ) the BRT between Haizhou and Xugou.

49. Unluckily , the recent floods _______________( 摧毁)many farm-houses in the south.

50. Daniel did the exercises too________________( 粗心 ) , and it made his teacher very angry.

B. 根据意思和所给首字母,写出完整正确的单词

As everyone knows, (51) e______________ fast walk or slow walk does good to the muscles and lungs of human. So people walk to build up their body, or to lose (52) w_____________. But only some of them know that taking a walk every day is also good for (53) p______________ man’s heart. Heart attack has become the first disease in the world (54) b_____________ more and more people suffer from it.

Taking a walk can improve the blood supply to our hearts. If you try to walk as (55) o_________ as possible , you’ll have a healthier heart.



67. You’d better keep your (声音) down when talking in the movie theater.

68. I think Julie will be the (胜利者) of the English competition in our school.

69. The little girl was very (幸运的) to get a free ticket to Disneyland.

70. Guo Jingjing worked hard and finally (成为) a great sports player.

71. It’s a good habit to brush your (牙齿) every day.

72. James s a lot of money on CDs because he likes listening to music very much.

73. The subways in Shanghai are often very c on weekends. Sometimes you can hardly move yourself.

74. Thanks very much for i me to your birthday party.

75. I don’t like the soap opera (肥皂剧). It’s very b .



96. This bike is a g (礼物) from my uncle.

97. It's p (礼貌)to use quiet voices in the library.

98. The old man started singing, and we all j (加入) in.

99. Reading and writing are two basic learning s (技能) .

100. Make sure you put all the answers in your p (试卷) before handing it in.



71. When did you b_______ to study English? --Seven years ago.

72. F________ in the blanks with the correct words. Then listen again and check your answers.

73. If you can swim a________ the river, I’ll be waiting for you on the other side.

74. Tom, your clothes are d______. You’d better wash them.

75. I was b_______ in 1997. I’m fifteen now.

76.-What do you want to be in the f________? - I want to be come a teacher.

77. A c_________ is a piece of equipment used for taking photographs.

78. The nice dress was bought by my uncle as a birthday p_________.

79. You’ve d_________ so much wine. You mustn’t drive.

80. He’s poor at spelling. He made a lot of spelling m__________ in his writing.



1. Everyone else in my class was invited ________(除了) me, and I don’t know why.

Doing lots of listening practice is one of the _______(秘诀) of becoming a good English learner.

2. Please come over to my office tomorrow morning to_________(讨论) our new plan.

3. Did you use to get ________(紧张的) when you see the school report from your teacher?

5. Do you know what your ___________(父母的) favorite colors are?



46. The teacher always reads the children a _______ (故事) at the end of the day.

47. Local people like to _______ (放飞) kites and take a walk in the Olympic Sports Center.

48. Peter is so imaginative that most students recommend _______ (他) as the chairperson of the Science Club.

49. Black tea was invented in China as a way to keep tea _______ (新鲜的) when it was transports long distance.

49. Nanjing, I love you is a beautiful song which represents the feelings and ______(精神)of Nanjing people.




How _____ does it_____ you to do your homework every day?


_____ you become a movie star, _____ you be happy?


Tina is _____ young that she can't look after _____ .


He couldn't help _____ when he heard the sad _____ .


I think it's important to _____ eight _____ a night.



86. Tom is such an honest and ____________ (乐于助人的) boy that all the neighbors like him.

87. You can not ____________ (想象) how knowledgeable the person is.

88. Just now we did an ____________ (实验) in the laboratory.

89. As a teacher, you should be ____________ (耐心的) 1o your students.

90. There are seven continents (大洲) and four o____________ in the world.


根据下列句子及所给单词的首字母或中文意思, 在答题卷上按题号写出各单词的完全形式。

71. Ningbo is in the e_________ part of Zhejiang.

72. December is the t________ month of the year.

73. How many p_________ are there in a football team?

74. If you take more exercise, you’ll be much thinner and h________.

75. They all lost t________ in the beautiful music.

76.We all know that Alexander Bell _______(发明 ) the telephone.

77.The students were greatly ________ (鼓励) by what the teacher said.

78.It often rains in spring in April and it’s the ______(湿)month of the year.

79.Thank you for ________(借) me your bike. 80.We are all _______ (自豪) of being Chinese. -------------



The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London from July 27 to August 12 this summer. It is the _______(第三) time for London to hold the Olympics. People there are excited. They all help to prepare for it. They plant lots of flowers and _________(树) to make the city beautiful. More and more people to go work by bus or by _________(自行车). The city is now very

_______(干净的) and tidy. London is ready to ________(欢迎) people from different countries.

The weather will be _______(凉爽的) by then. People around the world will ______(相逢,遇见) in London. They can not only watch the games but also take a _______(短的) trip there. They can ________(参观) the British Museum and the National Gallery. It is also of great fun to enjoy the London Eye and Tower Bridge along the Thames, a beautiful _______(河) in London. How wonderful it will be!



71. I hope to go to Taiwan one day to enjoy the b______________ sights there.

72. He is too fat. His mother asks him to eat more vegetables and l______________ meat.

73. She was very ill, but ______________幸运地she is now out of danger.

74. We will have a meeting on ______________周四afternoon.

75. It is well-known that there are four ______________季节in a year.



41. ---What's the ____(高度,身高) of Jeremy Shu-How?

--- I don't know. Maybe he is shorter than Yao Ming.

42. Do you know Father's Day is on the third Sunday of ________ (六月) every year?

43. We all agree that the driver who drives after drinking wine should be ________ (惩罚).

44.Some famous doctors provided_______(有用的)treatment for ―The Most Beautiful Woman Teacher‖—Zhang Lili.

45. Donations are welcome ____( 在……期间) the charity show that will be held in our school.


A tobacconist (烟草商) left the snowy streets of Chicago for a holiday in Florida. His wife was on him there the next day. When he reached his hotel and checked in the room that he booked three days he decided to send his wife a quick in his computer. He looked at the keyboard and and his e-mail had passed away only the day before. When the sad wife on the computer to check her e-mail, she took one look at the and fell to the floor in a dead faint (不省人事). At the and saw this note on the screen: Dearest wife, I’ve just got checked in. Eis prepared for your arrival tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing you down here.



71. Don't speak so l , because the baby is sleeping now.

72. These days. low-carbon life is very p with people in the world.

73. Although I have listened to the c three times, I still don't know who are talking.

74. Being blind and deaf, the poor boy can't i what his future will be like.

75. There is something wrong with my iPad, I have to have it r at once.



1. Audrey Hepburn was ____________(活跃的) in the film industry for nearly 40 years.

2. It will be a dangerous trip. Are you sure you want to take the _________(风险)?

3. I cannot ___________(许诺) you anything at this moment, but I will try my best.

4. The London Olympic Games , the ___________(第三十) summer games in history, will open on July 27th, 2012.

短文填空 先通读下面的短文,然后根据短文内容和所给首字母,在空格内填入一个适当的单词,使短文意思完整。所填单词必须在答题卡标有题号的横线上完整写出。

Have you ever tried the ―Magic Cube‖(魔方) ? Pick up one of these cubes and you probably won’t be able to p_______ (1) it down. How hard can it be to rearrange the nine little s_________(2) on each side of the cube? In fact, there are millions of possibilities! It has been over 30 years since the cube first h________(3) the market. However, not many people know that it was used just as a simple classroom m__________(4) at the beginning.

In 1974, Mr. Erno Rubik i___________(5) the ―Magic Cube‖ as he called it. He did this to help his students u___________(6) difficult 3D concepts(概念). This classroom example was quickly t_________(7) into a popular toy. In 1979, Ideal Toys started to sell it as ―Rubik’s Cube‖. The invention quickly became a 1980s c__________(8) icon.

As time went by, the cube once l__________(9) its attractive qualities. However, it made a comeback with the internet. Now anyone can go online and find many videos that show ways to s___________(10) the cube. Erik Akkersdijk of the Netherlands holds the world record now. He finished in just 7.08 seconds!


1. 无锡的地铁将于2014年投入使用。

The underground in Wuxi ______________________ in 2014.

2. 你在这个时候放弃是不明智的。

It’s not_________________ at this moment.

3. 为了开会不迟到,我比平常早了20分钟出门。

I left home ____________________________ so that I would not be late for the meeting.

4. 别再犯如此愚蠢的错误了,否则你只能另谋高就了。

Don’t _________________________________ , or you will have to find another job.

5. 这则消息似乎比我们原先预想的传播的更快。

The news ______________________________ than we had expected.

6. 当她意识到她真正想要的是什么的时候,一切都太晚了。

It was too late when _______________________________.



1. Our school is as beautiful as .(他们的)

2. Nobody that the Shengzhou IX will help us know more about space. (怀疑)

3. Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was just my cousin’s 二十)

4. As a citizen, we mustn’t do anythingthe law. (违反)

5. Mr. Wu always spends a lot of time things to us. (解释)

6. Too many sweets are bad for teenagers’. (nod)

8. Most people prefer 9. You can’t imagine how terrible the earthquake is. (simple)

10. Our English teacher will go abroad for education next month.(far)



11. Jim is a computer fan and he wants to be a computer engineer when he __________(长大).

12. My friend Jane went to America two years ago, and I'm __________(盼望) seeing her again.

13. All your books must __________(放好) after a day's study.

14. I had great difficulty__________(算出) that maths problem.

15. No one knows what kind of cars we will have __________(在未来).


i. 根据括号里所给的汉语写出英语单词。

1.The music is sweet, she often _______(分享)it with me.

2.The activities of learning from Lei Feng in our school is very _____(受欢迎)with students.

3.He can speak English________(更好)than I.

4. If I am wrong, I will not mind saying ______(道歉) to him.

5.He bought a useful ________ (书)as present for my birthday yesterday.ii. 根据句意和空缺处所给首字母写单词。

6. I have m________hobbies, such as swimming, rowing and hiking.

7. He said he would never f_________ the trip to Mount Fanjin.

8. We should do more exercise to keep h ________.

0. My little sister is so young that she can’t look after h________.


填写单词 根据句子意思.在空格中填写适当的单词,使句子完整、正确。

66.___________ Fool's Day is a day for us to play jokes on others.

67 I've been to Tibet________ , and I'll go there a third time next month.

68 Wang Fang has found her hair band already .This one isn't_______________.

69 Be careful to look both ways before you _____________ the street.

70 I can't make a great success ____________ my partner's help.

71 We should stay far away from those unsafe foods to keep our body________.

72 Little John overslept and ________the school bus, so he had to rush to school.

73. You'd better pay more_________ to the way you speak when having a discussion.



1.They have English and math on _______(星期一) morning.

2.We often borrow some books from our school______ (图书馆).

3.I don’t know if Mary is ______ (好) at swimming.

4.Can you tell me the ______ (首都) of Canada?

5.September is the ______ (九) month of a year.

6.We should take an ______ (积极的) part in physical exercises.

7. We are strongly against dropping litter ______ (到处).

8.Lucy often plays tennis to relax ______(自己) after school.

9.The boy is so ______ (聪明的) that he can work out the problems easily.

10.It is impolite to ______ (指) at anyone with your chopsticks while eating meals. 二十二、(2012年黄冈市中考)


1. The young man found it difficult to have dinner because some of his _______(牙齿)had been pulled out.

2. Tom and Linda have been _______(结婚) for ten years, but they’ve never quarreled.

3. If you want to become a good Marathon athlete, you must practice ________(跑步) every day.

4. He manages over 100 big companies, He is considered to be one of the most ________(成功的) businessmen in China.

5. Their answers to the question were not the same, that’s to say, they answered the question ____________(不同地).

6. When you communicate with your American e-pal on the internet, the e-mails are supposed to be ______(写) in English.



1. Though he has grown up,he isn’t brave e________ to go out alone at night.

2. The living conditions in the countryside have ________ (改善)a lot.

3. The children didn’t go to bed u________ their mother came back.

4. Now parents are ________ (花费)more and more money on their children’s education.

5. Most people think bicycles are much safer than other v________ .



71._______, I have learnt five English songs. (到目前为止)

72. Don't ________disabled people. Instead, we should help them as much as possible. (嘲笑)

73. He will go to Paris to study for a month, it's a _____ for him. (好机会)

74. Langlang's _______ always leads me to a colorful world: (钢琴曲)

75. Young mothers usually choose ________for their babies. But some scientists think they are

unhealthy. (塑料碗)



1. —What’s in the box?

— There is a bag of _________(米) and some oranges.

2. — When I got to the _________ (银行), it had been closed.

— You can go to the other one in this street, it won’t close until six o’clock.

3. — Why is your mother _________(生气的) with you?

— Because I broke my glasses again.

4. — Christmas is coming, let’s buy some decorations to _________ (装饰) the Christmas tree. — Why not?

5. — When did China_________ (发射) TiangongⅠinto space?

— In September, 2011.



1. – What’s your ________ (爱好), Jenny?

– I enjoy collecting stamps.

2. – It’s getting ________ (热的) today, shall we go swimming in the river?

– I don’t think so. It’s too dangerous.

3. – May I ________ (借) your car, please? Mine is broken.

– No problem. Here is the key.

4. –How many ________ (邮票) have you collected?

–More than 500.

5. – I want to be an inventor when I grow up, Dad.

–Work hard from now on! Your dream will ________ (实现) one day.



56. Women in China are usually dressed in _______ (红色的) on their wedding day.

57. How _______ (容易) you will find it to use the mobile phone if you know the function!

58. The _______ (时装) show held by UNICEF last week was a big success.

59. Seeing these old ladies get on the bus, _______ (几个) students offered them their seats.

60. We need your help to _______ (筹集) money for those homeless children.

61. The traffic lights are _______ (控制) by a central computer.

62. The ORBIS volunteers were _______ ( 自豪的) to help so many blind people in need.

63. The naughty boy ran into the garden and _______ (吓唬) the little cat away.



1. People like travelling in _________ (春天) because it is neither too hot nor too cold.

2. —What’s your father’s ________ (职业)?

—He is a doctor.

3. The 30th Olympic Games will be held in London, the ________ (首都) of England.

4. Lucy is polite and _______ (乐于助人的). We all like her.

5. Our maths teacher asked you to go to his office ________ (立即). He is waiting for you.

6. Colours can change our moods and some may make us feel _________ (in need of sleep).

7. Hurry up, or we can’t ________ (arrive at) the railway station on time.



1. There are too many p__________ in a bus and the air in it is dirty. I choose to travel by train.

2. I want to see English movies to improve my English, but they speak too q_________ for me to catch their meaning.

3. Thursday is the f__________ day of a week.

4. Get up early, go out for some f__________ air and enjoy a healthy life.

5. I’m very upset because everyone else in my class was invited to the party e___________ me. I feel so lonely.

6. A bite of China is a program on CCTV introducing food ____________ (文化)of China.

7. Good sleep helps the body and brain grow and ______________ (发展).

8. If you like shopping, Xidan will be your ____________(最喜欢的) place.

9. Four suggestions of students from Beijing National Day School were ____________ (接受) and reported to NPC during the NPC and CPPCC meetings in March.

10. I’ve had some most _____________ (美味的) food in that restaurant.



1. The boy ______(花费)three days reading the novel.

2. To our________(愉快), the actress will come to Xingyi next Sunday.

3. It’s not reasonable to _______ (浪费)too much time on video games

4. Qipao is a _____________ (传统的)dress for Chinese women, and it is becoming popular in the world of high fashion.

5. There is going to be a _______________(毕业)ceremony next month.



Now, doctors have a new way to help lose weight — a talking plate. It tells people not to eat (叫做)a Mandometer.

When one uses this plate to have a meal, it can how much food he/she has eaten and tells the user ―Please eat more ‖ if they eat too fast.

The plate has two parts, a scale(秤)under the plate and a small (电脑) screen. On the screen, one can see a picture, which tells the user how much food has (已经) been taken from the plate. There is also a line on the screen, which shows how fast the user is . The plate also asks ―Are you yet?‖ to make users think whether they have had enough.

The plate (出售)at £1,500. It is now used to help (数百)of heavy families lose weight.

三十二 、(2012年浙江丽水市中考)

根据短文内容和所给中文提示,在空白处写出单词的正确形式,每空限填空一词。 七月 ) day. joined a group of volunteers and came to a small village in the _67_ (西部) of China to build a library at a primary school. 到达(选择)a small room as the library. Our job was to move the books into the room, place them on 椅子) for the children. as I had expected. We did the same tiring 下午), students began to borrow books from the library and we? b?ck to their (教室) to read. One student said that he had never seen so 感谢听见) that! Then we worked on and in the end. a library was created. ,

It only took us one day to build the library, but it will make a difference to the children s lives.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 三十三、(2012年嘉兴市中考)

根据短文内容和所给汉语提示,写出短文空白处各单词的正确形式。每空限填一词。 Dear Father Christmas,

My name is Samuel. I am (六) years old. I live in New York. Christmas is coming and I know you are going to visit New York (不久). I am a very good boy this year, so I hope you will (拿来) me lots of presents。

I have four wishes. First, I want a new bicycle because my old one is too (小的) for me now. The second thing I want is a (篮球). You can believe me that I won't play with it in my bedroom. I also want ten (盒子) of chocolates for Christmas. Don't worry, Father Christmas, I will brush my (牙齿) every day! Finally, I hope you will give me many colour pencils because I like (绘画). Will you put them in my Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve? Do you like (牛奶) and cookies? Will I put them (在……下面) the Christmas tree for you?



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.


阅读下面短文,然后根据横线后括号内所给汉语意思写出单词的正确形式(每空一词)。 Have you ever heard of Jet Li? He is a great film (明星) in China. His action films are very popular in the (世界) because he is good at Kung Fu. Many of us like him. ―Huo Yuanjia‖ is one of his (最好的) films. It’s an action film. In this film, there are many famous (演员) and actresses. I (认为) it is very exciting and funny. It’s (真正地) a good film, and (所有) of us like it. At the (相同的) time, Jet Li is a kind man. He donated (捐赠) much money to the people in Sichuan (在……之后) the earthquake on May 12th, 2008. He would like to 80 (建造) some new schools for the children there.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 三十五、(2012年厦门市中考)


Kate: What does your father do, Jack?

Jack: My father is a 71. .He works in a middle school. How about your father, Kate?

Kate: My father is a doctor, He works in a 72 .

Jack: Then what are you going to be when you grow up?

Kate: I think I want to be a 73 .I like to talk with people and write stories, And I do like to interview famous singers and actors.

Jack: So you may work for a 74 or a TV station?

Kate: Either is OK, I think. Well, what about you, Jack?

Jack: I want to be a policeman, It’s an exciting 75 though sometimes it may be a little dangerous.Kate: Then you should 76 often because you must have a strong body.

Jack: Yes, madam.




Is English your ?


It?s a good habit to every day.


Helping others is helping .


The bus stop is very my home.


He usually plays soccer


Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空格限填一词,首字母已给):(14分)

The 2012 London Olympic Games are on the way. You may

have a nice trip in London with the help of the following





_____ for missing your birthday party.


Do you _____ in your spare time?


Jack will _____ his classmates.


The speech _____ we all listened carefully.


_____ a new way in such a short time.



The best and the worst jobs

There are lots of jobs which we can do. Some are just ordinary (普通的)

jobs and are careers (职业), but each person likes something .

My favorite job is that of a (n) you don't have to to get to work. Also, you don't have to do what other people tell you. You can what you are going to paint and then you just do it. The only thing is that artists don't make very much money.

The worst job I can think of is a pilot's. You have to work for long hours and it's tiring and boring. If you make a serious mistake, will go wrong. It's too dangerous. The only good thing is that pilots are paid a lot of money, money isn't the most important thing about a job.

In a word, job has both good and bad things about it, but I think that artists have got the best jobs.



61 Even if you are busy, you should (尽力) to do everything well.(try)

62 My parents always say that I (已经长大了). (grow)

63. After that, her teacher (更多地关注) her. (pay)

64. Too much noise made it difficult for me (入睡). (fall)

65. When we are away, our baby (照顾) by my mother. (take)



_______ _______(事实上), he is afraid of making a speech in public.

As we know, good results________ ________ (取决于)hard work.

Many teachers go on working ________ _______(即使)they are sick.

84. His dream ________ ________ (实现)at last with his great effort.

85. We are _______ _______(为??自豪) China for its long history and colorful culture. 将下列句子译成英语。必须用上所给的提示词。

111. 我爷爷习惯早起。(be used to)


112. 快点,否则你会迟到。 (hurry, or)


113.上周这时候我们正在为考试做准备。 (prepare for)


114 直到算出了那道题她才离开学校。(not...until, work out)




Cannon has shown a great interest in collecting flags. At the young age of four, Cannon began studying flags, d_______ (76) them in his coloring books and putting them up on his walls. Throughout school, he studied flags and tried to find out all he could about them. After university, Cannon s_______ (77) to be a lawyer. Throughout law school, he continued to collect flags. His classmates, friends, and family started c_______ (78) him ―the flagman‖.

Cannon now has more than 200 flags in his collection. He shows many of them in his downtown law office. Once he d_______ (79) country flags for an exhibition on the Olympics. In addition to collecting flags, Cannon also w_______ (80) about them. He has published three books about flags. He loves to h_______ (81) from friends who see his b______ (82) in stores all over the world. A few years ago, Cannon’s hobby r_______ (83) a new level. He entered a flag design contest and won. The country he lives in asked him to design its f_______ (84). Cannon explains his hobby this way, ―Collecting flags is l_______ (85) collecting pieces of history‖.



71 彼得的妻子一直要求他不要吸烟。

Peter’s wife always him to smoke.

72 学好英语对我们来说很重要。

It is very important us to learn English .

73 学生应该每天花至少一个小时进行体育锻炼。

Students should at least an hour taking every day.

74 我一到杭州就给你打电话。

I will call you as as I in Hangzhou.

75 严禁酒后驾车。

People shouldn’t be allowed to


补全对话 根据对话内容。在句中横线上填写适当的话语(话语可能是一个句子.也可能是一个短语或一个单词).使对话完整、正确。

( Eric came back home from school on Friday evening. )

Eric: Hi, Dad! I'm back.

Dad: Hmm, Eric ! How was your study this week?

Eric: Pretty good. And I have good news to tell you. Do you want to know?

Dad: Of course. (56) ?

Eric: I won first prize in the English speech contest.

Dad: Well done. (57) your science? Any progress?

Eric: Yes, Dad! At least I tried my best and learned a lot from my mistakes.

Dad: Good! I' m sure that you can catch up with your classmates very soon.

Eric: Thank you, Dad! I've been busy these days and 1 feel tired. Shall we (58) tomorrow?Dad: A picnic? Why not? We all need to relax ourselves.

Erie: Great! (59) ? And what time?

Dad: Let's go to Central Park at 8:00 in the morning.

Eric: (60) ?

Dad: The radio says it' s a fine day. Finish your homework first and we can help mum do

something for the picnic.

Eric : That' s wonderful, Dad.



A: Hello, Tony. Why are you in such a hurry? 76 B: I lost my backpack. I remembered putting it under a tree beside the playground.

A: Really?77 .

B: An hour ago. I was playing soccer on the playground. It was gone after that.

A: Bad luck! Is there anything important in your backpack?

B: Yes. 78

A: Don’t worry. Maybe someone took it by mistake.

B: 79. ?

A:You’d better go to Lost and Found for help.

B: Good idea.80 ?

A: It’s just on the second floor in the office building. Perhaps you are lucky to find it there.

B: I hope so. 



16. Take the (第二) turning on your right and you’ll see the museum.

17. Her (声音) sounds sweet on the phone.

18. I was (写) a report when the doorbell rang.

19. There is no plant life (没有) light. after .

20. When you get home, give a call to let me know you’ve (到达) safely.



Whenever we see something new, we wish to write it down in one form or another. We will be happier if we share (分享) our experience with others. Then can we write better travel stories? The following may be helpful.

Memory and notes

everything. You are seeing and hearing so much information while you're on a trip. When you return to write about your travel stories, you may forget something. So you should make notes, missing anything.

Photographs and your stories

Photographs are very useful for you to remember what you have seen. As you see the photographs, you can describe your experiences easily by remembering how you felt when you .

When you are writing about your travel stories, make sure they are not too short as your reader may not get the full impression (印象the reader may get bored.

Popular factors (因素)

Make sure your stories have popular factors and the reader will find your travel stories not , but useful as well. Popular factors are food to eat, places to stay and the things to look out for while . They should also include what you've found useful and the things you miss so much.


翻译句子 用括号内所给的词或短语,将下列句子译成英语。


(look after) ____________________________


(in one’s opinion) _____________________________


(replace) _____________________________


(Dr. Bethune, give one’s life to)




1. Fans of Apple products around the world will (怀念) Steve Jobs after his death.

2. Chinese culture is becoming more and more popular in (西方的) countries.

3. Huanyan Island was discovered and drawn onto the (地图) of China during the Yuan Dynasty.

4. It is reported that many people send (more than) 500 messages by mobile phone every week.

5. I don’t like the book at all, because it is (dull; not interesting).



Flight CA4106 to Beijing ______ ______ at 21:30 last night.


The 2012 London Olympic Games will take place ______ July 27______ August 12.


The girl ______ ______her legs for saving her student's life is called“the most beautiful woman teacher”.


When someone hurts us, we should ______ it ______ in sand, and the wind can take it away.


We should follow Lei Feng’s example and be ______ ______ help others.


A: Can I help you?

B: Yes. I want to buy some tickets for the concert next week.

A: 96 tickets do you want?

B: Three.

A: Which performance do you like, Thursday evening 97 Sunday evening?

B: The day is not important, but my friends and I want to sit together.

A: Let me see if I can help you. You know the singer is very popular and 98 sell well. B: I know.

A: Ah, there 99 to be three such seats for Sunday’s concert.

B: That’s fine. How much are they?

A: 30 dollars each, 90 dollars in all.

B: Here’s 100 dollars.

A: Thank you. 100 , your tickets and the change.



Jimmy is a middle school student. He adopted (收养) three homeless baby dogs two months of them and the dogs became healthier and fatter. Jimmy loved them very much. But now he feels worried. He has some problems. First, he has run out of his food for dogs, because it is expensive. Second, the dogs are too big and there is not (62) 足够的room for them. Third, the dogs have become too noisy. So his mother (63)讨厌_______ them. She can’t stand them.

Some of Jimmy’s friends are trying to cheer him up. Some advise (建议) Jimmy should put up dogs’ (64)照片_______ in the street and look for their owners. Some suggest him calling the to help him?

英汉互译 阅读下面的短文,将划线部分的句子译成汉语或英语。 ―Please draw a picture to show your thanks.‖ said Ms Green.

Most students drew a turkey (火鸡) or other traditional things. But Douglas, a shy boy, drew a different thing. 67. His classmates were surprised at his picture. One child said, ―It must be a farmer’s hand, because farmers keep turkeys.‖ Others guessed it was his father’s hand. 68. , his father had to work day and night for money. take me by the hand to play outside and teach me how to hold a pencil.‖ (拥抱) the little boy.

66. ______________________________________________________

67. ______________________________________________________

68. ______________________________________________________

69. ______________________________________________________

70. ______________________________________________________


A: Hello, Nice to meet you!

B: 71._________________________! How long have you been in Zhuzhou?

A: For half a year.

B: 72._________________________?

A: It is a beautiful city.

B: Why did you come to study here?

A: Because my father got a job here.

B: Oh, 73.________________________?

A: He is a policeman.

B: Cool, I want to be a policeman, too.

74.________________________ ?

A: I want to be a singer.

B: 75.________________________?

A: Because I like singing very much.


根据对话内容,在每个标有题号的空白处填人一个适当的句子,使对话完整、合乎情景。 A: Be quick, Betty. Your uncle is waiting for you at the school gate.

B: My uncle? No, I don't have an uncle.

A: 16 ?

B: He is my grandpa.

A: Really? But he looks so young. 17 ?

B: He is 61.

A: Why is he waiting for you?

B: Today is my grandma's birthday. I will help my grandpa buy some presents for my grandma. A: Did they buy presents for each other in the past?

B: 18 . They usually bought very special presents for each other.

A: 19 ?

B: They got married in 1976.

A: Does your grandpa still work?

B: 20 . He retired (退休) last year.


阅读下面短文,在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺。(每空格限填一词) The World's Highest Waterfall——Angel Falls

The best way to reach the Angel Falls is to take a plane. You can also get there by boat in the rain season. There is no _59_ leading you to the bottom of the Angel Falls. _60_ the Angel Falls, there are rainforests.

The Waterfall is about 150m wide and 979m high. It is the highest waterfall in the world. In 1931, an American explorer called James Crawford Angel died there because of the plane crash. To _61_ him, people called the waterfall the Angel Falls.

You can see the beautiful rainbows and many kinds of nice birds around the Angel Falls. The waterfall is also a famous filming location. The wonderful waterfall in the 3D film Up is just the Angel Falls.

Every year, many people all around the world visit the Angel Falls, but only a few _62_ people can get the full view of the waterfall. _63_ who takes the plane to visit the Angel Falls can get a certificate(证书) printed with “the brave explorer”. Do you want to get one? 句子翻译。将下列句子译成英语。


Listen up, everyone!


These shoes are of good quality. What's more,






Is this wood ________ (干燥的)enough to burn?

I’m so tired that I can (几乎不)stay awake.

The cat was __________(卧)fast asleep by the fire.

Have you given the kids their bus _________(车费)?

45. She _________(掉落〉the plate and it broke into pieces.

46. The Olympic team were given a __________ (英雄般的)welcome on their return home.

47. My grandma is in her __________ (八十多岁),but she can still take care of herself.

48. — How much does it cost?

—I just __________ five dollars for it.

49 — Could you tell me the __________ to the Johnsons, please?

—Sorry, we don’t have a Johnson here in the village.

50. — I often _________ to the song Rainbow. —So do I. It sounds beautiful.


51. 你爸爸穿红白相间的T恤衫,看上去真酷。

52. 我有时怀疑这本书是否值得一读。





请用适当的词完成这篇日记,每个空只能填写一个形式正确、意义相符的单词。 Nov. 26, 2011, Saturday

but to do it.. I often stay up late to finish it and then feel

sometimes I still don’t want to do so much homework. I almost have no free time

for my hobbies,

bad about it.

I am looking forward to a holiday 79_______ homework so that I can relax and have some time for my hobbies. What should I do? I really hope that someone can

give some suggestions. I am sure they will be of great value to me.

71.__________ 72.__________ 73.__________ 74.__________ 75.__________

76.__________ 77.__________ 78.__________ 79.__________ 80.__________


完成句子 根据汉语意思完成句子,每个空格填一个单词。

101. 在周末,我经常和朋友们一起踢足球。

I often ____ ______ with my friends on weekends.

102. 因为离学校很远,所以我不得不乘公交车去上学。

I _____ _______ go to school by bus because my home is far from the school.

103 我多么希望有一天能够得到林丹的亲笔签名。

How I wish to get the _____ ______ Lin Dan one day!

104. 近几年来,济南的西部发生了巨大的变化。

Great changes have _____ _____ in western Jinan in the last few years.

105 伦敦奥运主场馆设计成碗状,其顶部由钢结构支撑。“伦敦碗“象征着盛满希望。 London’s Olympic Stadium is designed to be like a bowl and the roof _____ _____ by a steel frame. “ London Bowl” represents full of hope.



Joanne is an American. She has never been a 66 , but she has a very international life! Every morning for breakfast she drinks a cup of black coffee from Italy a 67 eats some melon from Thailand.

She has a Japanese car and prefers to d 68 to work. In the car, she listens to Austrian music o 69 the radio. If there is a s 70 she knows, she usually sings along with the music.

Joanne is a clothes designer. She really loves her j 71 . She makes coats, using silk. The coats are sold all around the world. She uses a computer in her work and she puts a 72 for her coats on the Internet so that her clothes are sold better.

When she gets home after work, she takes her dog for a walk and then cooks dinner. She likes to cook Chinese food. After dinner, she likes to w 73 Korean films on her DVD player.

On Saturday night, Joanne goes out with her friend Lucy. Usually, t 74 go to an Indian dance class together. After that, they have a French m 75 in a restaurant with Joanne’s boyfriend, Scan. 完成句子



Now, more and more people ________________ shopping online.


After Xiao Yueyue was sent to hospital, many people tried to ________________.


What ________________ is PM2.5?


My teacher told us that _____________if we wanted to be successful.


________________ to improve the safety of school buses.



I wrote my first poem when I was 5 years old. It was (71) f_______ Mother’s Day.

The poem was not my best work, but my mom kept it – just like she kept every other piece of writing and artwork I ever made. She (72) a________ kept my baby clothes and a piece of hair from my first haircut. Sometimes I feel like my mom runs a museum of (73) m_______ life, and she is the only visitor.

But it feels (74) n________ to be loved like that. Who else would care enough to keep all of my terrible drawings and silly poems? Only a (75) m_________.

(76) O________ Mother’s Day when I was little, I used to bring my mom breakfast in bed,

(77) m________ her a card, give her kisses and tell her I loved her. I’d say to her: “You’re the

(78) b________ mom in the whole world!”

I don’t get to see my mother very much these days. Now I live in China, 11,200 km from my parents’ home in the US. I’m too far away to bring my mom breakfast in bed or give her kisses.

(79)B_______ when Mother’s Day comes, I’ll call my mom from China. Over the (80) p________, I’ll tell her I love her. No matter how far away I go, she’s always in my heart.



92. -Whose ____________ (蛋糕) are these?

-They're Jim's.

93. -What are you going t o do at the party tomorrow?

-I'll ____________ (弹奏) the piano.

94. -What’s your favorite season?

- l like ____________ (春天) best. It's a good time to fly kites.

95. - Bill fell off the tree and broke his leg.

-____________ (可怜的) child! He has to stay in bed for long.

96. -Look! The bus is coming.

-Be careful! We can't ____________ (上车) the bus until it stops.


根据下列句中 的汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式,每空一词。把答案写在题后横线上。 You can be in our school 音乐 festival. 56. __________ I want to go 游泳 . 57. __________ Is it an 令人感兴趣的 job? 58. __________ Ronaldo 踢 soccer for his national team when he was seventeen. 59. __________ I agree, but Wei Ming feels 不同地 . 60. __________ 汉译英。把答案写在每小题后的横线上,必须用上所提供的单词或短语。

她长得怎么样?(look like)


现在我不再生我朋友的气了。 (be mad at)

这些袜子多少钱?( how much )

当他到达学校时,他认识到他把背包忘在家了。(had left)



66. He is very smart. He went to university at the a_______ of 15.

67. Never cross the street when the traffic light is r______. Wait until it’s green.

68. It doesn’t look like rain, so you needn’t b_________ your umbrella with you.

69. I miss my family and really feel l________ without any friends in this new city.

70. Where is my watch? I can’t f_________ it.

完成句子 根据所给的汉语内容,用英语完成下列句子。(每空限填一词)

71. 你们彼此用邮件联系吗?

Do you ___________ __________ __________ with each other by e-mail?

72. 看电影时我们既不能大声喧哗也不能吃东西。

We should _________ talk loudly ___________ eat in the theater while watching a movie.

73. 多么美丽而宁静的岛啊!

__________ __________ beautiful and quiet island it is!

74. 上周,怀特先生被邀请做了一个语言学习的讲座。

Last week, Mr. White ___________ ___________ to give a speech on language learning. 75 我不明白他们为何对这位美国歌星如此疯狂。

I can't understand _________ _________ __________ so crazy about this American singing star.



81.Peter, don’t get up so ___________________(迟).

82.David, could you please tell me the ___________________(真实)?

83.Can you ___________________(背诵) the conversation?

84.You can see something ___________________(不同寻常的) in the Science Museum.

85.We should take an active part in ___________________(保护) environment.


your mouth and show your teeth. The healthier those teeth are, the happier you look. Why is that?

It’s because your teeth are important in many . If you take care of them, they’ll help you eat the right food to help you grow. They also help you speak clearly.

a day-after breakfast and before bedtime.

you eat and drink. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink water instead drinks.

86.___________ 87.___________ 88.___________ 89.___________ 90.___________



Robot are not just trying to make robots look like people. For example, there are in factories.These robots look more like huge arms.They do simple jobs over and over again. People would not like to do such jobs and would get bored. But robots will , and humans will have

work to do. New robots will have many different shapes. Some will look like humans, and others might look like snakes. After an earthquake, a snake robot could help look for people . That may not seem possible now, but computers, space rockets and even electric toothbrushes seemed hundred years ago.We never know what will happen in the future.

74. b



A: Hello! Is that Mr. Tang speaking?

B: Yes, speaking.

A: is Wang Hua's father. I’m sorry to tell you that Wang Hua can't go to school today. with him?

A: He fell off his bike his way home after school yesterday

B: I'm sorry to that. Is it serious?

A: He got his leg broken. He has to stay in hospital for a few days. May I ask for a week's leave for him?

B: OK, a week's leave. It doesn't matter. I hope he'll be better soon.

A: .Goodbye!

B: Bye!

根据所给言语句子的意思,将所给的英语句子翻译完整.每空限填一个单词.并在 答题卡上将答案填写在对应题号的横线上.


The question is 1 difficult for us 2 answer.


I’m going to be a singer when I 1 2.

78 你曾经去过过长城吗?

— 1 you ever 2 to the Great Wall?

79 我和他一样高。

He is 1 tall 2 me.

80. 你最好不要单独一人下河游泳.

You'd better 1 2 swim in the river alone.



61. Mike’s parents are b __________ teachers.

62. People will __________ (飞往)to the moon for vacation.

63. You should ___________ (刷) your teeth after meals.

64. Don't __________ (吼)! I can hear you.

65. Mary wanted to buy a __________ (新的)computer.

66. Keep your eyes closed. Don't open them u__________ I tell you to do so.

67. Lucy is thinner than Lily, but Lily is t __________ than Lucy ?

68. M__________ is the fifth month of a year.

69. My favorite season is __________ (夏季)because I can swim in the river behind my house.

70. What are you g__________ to do tomorrow?


David:Excuse me, sir. Could you please tell me the way to the Space Museum?

Man: Sorry, 21 .

David:Thank you all the same.

(Then David goes and asks a woman for help.)

David:Excuse me,could you tell me how I can get to the Space Museum?

Woman: Sure. Go along this street. When you reach the traffic lights, turn left. At the end of the road, you'll see it.

David:It's very kind of you. By the way,72 ?

Woman: No, it is not very far.

David:Can I take a bus to get there?

Woman: 73 .

David:74 ?

Woman:You can take the No. 17 bus.

David: 75 .

Woman: It’s my pleasure.



Last Sunday the Browns went to the park. They got home very late. Father opened the front door and they both went into the house. It was very d 83 so Mother turned on the light. On the way to their bedroom, Mother said, “John, l 84 ! I can hear someone in the bedroom.‖ They stood quietly outside the bedroom door. They could hear some v 85 in the room.

“You’re right,” Father said. “There are two men in it. They are talking.” Then he shouted, “Who is there?” But n 86 answered. Father opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was e 87 . Then Father found something and laughed. The radio was still on! “I f 88 to turn it off this morning,” Father said. Then he turned it off.

83. d________ 84.1________ 85. v________

86. n________ 87. e ________ 88. f________


短文填空 (共12个空,做对一个得1分,共10分)

An eight-year-old child heard her parents talking about her little brother. All she knew was that he was very sick and they had no money. Only a very (66)e operation could save him now but there was no one to lend them the money.

When she (67)h her daddy saying to her tearful mother, "Only a miracle (奇迹) can save him now," the little girl went to her bedroom, took out her money and counted it

(68)c .

She hurried to a drugstore (69)w the money in her hand.

"What do you want?" asked the salesman. "It's for my little brother," the girl answered. "He's really, really (70)s and I want to buy a miracle." "Pardon? " said the salesman.

"My brother Andrew has something bad (71)g inside his head and my daddy says only a miracle can save him. So how much does a miracle cost?" "We don't sell a miracle here, child. I'm sorry," the salesman said with a smile.

"Listen, if it isn't (72)e , I can try and get some more. Just tell me how much it costs."

A well-kind man heard it and (73)a , "What kind of miracle does your brother need?" "An operation!" she answered with her eyes full of (74)t . " But my daddy can't afford it, so I have brought all my money."

"How much do you have?" asked the man. "$1.11, but I will do my (75)b to make more," she answered.

"Well, what a good piece of advice you have!" (76)s the man. "$ 1.11, the price of a miracle for your little brother."

He took up the girl's hand and said, "Would you mind taking me to your house? I want to see your brother and your parents. Let's see if I have the kind of miracle you need."

That well-dressed man was Carlton Armstrong, a (77)f businessman. The operation was successful. And it wasn't long before Andrew was well again.


(Sally在武汉上学,打算暑假和同学一起出去旅游。现在她正在和旅行社联系。) Man: Hello, Sunlight Travel. May I help you?

Sally: (78)___________________. I'd like some information on vacation packages, please. Man: Sure. (79)___________________________?

Sally: Well, I hope to visit some places of interest in Hunan Province.

Man: Well, how about Chairman Mao's Hometown?

Sally: Oh, my Chinese friends have told me that it's really a beautiful village. By the way,


Man: Lei Feng's Hometown is in Hunan, too. It isn't far from Changsha. It's a famous place. Many tourists will visit here this summer vacation.

Sally: (81)_____________________________________?

Man: 800 yuan each person.

Sally: 800 yuan? I think it's a little expensive.

Man: But anybody can afford our prices! Let's make it, shall we?

Sally: Sure. I will call you later. Thank you!

Man: You're welcome!


Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

A: Excuse me. (56) ________________________________?

B: The nearest restaurant is about 8 kilometers from here. You’d better take a bus.

A: Can you tell me the way to the bus stop?

B: Turn right at the second crossing. Keep walking and you’ll see it on your left.

A: (57) ________________________________?

B: About ten minutes’ walk.

A: Thank you very much.

C(waiter): (58) ________________________________?

A: I’d like Beijing Roast Duck and a bottle of beer.

C: OK. Wait a moment.

(After twenty minutes)

C: (59) ________________________________?

A: It is delicious.

C: I’m glad that you like it. Would you like something else?

A: (60) ________________________________. I’m full. May I have the bill?

C: OK.



their friends to join the celebration. The party may not be held on the exact date of their birthday if it comes on a school day. It may be held on the closest weekend instead.

Two kinds of parties are the most is held at home. Parents prepare a s 68 birthday meal for their children. The other is held away from home. It may he at a restaurant, a park, a movie theater or some other places.

There is a birthday candles on that day. Each candle means each year of a birthday boy or girl's age.

parties now. They say they would like to forget their age_




We had to____ ____the sports meeting because of the bad weather;


We shouldn't speak loudly____ ____ .


Which city is____ ____ in China?


I____ ____ my clothes when Lily knocked at the door,


______ he____ I am good at playing football.



A: Good morning, Yuanyuan!

B: Good morning, Ann! What do you think of your life in Harbin?

A: 81 getting used to it except one thing.

B: What’s that?

A: It is so cold here in winter!

B: So it is. What's the weather 82 in your country now?

A: It's very hot. The temperature is above 32°C.

B: I see. The season in Australia is 83 now. It’s just opposite. By the way, we are going to visit Sophia Church tomorrow. Will you go with me?

A: I'd love to. How 84 is it?

B: It's about two kilometers away from here. We can walk there.

A: It's too cold outside. Why 85 go there by bus?

B: All right. Don’t forget to wear more clothes.

A: OK. I will.

81. 82. 83. 84. 85.



69. - 这本书我能借多久?

- 三个星期。你得按时还。

- How long can I ________ the book?

- Three weeks. You must ________ it on time.

70. 你最好再不要上学迟到了。

You’d better not ________ late ________ school again.

71. 昨天早晨李明八点才起床。

Li Ming ________ get up ________ eight o'clock yesterday morning.

72. 他说他不知道王女士将何时前往随州市。

He said he didn't know when Ms Wang was ________ ________ Suizhou City.

73. 麦克和哈里决心要更加努力地学习。

Mike and Harry have ________ up their ________ to study harder.

74. 我宁愿呆在家里看电视剧也不愿到外面踢足球。

I would ________ watch TV plays at home ________ play soccer outside.

75. 老师告诉这个男孩不要在玩游戏上花太多的时间。

The teacher told the boy not to ________ too much time ________ games.



A: Excuse me, 76 ?

B: Yes, there is.

A: How can I get there?

B: 77 and turn left at the third traffic lights. And then you can see a KFC. The Home-in hotel is across from the KFC.

A: 78 ?

B: It’s about 25 minutes’ walk. With so many things, you’d better take a bus.

A: 79 ?

B: You can take a No.6 bus. The bus stop is on the other side of the street.

A: 80 .

B: You are welcome.



Dandong is ________________I’ve ever seen.


My sister is _______________at home alone.


This math problem is ________________that one.


Kate’s father can ________________.


The car _________________in 1885.


_________________a soccer match tomorrow.








76The students often help c__________ up the city parks on weekends.

77My mother was so tired that she fell a__________ when watching TV.

78Henry r__________ likes movies, and he often goes to see Chinese action movies. 79Susan was born in a small v__________ but she works in a big city now.

80Don’t t__________ her any more, She wants to stay alone for a while.

81His sister drinks __________牛奶every day. She says it’s good for her health.

82I’ll go to America for a meeting, so I want to __________订购two tickets online.

83 His favorite sports is basketball, and he is a _________成员of our school basketball team. 84They were very __________兴奋的when they heard the good news.

85Tom went into his house __________通过the window because he left the key in it. 七十三、(2012年南充中考)


66. Your (发音) of the English word is wrong. 66__________

67. Will you please (借) me your car? My family will go for a vacation on May Day. 67_____

68. Do you know my next door (邻居)? He is a pianist. 68__________

69. Liu Xiang runs (快) of all the athletes. 69__________

70. Her English teacher's words have _____ (激励) her a whole life. 70__________


Fishing is my favorite sport. I often fish for hours without c 71 anything. But this does not w 72 me . Some fishermen are unlucky. Instead of catching fish, they catch old shoes and rubbish. I’m even less lucky. 1 never catch anything ...not even old shoes. After having spent whole mornings on the river, I always go home with an e 73 bag. "You must give up fishing!" My friends say, "It's a waste of time . " But they didn't r 74 one important thing. I'm not r 75 interested in fishing. I'm only interested in sitting in a boat doing nothing at all.

71__________ 72__________ 73__________ 74__________ 75__________



66. ---The old man looks very healthy. Does he often exercise?

--- Yes. He ______________________________________ (喜好早晨跑步). (enjoy)

67. ---Did you make progress in science and math last term?

---Yes. But I _____________________________________ (数学没有科学学得好). (as)

69. ---Your schoolbag is very nice. Is it new?

---No. I _________________________________ __ (自从我两年前入校时就买了). (since)

69. ---Who do you want to thank most in the world, Jennifer?

---My mother. I thank her not only for giving birth to me, _________________________ (而且感谢她教我如何做一个诚实的人). (how)

70. ---Is that young lady your art teacher?

---Yes, She is (那样平易近人,我们都把她看作朋友). (that)

71. ---Did she come to meet you today?

---Yes, she did. She _______________________ (不厌其烦地解释先前发生的事). (go)

72. ---Could you tell me ___________ (他期盼参观的机器人是不是用金属做的)? (look) ---Yes, they are.



A: Hello! Welcome to Volunteer (志愿者) Organization. What can I do 81 you? B: I'm ready to do some volunteer work for our city. I' d like to work outdoors.

A: OK. You could 82 pick up rubbish beside the streets.

B: I could do that ! By the 83 , my sister wants to be a volunteer, too. But she doesn ' t like to work outdoors.

A: 84 does she like to do?

B: She likes to play with children.

A: She could visit sick children at the hospital. She could play games with them.

B: That' s a great 85 ! Thanks a lot.

A: You' re welcome.



1.直到最近阅读了一篇医学研究报告,小王才知道他应当远离像汉堡包那样的垃圾食品。 (until; stay away from)


3.玛丽的父亲过去总是很忙,对她怎样学习和生活的关心太少。(used to; so?that)


5.二班学生的姓名和爱好都列在这张表格中,从中你可看出音乐迷占到该班的四分之三。 (list;make up) 七十七、(2012年大庆中考)

Fill in each blank with a proper word with the help of the first letter.

Have you ever tried shopping online? What about talking with strangers through the Internet? Of course, yes. With the d__________ of society, the Internet is playing a more and more important p__________ in our daily life; more and more people especially teenagers show great i_________ in the Internet. If we teenagers are crazy about playing games or c_________ online, it will definitely have had effect o_________ our study and health.

W______ still, it may make us get t__________ of everything except surfing the net. We should s_________ more time reading good books, novels or news reports on the Internet. In a w_________, the Internet makes our life convenient and colorful, but we still should learn the way to make full u_______ of it properly.



True friends are hard to find. Often you thought you could believe in someone, b 1 later he or she may let you down (让你失望).

A true friend is sometimes who will always be there for you. Through good times or b 2 times, they will stand by your side. They will not l 3 you alone when things get difficult. They will accept you without trying to change you. A friend will b 4 new and exciting things into your life and make it richer.

True friends will keep your worst secrets as you will keep t 5 . They will be honest and you can always believe in them. If you talk to someone who you believe in, you don’t have to w 6 about what you may say. We can enjoy this freedom only with friends.

Friendship is a two-way street. To find a true friend and keep the friendship b 7 you, you must do the same thing as well. Be there for your friends when they are in n 8 and share the good times with them. Offer them the same things they give to you. Friendship will break quickly if only one person is giving and p 9 effort into it.

You will find that there is nothing more valuable t 10 having a true friend by your side to share life with, just as someone says, “There is nothing on this earth more to be prize (珍惜) than true friendship”.




music while you are doing your homework.


It is hot in the room. What about ?


movie it is!


At present, the price of houses in big cities than that in small cities.

85.高速路上,英雄吴斌在严重受伤的情况下,为了挽救乘客的生命,他尽了最大努力。 Although Wu Bin was seriously hurt on the expressway, he did what he could



71.He often has some porridge and an _________(鸡蛋)for breakfast.

72.We hope John will _________(赢)first prize in the speech competition.

73.Could you tell me something about your _________(生活)in China?

74.Mother’s Day falls on the second _________(星期天)of May.

75.Look at the photo. The boy standing _________(在??后面)my sister is my brother.

76.The smart boy could count from one to _________(五十)when he was 2 years old.

77.I think food that is bad for you can _________(品尝)good.

78.Selina is going to _________(邀请)her pen pal to her hometown this summer vacation.

79.Speak a little louder, please. I can’t hear you _________(清楚地).

80.It’s _________(危险的)for children to swim alone.

根据下列对话的情景,在每个空白处填上一个适当的单词,使对话的意思连贯、完整。 (Li Lei meets a foreigner in the street. I Lei—A;Foreigner—B)

A:Hello! Nice to meet you.

B:Nice to 81 you, too.

A:Is this your first visit to Beihai?

B:Yes. It is very exciting.

A:What do you 82 of Beihai?

B:It is very beautiful. The people here are friendly and the sea food is delicious.

A:Did you go to the Silver Beach?

B: 83 ,I did. What a nice beach!

A:How 84 are you going to stay here?

B:For three days.

A:Have a good time!

B: 85 a lot.



A: Hello, may I speak to Mary?

B: Sorry, she isn't in. Is that Kate speaking?

A: Yes. 71 ? .

B: This is Mike. 72 ?

A: Fine, thanks. Can I leave a message?

B: Of course. 73 , please. I'll go and get a pen.

(A few minutes later.)

B: OK, please.

A: I'd like to ask her to go to the cinema with me tonight. Will you ask her to call me when she comes back?

B: No problem. 74 ?

A: It's 7830631.

B: OK, bye-bye.

A: 75 .


根据句意及所给汉语意思写出所缺单词。  

6. American men don' t (哭) because it is considered not characteristic of men to do so.

7. It's such a pleasant day! Let's go for a (野餐).  

8. A (勇敢的) boy named Jeremy stopped the school bus when the driver felt ill on April 10th,,2012.  

9. Don't give up (尽管) some of the exam questions are not easy to answer. 

10. We must try our best (无论什么) we do.



Scientist are _______ _______ find out the ways of preventing this disease.


He _______ his daughter _______ an engineer.

8. 替我保留这个座位,好吗?

Keep the seat for me, _______ _______ ?

9. 他已经做了两年多的班长了。

He has been a monitor for _______ _______two years.


Don’t always _______ mad with friends, _______ you' 11 lose them.



Recently people in Guangzhou are trying hard to build the city into a civilized (文明的)one. Most people do very __71__. They are always __72__ to help others. Some help the blind and the old __73__ the road; some pick up the __74__ in the street __75__, there are still some people who are not so civilized. Some draw __76__ the wall; some spit in public. These are __77__ manners and should be __78__. I think people should have good habits, such __79__ waiting in line, __80__ in a low voice in public, and helping the disabled.

Then our cit will become a civilized one.


根据句意、首字母或汉语意思提示补全单词。注意: 须把完整的单词写在答题卡的相应位置

71. For some people, drinking green t____ is good for their health.

72. He is very _____ (幸运的) to be alive after that accident.

73. The twins are going to be singers when they g____ up.

74. —What are you doing this afternoon, Jack?

—I’m going to the library to b_____ some books.

75. Jim is going to work as a ________ (志愿者) in the 2012 London Olympics.



The earth is our homeland. We must look after it. Do you think it’s our duty to 61 the environment? Sure, many famous 62 have started living a green life to set good models (榜样) for us. Some people go to work by bike or 63 foot. Some people often reuse (重复使用) water. For example, 64 they finish washing clothes, they use the water to clean the floor or water flowers. As for students, we can also do things to help. Saving (节约) paper is necessary. Try to make full use of 65 . Don’t throw away the used textbooks but give 66 to your brothers or sisters. And if we don’t want 67 watch TV, turn it 68 in time. On 69 other hand, we 70 plant trees as many as possible.

It’s really important to live a green life, a happier life!


Zhang Min—the monitor Lin Feng—a student

Z: Hi, Lin Feng, I want to have a class party before we leave the Junior Middle School. L: That’s cool.

Z: 76.______________________________?

L: Yes, I will. Linda can also come and help. 77.___________________________?

Z: Hmm?, Let’s have it on June 25. We’ll have a five-day holiday and come back to school on that day for our report cards.

L: 78.______________________________!What can we do at the party?

Z: 79.______________________________.

L: Play party games and have a basketball match? That sounds exciting!

Z: Linda and I can do things for the basketball match. So would you help me with the party games?

L: Sure, 80______________________________. I can’t wait.



76我喜欢在闲暇时间随着音乐跳舞。( dance)

in July spare time.


78你在公共场合冒犯他是不对的。( right)



wearing the school uniforms all year round.



On a hot summer holiday, a little boy decided to go for a swim in the lake behind his house. He 66. j______into the water, not realizing a crocodile was swimming 67. t____him. In the house, his mother was looking out of the window. She saw the animal getting closer and closer to 68. h____son. She ran to the water, shouting as 69. l______as possible to her son.

Hearing her 70. v_____, the little made a U-tum to his mother. It was too 71. l____. The crocodile reached him just 72. a_____the boy reached his mother. The mother held her little boy by her arm as the crocodile bit his legs. The crocodile was much stronger 73. t_____the mother. But the mother would never give up. Luckily, a farmer happened to drive by, heard their calling for 74. h___, and shot the animal. The little boy was 75. s________.

After that, the little boy said to the reporter, “I love my mum; she never let me go when I was in danger.”



81. Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in _________(六月).

82. In western restaurants, people use _________(刀), fork and spoons to eat.

83. I often go for a walk in a park. The park is _________(介于两者之间)the hotel and the museum.

84. The great dancer named Zhuo Jun from Guangxi was _________(幸运的)to get the first prize of China’s Got Talent(中国达人秀).

85. My aunt lives on the _________(第五)floor of the tall building.

86. The little baby has _________(睡觉)for about three hours.

87. Mike _________(真正的)likes documentaries. He thinks they are helpful.

88. My mother was cooking dinner in the _________(厨房)while I was drawing a picture at this time yesterday.

89. Mr. Miller and his wife will _________(到达)in Sanya in two days.

90. Jenny, you have kept my model plane for two weeks. Would you mind _________(归还)it to me right now?



A:Look! 16_____? (你认为这是谁的背包)

B:I don’t know. Look, here’s a school T-shirt.

A:Well then, the person must go to our school. Oh! Here is a hair band, 17_____.(所以这个人不可能是男孩)

B:It could be Yang Mei’s hair band. She has long hair.

A:Or the hair band might belong to Cindy. 18_____? (她去野炊了,是吗)

B:Yes, she was. But then the backpack could belong to Lisa. 19______ (她总是丢三落四) A:Oh, look! Tennis balls.

B:Then it must be Cindy’s backpack. She has long hair and she’s on the tennis team. A:Yes, 20_____! (没错)


Complete the dialogue with proper words or sentences.

A: Excuse me, sir.

B: Yes?


B: The post office? Oh, go down the street and turn right at the first turning. It's just on your right. 52_______________________________________.

A: Thank you. 53_______________________________________________

B: No, it's only about ten minutes' walk.

A: Thank you. By the way, is there a bank near here?

B: Yes, just opposite the post office.

A: Do you mean the bank is opposite the post office?

B: Right.

A: Can I have my money changed there?

B: 54____________________________________________.

A: I see. Thanks a lot.




It was Mary's birthday. She received a l 71 from her uncle. "Dear Mary."

he w 72 . "Happy Birthday. I’m sending you some chickens. They will arrive tomorrow. I hope you'll like them. Uncle Toby. "

Mary was very e 73 . She liked eating eggs and chicken. "I can f 74 the chickens for their eggs or eat them. " she thought.

When the chickens arrived the next day, they were put in a box. Mary was very happy. She took the box o 75 the truck and began to carry it into her garden, but the box of chickens was so heavy that she d 76 it.

The box fell onto the g 77 and broke. The chickens all ran out. They ran here and there. It took Mary hours to try to find them.

A few days liner her uncle came. He asked. "Did the chickens arrive s 78 ?" "Yes. but I broke the box. It was o 79 and the chickens ran everywhere. It took me the whole morning, to look for them. "Mary said.

"Did you find them all?" asked her uncle. "I hope so. " Mary answered. "But I only caught eleven of them " "That's very interesting. I only sent you six. " her uncle 1 80 .

71.I 72. w 73. e 74. f 75. o

76. d 77. g 78. s 79. o 80.l



66. 我经常帮助妈妈收拾房间。

I often help my mum to _____________ _____________ the room.

67. 2010年以来,这个地区发生了很大的变化。

Great changes have ___________ ___________ in this area since 2010.

68. 他们正在建一条隧道,它将穿过这座山。

They are building a tunnel, and it will _________ _________ the mountain.

69. 他现在不在办公室。

He isn’t in the office _____ _____.

70. 我想下个星期顺便看望一下吉尔。

I think I’ll _______ __________ on Jill next week.


(Betty is talking with her friend Daming on the phone.)

Daming: Hello, this is Daming. Who’s that?

Betty: This is Betty. I want to visit your hometown—Tianjin. Can you give me some suggestions? Daming: 71 . What do you want to know?

Betty: 72 ?

Daming: Yes, you are right. it’s usually very hot in summer.

Betty: 73 ?

Daming: I think you’d better come in October.

Betty: 74 ?

Daming: Because the weather starts go get cooler and the trees start to change colour.

Betty: 75 ?

Daming: You can visit many places of interest here, such as Tianjin Ancient Culture Street and you can also try some traditional Chinese food.

Betty: I’m looking forward to visiting Tianjin. Thank you for your suggestions. Bye-bye. Daming: Bye-bye. I hope to see you soon.

根据短文内容及首字母提示,填写所缺单词,使短文意思完整。每空限填一词。 Parents sometimes learn much from their children.

Many years ago, a 81 my friend David worked day and night, he was still not rich. One day, when he arrived h 82 after work, he found his 3-year-old daughter was decorating a box with some expensive wrapping paper. He thought she was w 83 money and became angry with her. He even p 84 his daughter by beating her. However, the little girl brought the box to her father the next morning and said, “This is for you, Daddy. Merry Christmas!” He was embarrassed (尴尬) by his overreaction (过激反应), but he became angry a 85 when he found the box was empty.

He shouted at her, “Don’t you know that when you give someone a present, there should be s 86 inside it?”

The little girl looked up at him with t 87 in her eyes and said, “Oh, Daddy. I blew kisses in the box. I filled it with my l 88 . All for you, Daddy.”

The father was very surprised. He put his arms around his little girl, and said s 89 to her. Later, David told me that he kept that box by his bed for years. When he was discouraged (情绪低落), he would take out an imaginary (想像的) kiss from the box and r 90 the love of the child. 九十三、(2012年自贡中考)



Trees can stop the from away the sand.


It only the firefighters twenty minutes to out the fire.


You can learn it by yourselves, and with your own ideas.


The lights should be before leaving, or it is a waste of money.


I can’t decide to go to the party not.



1. Now the students have no lessons on S__________ and Sunday.

2. It’s cold in Australia in July. People there wear w_______ clothes.

3. Hangzhou has lots of wonderful s__________. West Lake is just one of them.

4. Ann kept s_________ all day because his little brother broke her toy bear.

5. Bob is six feet in __________(身高)

6. It’s good manners to keep your _________(声音) down in public.

7. My parents usually __________(花费) lots of money on books.

8. —— What’s your biggest _________(问题)?

—— I don’t have enough time to sleep.




In _____________ , many parents often set aside some time to _________________ to museums.


We can't only _____________ ourselves and never ________________ others

18.“素食星期一”建议人们每周至少有一天不吃肉,这样我们可以更好地保持健康。 “Meatless Mondays" advises people ______________ at least one day each week, so we can ___________ in a better way.


Traffic safety is very important. We should ______________ when ____________________.


Mike, you should do more outdoor activities ____________________ all day.


阅读下面的短文,然后根据所给汉语或英语首字母提示写出所缺英语单词的正确形式。 Class 10 had a good (61) t______ on the school trip. They went to Blue Water Aquarium for

the day. First they watched a movie about sharks. Then they watched a dolphin (62) 表演______. After lunch, they went to the Gift Shop and bought lots of gifts. Finally, (63)疲倦的______ but happy, they took the bus back to school. At the (64) e______ of the day, the science teacher was very happy because the class monitor (65)打扫_______ the bus after the trip.

完成对话 (根据实际情况回答)

L=Lisa Y=You

L: Today is Father’s Day. I love my father very much.

Y:Me, too.

L: How old is your father?

Y: 66.______________________________.

L: Well, what is your father?

Y: 67.______________________________.

L: By the way, I have bought a scarf for my father, what about you?

Y: 68. _______________________________.\

L: What colour is it?

Y: 69. _______________________________.

L: Um, does he like it?

Y: 70. ______________________________.

L: OK. Let’s go home and say “Happy Father’s Day”.


I have a healthy lifestyle. (71) 我每天六点起床,then I exercise. My eating habbits are

pretty good. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruit every day. (72)我从来不喝咖啡。(73)Of course, I love junk food too, and I eat it two or three times a week. Oh, and (74)I sleep nine hours every night. So you see, I look after my health. And my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.

(75) Good food and exercise help me to study better.



76. Our classroom is ____________ (大的) and bright.

77. My father was born in a small ____________ (村庄).

78. I've lived in Liuzhou for ____________ (十) years.

79. Speak louder so that I can hear you c____________.

80. Time waits for no one. Please t____________ every moment you have.



_____________________ three people in my family.


I _____________________ at 9:30 every night.


Humans should _____________________ animals.


A lot of good advice _____________________ on how to protect students.


Because of the heavy rain, they _____________________ football.



76. I am going to have a ______(蛋糕) for lunch.

77. There is a ______(钢笔) in the box.

78. Jim was ______(幸运的) to get a chance to study in America.

79. It’s hard to i ______ living in a place where there is no water.

80. As her bike is still here, I don’t s______ she has left.

句子翻译 根据中文意思完成句子。请将答案写在答题卡对应的横线上,每空词数不限。

96. 请问现在几点了?

Excuse me,______ is it now?

97. 同学们,请看黑板。

Boys and girls,______ the blackboard, please.

98. 李梅是个诚实的女孩。

Li Mei is _____ girl.

99. 每个人都应该做些有助于保护地球自然环境的事。

Everyone should do something to help protect the Earth’s ______.


The boat ______ is broken needs repairing.



76. My sister likes (鱼肉)very much.

77. Woman’s day is in (三月).

78. I hope to hear from you (不久).

79. Miss Wang was (生气的)for my bad job.

80. In summer it’s very (热的) in China.

81. January is the f month of the year.

82. Hurry up, or you will m the early bus.

83. I mustn’t eat too much. I’m trying to r weight.

84. -- Which do you like better, swimming or skating?

-- N of them. I like running.

85. -- All the students went home e Daming. Why?

-- Because he had to clean the classroom.

一百 (2008年柳州英语中考)


76.Today is cold and (有风的). 76.

77.Many students like this kind of (音乐). 77.

78. (每一个)of us was interested in his speech. 78.

79.Could you (解释)the word to me? 79.

80.He will come back i a short time. 80.

81.No one likes the new film. It is not a s one. 81.

82.I want to write a letter to Tom but I forget his a . 82.

83.They love school life but h doing their homework. 83.

84.I know nothing about the place because I’ve n been there. 84.

85.—When is the shop open?

—The b time of the shop is from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. 85.


一、1. fell解析:根据句意―当一个苹果落到他头上‖,注意fall的过去式fell的书写。

2. hotter/humid解析:根据than用形容词‖热的,潮湿的‖的比较级。

3. ride解析:固定词组ride bikes―骑自行车‖,又根据twice a month用一般现在时。

4. itself解析:固定词组live by oneself―独立生活‖。

5. clearly解析:根据句意―我不能看清楚单词‖,修饰动词故用副词形式。

二、1. car解析:根据句意字母c开头的交通工具是car。

2. four解析:常识---一年有四季。

3. mine解析:根据句意字母m开头的名词性物主代词是mine。

4. sweep解析:习惯词组sweep the floor―扫地‖。

5. paid

7. shy

8. soft

9. hardly解析:注意hardly表示否定。

10. influenced解析:根据空后的介词by短语,用过去分词。

三、1. Festivals解析:注意单词的拼写和复数形式。

2. dead解析:习惯用法find sb.+形容词―发现某人---‖的被动结构形式。

3. building解析:固定词组be busy doing sth.―忙于做某事‖。

4. destroyed解析:注意单词的拼写和时态。

5. carelessly解析:副词形式作状语修饰动词。

51. either 52. weight 53. protecting 54. because 55.often

四、1. voice解析:注意拼写。

2. winner

3. lucky解析:注意用形容词构成系表结构。

4. became解析:根据并列谓语,动词用过去式。

5. teeth

6. spends解析:注意动词的第三人称单数形式。

7. crowded解析:根据下文的的提示可知―拥挤的‖。

8. inviting解析:介词后的动词要加-ing形式。

9. boring解析:根据上句―不喜欢看肥皂剧‖可知―无聊‖。

五、1.gift/ present

2. polite

3. joined解析:根据上句,注意时态。

4. skills解析:注意名词复数形式。

5. paper

六、1. begin 解析:根据答语可知―开始‖。

2. Fill 解析:固定词组fill in the blanks‖填空‖。

3. across 解析:根据句意知用介词―穿过‖。

4. dirty 解析:根据下句―你最好洗一下‖可知。 解析:固定词组pay for―支付‖,根据并列谓语,注意用动词的过去分词。 6. bag/schoolbag

5. born 解析:固定词组be born―出生‖。

6. future 解析:固定词组in the future―在将来‖。

7. camera 解析:注意拼写。

8. present 解析:生日礼物。

9. drunk 解析:过去分词与have构成现在完成时。

10. mistakes解析:根据上一句―他拼写很差‖。

七、1. except解析:注意拼写。

2. secrets解析:注意拼写和名词复数形式。

3. discuss解析:小分词to后跟动词原形,注意拼写。

4. stressed / nervous解析:注意拼写。

5. parents’ 解析:注意名词复数的所有个形式拼写。

八、1. story

2. fly

3. him解析:人称代词在动词后用其宾格形式。

4. fresh

5. spirit(s) 解析:注意拼写。


76. long, take 77. If, will 78. so, herself 79. crying, news 80. sleep, hours 十、1. helpful

2. imagine解析:注意拼写。

3. experiment解析:注意拼写。

4. patient解析:注意拼写。

5. oceans解析:注意拼写和名词复数形式。

十一、1. yours解析:名词性物主代词。

2. singing解析:习惯用法hear sb. doing sth.―听见某人在做某事‖。

3. minutes解析:注意名词复数形式。

4. danger

5. without

十二、1. third

2. trees解析:根据空前的flowers注意用复数形式。

3. bike/bicycle

4. clean

5. welcome

6. cool

7. meet

8. short

9. visit

10. river

十三、1. beautiful解析:根据句意―欣赏哪儿美丽的风景‖。

2. less解析:根据句意―多吃蔬菜,少吃肉‖。

3. luckily解析:修饰整个句子作状语用副词形式。

4. Thursday解析:注意首字母大写。

5. seasons解析:注意单词复数形式。

十四、1. height

2. June解析:注意月份的第一个字母大写。

3. punished解析:注意过去分词的拼写。

4. useful

5. during

46. meet 47. ago 48. address 49.memory/mind 50. letter

51. husband 52. turned 53. frightened 54. immediately 55. Everything

十五、1. loudly 解析:根据下文的―婴儿在睡觉‖可知不要大声说话。

2. popular 解析:固定词组be popular with―受---喜爱的‖。

3. conversation解析:注意单词拼写。

4. imagine解析:注意单词拼写。

5. repaired解析:固定用法have sth. done―让某事被做‖。

十六、1. active

2. risk(s)

3. promise

4. thirtieth解析:注意拼写。

1.put 2.squares 3.hit 4.model 5.invented 6.understand 7.turned 8.cultural

9.lost 10.solve

1.will be in use/service

2. wise of you to give up 3. twenty minutes earlier than usual 4. make such silly mistakes/ a silly mistake any more 5. seemed to (be) spread faster /more quickly 6. she realized what she (had) really wanted


1. theirs 解析:根据主语our school,为避免重复用名词性物主代词。

2. doubts 解析:注意动词的第三人称单数形式。

3. twentieth 解析:注意拼写。

4. against 解析:注意是介词形式。

5. explaining 解析:固定词组spend ---doing sth.‖花时间做某事‖。

6. teeth 解析:注意名词的复数形式。

7. nodded 解析:注意双写最后一个辅音字母再加-ed。

8. sunny 解析:根据其后是名词,故用形容词作定语。

9. simply 解析:副词形式作状语修饰动词。

10. further解析:表示抽象的―更远‖,far的比较级是further。

十八、1. grows up解析:注意动词的第三人称单数形式。

2. looking forward to解析:因此句是现在进行时,注意动词加-ing形式。

3. be put away解析:注意被动结构构成形式。

4. working out解析:习惯用法have difficulty doing sth.―做某事遇到困难‖。

5. in the future / in future解析:固定词组。

十九、1. shares. 解析:要注意句子主语是第三人称单数she,故所填动词要用第三人称单数形式。

2. popular.

3. better.

4. sorry. 解析:固定用法say sorry to sb. ―对某人说道歉‖。

5. book

6. many 解析:根据下文such as swimming, rowing and hiking可知是―许多‖。

7. forget 解析:根据句意可知是―他将永不会忘记---‖。

8. healthy 解析:固定用法―保持健康‖keep healthy。

10. herself 解析:根据she不能照顾自己,故用反身代词herself。

二十、1. April解析:愚人节在四月,故填April。

2. twice解析:根据下句a third time可知。

3. hers解析:根据上句知用she的名词性物主代词形式。

4. cross解析:根据句意―过街道以前‖。

5. without解析:根据句意―没有父母的帮助‖。

6. healthy / strong解析:根据句意―远离不健康食物以保持身体健康‖。

7. missed解析:根据句意―睡过头了,故耽误了校车‖。

8. attention解析:固定词组pay attention to―注意‖。

二十一、1. Monday解析:注意星期每一天首字母大写。

2. library解析:注意拼写。

3. good解析:固定用法be good at。

4. capital解析:注意拼写。

5. ninth解析:注意拼写,―第九‖是nine去掉e加th。

6. active解析:注意拼写。

7. everywhere解析:注意拼写。

8. herself 解析:与主语Lucy相一致。

9. smart / clever解析:注意拼写。

10. point解析:固定用法―指着‖point at。

二十二、1. teeth

2. married解析:固定词组be married―结婚‖。

3. running解析:固定用法practice doing sth.―训练做某事‖。

4. successful解析:形容词修饰名词作定语。

5. differently解析:副词形式修饰动词短语answered the question作状语。

6. written解析:注意被动形式。

二十三、1. enough解析:根据句意―足够勇敢‖。

2. improved解析:现在完成时。

3. until解析:固定用法not ---until--- ―直到---才---‖。

4. spending解析:固定词组spend ---on ---―在---花---‖。

5. vehicles解析:


71 So far 72 laugh at 73 good chance 74 piano music 75 plastic bowls 二十五、1. rice 解析:rice―米‖不可数名词。

2. bank

3. angry

4. decorate解析:注意单词拼写。

5. send up 解析:固定词组。

二十六、1. hobby 9. rapidly解析:根据句意知是―迅速地‖,修饰动词用副词形式rapidly。


3. borrow

4.stamps 解析:注意名词的复数形式。

5. come true 解析:固定词组。

二十七、1. red

2. easy解析:习惯用法find it +形容词+to do sth.―发现做某事---‖。

3. fashion解析:注意单词拼写。

4. several解析:注意单词拼写。

5. raise解析:习惯用法raise money―筹集钱‖。

6. controlled 解析:根据by 用被动语态。

7. proud解析:系表结构用形容词。

8. frightened解析:注意单词拼写。

9. yourself解析:根据空后的AUNT Amy一人可知。

10. dishonest解析:根据空后的―没人相信他‖可知―不诚实‖。

11. importance解析:名词形式―湿地的重要性‖。

12. including解析:动词ing形式表示伴随的动作。

13. development解析:名词形式做主语。

14. actively解析:副词形式修饰动词preparing作状语。

15. height解析:in height―高度上‖。

二十八、1. spring

2. job/career

3. capital

4. helpful

5. immediately 解析:副词作状语修饰动词,注意拼写。

6. sleepy解析:困倦的。

7. reach解析:同义词―到达‖。

二十九、1. passengers/people/persons解析:根据句意―公共汽车上有许多的人‖。

2. quickly解析:根据空后的to catch their meaning.可知―太快‖。

3. fifth解析:根据句意―周五是一周的第五天‖。

4. fresh解析:根据句意―出去呼吸新鲜空气‖。

5. except解析:根据句意―除了我‖。

6. culture

7. develop

8. favorite/favourite

9. accepted解析:注意被动语态用动词的过去分词。

10. delicious

三十、1. spent

2. joy

3. waste

4. traditional

5. graduation










10.hundreds解析:固定词组hundreds of―数百的‖。

三十二、1. July解析:主语月份的首字母要大写。

2. west

3. arrived / got / reached解析:当arrive/get 表示―到达‖时,在there前面不加介词。

4. choose

5. chairs

6. interesting / fun

7. afternoon

8. classroom/ classrooms

9. thanked解析:和其前的过去分词seen构成并列谓语。

10. hear

三十三、1. six

2. soon

3. bring

4. small

5. basketball

6. boxes解析:―十盒子的---‖注意名词复数形式。

7. teeth解析:注意名词复数形式。

8. painting / drawing解析:习惯用法like / enjoy doing sth―喜欢做某事‖。

9. milk

10. under

三十四、1. star

2. world

3. best

4. actors解析:和空后的actresses并列,故用名词的复数形式。

5. think

6. really

7. all

8. same

9. after

10. build


71. teacher 72. hospital 73. reporter 74. magazine 75. job 76. Exercise


56. favorite subject 57. do some reading/ do the reading /read a book/ read (some) books

58.ourselves 59. far (away) from 60. after school /when school is over .








7. easily 解析:根据上文的The underground is fast and convenient可知―更容易‖。 children 解析:根据空后的under the age of 12可知―儿童‖。 plan 解析:根据下文的take some time to think about the places you want to visit.可知famous 解析:根据句意―伦敦的黑出租是很著名的‖。 boat 解析:根据The "river bus"可知是―乘船‖。 expensive 解析:根据句意―停车场是很贵的‖。 riding解析:根据空前的Cycling with a large guided group is better than---可知―计划‖。 riding 。


69. I am sorry 70. like reading 71. get along/on well with 72.was so wonderful that 73. It’s difficult for them to come up with


56. others 58. artist 59. travel 60. decide

61. bad 62. really 63. things 64. but 65. every


62. have(already) grown up解析:注意时态。

63. paid more attention to 解析:注意比较级的用法。

64. to fall asleep解析:习惯用法―make it sb. adj. to do sth.‖。 65. is/ will be taken care of解析:注意被动语态。


81. In fact 82. depend on 83. even though 84. came true 85. proud of

111. My grandfather is used to getting up early, 112. Hurry up, or you'll be late.

113. We were preparing for the exam(s) (at) this time last week. 114. She didn't leave her school until she worked out the problem.


76. drawing解析根据下文的putting them up on his walls可知―绘画‖而且表示伴随动作。

77. studied解析根据下文的Throughout law school可知。 78. calling解析根据句意―---都叫他---‖注意start doing sth.。 79. donated解析根据句意―他曾捐赠国旗搞展览‖。 80. write解析根据下文的He has published three books about flags可知。 81. hear解析固定词组hear from sb.―收到某人的来信‖。 82. books解析根据句意―看到他的书在全世界的书店里‖。 83. reached解析根据句意―他的爱好达到了一个新的水平‖。 84. flag解析根据句意―设计它的国旗‖。 85. like解析like在此处做介词―像---一样‖。


71 asks not 72 for well 73 spend exercise 74 soon arrive 75 drive drinking


56What is it? 57 what about 58 go for a picnic 59 where shall we go 60 what’s the weather like 四十五、(2012年河南中考)

76. What’s wrong (with you) What’s the matter (with you) What happened to you What’s up … 77. When did you lose it When did you last see it When did it

happen … 78. … … 79. What shall/should/can I do What are your suggests …

80. Where is it Where is Lost and Found Where can I find it


46. second 47. voice 48. writing 49. without 50. Arrived


78. how 79. but 80. possible 81. without 82. them 83. long 84. read 85. traveling 四十八、(2012年潍坊中考)

1. We don?t know how to look after ourselves.

2. In my opinion, there is too much fighting in this movie.

3. Someday books will be replaced by computers.

4. Dr. Bethune gave his life to help the Chinese people.


76. miss / remember 77. western 78. map 79. over 80. boring 91. took off

92. from; to 93. who / that lost 94. write; down 95. ready / happy / glad; to

96. How many 97. or 98. the tickets 99. happens 100. Here you are 五十、(2012年株洲中考)

60-65 care, buy, enough, hates/dislikes, photo(s)/picture(s), idea(s)


67.He only drew a /one hand.\ He drew only a/one hand.

68.Because/As his family was very poor.

69. 格林老师(小姐)问小男孩那是谁的手。

70.那个男孩在向老师表达他的感谢。71. Nice to meet you, (too)

72. How is Zhuzhou\What do you think of Zhuzhou\How do you like Zhuzhou

73.What does your father do\What is your father

74. How about you\And you\What do you want to be

75. Why do you want to be a singer \Why


16. (Then) Who is he? 17. How old is he? 18. Yes, they did.

19. When did they get married? 20. No, he doesn't.


59-63 road/way/path Around remember lucky Anyone


69.You mustn't/shouldn't make any noise in the museum./ You are not allowed to talk loudly in the museum.

70.they are not very expensive./they don't cost much./they are cheaper. 71.Five years is needed to finish the work./It may take five years to finish the task/project.

72.Can you tell me which book you like best?/ I wonder which book is

your favorite?/ Tell me something about the best book you like.

73.Everyone was asked/told to write a diary yesterday./ Our teacher asked/told us to write a diary yesterday. (说明:其它符合题意的答案均可酌情赋分)


41. dry 42. hardly 43. lying 44. fares 45. dropped

46. Hero’s47. eighties 48. paid 49. way 50. listen

51. Your father looks cool in red and white T-shirt.

52. I sometimes doubt whether this book is worth reading.

53. There is less air pollution in Suzhou than in other cities of China.

54. Many accidents are caused by careless driving.

55. If you compare her homework with his, you’ll find hers is much better.


71. a 72. know 73. homework/schoolwork/work 74. tired/sleepy

75. Though/Although 76. hand 77. such 78. more 79. without 80. me


101. play soccer/football 102. have to 103. autograph of 104. taken place 105. is supported 五十六、(2012年佛山中考)

66. abroad 67. and 68. drive 69. on 70. song 71. job 72. advertisements / ads 73. watch

74. they 73. meal 76. are / become interested in 77. save her life / save her 78. on earth

79. we should work / study hard 80. It’s important / It was important


71. for 72. also 73. my 74. nice 75. mother

76. On 77. make 78. best 79. But 80. phone


92. cakes 93. play 94. spring 95. poor 96. get on


56 music 57 swimming 58 interesting 59 played 60 different

What does she look like?

He takes the train to school every day.

Now I am not mad at my friend any more.

How much are the socks?

When he got to school, he realized he had left his backpack at home.


66 age 67 red 68 bring 69 lonely 70 find

71 keep in touch 72 neither...nor/ not ...or 73 What a 74 was invited 75 Why they are 六十一、(2012年广安中考)

A.81. late 82. truth 83. recite 84. unusual 85. protecting

B.86. open 87. ways 88. teeth 89. twice 90. what


70. scientists 71. working 72. everywhere

73. less 74. buildings 75. impossible


71. This 72. wrong 73. hear 74. Thank you76. too; to 77. grow up 78. been 79. as; as 80. not go 六十四、(2012年毕节中考)

Both fly brush shout new until taller March summer going

I'm new here.

Is it far from here?

Yes, you can.

Which bus should/shall/cam I take?

Thank you very much/a lot.


83. dark 84. listen 85. voices 86. nobody 87. empty 88. forgot


66.expensive 67.heard 68.carefully 69.with 70.sick 71.growing 72.enough 73.asked

74.tears 75. best 76.smiled/said 77. famous/friendly

78. I hope so ./Sure./ Of course./ Yes./ Certainly.

79. What kind of vacation are you looking for?/Where (Which place) would (do) you like to visit?/ Where are you going to visit?

80. where is Lei Feng's Hometown?/ what (how) about Lei Feng's Hometown?/ anywhere else?

81. How much is that (the trip)? /How much does that(the trip) cost?/ How much?/ What's the price?


56. Could you tell me where the nearest restaurant is?/Which is the way to the nearest

restaurant?/Where is the nearest restaurant?/Can you tell me how to get to the nearest restaurant ?/Can you tell me how I can get to the nearest restaurant?

57. How far is it from here?/How far is it?/How far?

58. What would you like (to eat/ have)?/What can I do for you?/Can I help you?/May I take your order?

59. How do you like the food?/What do you think of the food?

60. No, thanks./No, thank you./No, thanks a lot./No, thank you very much.


invite popular special cake fact

put off in public the biggest was washing Neither nor


81. I’m 82. like 83. summer 84. far 85. Not


71. didn't; until 72. leaving for 73. made; minds 74. rather; than 75. spend; playing 七十一、(2012年丹东中考)

76. Is there a Home-in hotel near here/around here/in the neighborhood?

77. Walk/Go(straight) along/down/up the street/road

78. How far is it(from here)?

79. Which bus can /shall I take?

80. Thank you./Thanks a lot./ Many thanks.

101. one of the most beautiful cities

102. too young to stay/so young that she can’t stay /not old enough to stay

103. as hard/ difficult as

104. neither swim nor skate

105. was invented

106. There will be/There is going to be

107. This book belongs to me.

108. He gets on /along well with his parents./He is getting on/along well with his parents. 109. What does the song remind you of?

110. I used to have short hair.

111. Sunny days make me happy/pleased./A sunny day makes me happy/pleased.


76clean 77asleep 78really 79village 80trouble 81milk 82order 83member 84excited 85through


66 pronunciation 67 lend 68. neighbor 69.fastest 70.encouraged

71.catching 72.worry 73.empty 74.remember 75.really


66. enjoys running in the morning (every morning)

67. didn't do as (so) well in math as in science (didn’t learn/study math as well as science; wasn't as good at math as at science)

68. have had(kept) it since I entered(came/went into) the school two years ago

69. but (also) for teaching me how to be an honest person

70. so easy to get along(on) with that we have(regard) her as our friend

71. went out of her way to explain what had happened(before)

72. if (whether) the robots he is looking forward to visiting are made of (from/cut of) metal 七十五、(2012年南宁中考)

81.for 82. help 83. way 84. What 85. Idea


1.Xiao Wang didn’t know (that) he should stay away from the junk food like hamburgers until he read a medical research report recently.

2. Last term/ semester, Tom gave me a special suggestion( a piece of specific advice) on/ about how to improve the quality of English writing, but it didn’t help.

3. Mary’s father used to be so busy that he cared little about how she studied and lived.

4. Li Fang enjoys/likes the comp any of all her classmates and never stays in a small circle of only a few good friends.

5. The names and hobbies of students in Class Two are listed in the form, from which/ and from it you can see/ find that the music fans makeup three quarters of the class.


development part interest chatting on worse tired spend word use


1. but 2.bad 3.leave 4.bring 5.theirs 6.worry 7.between 8.need 9.putting 10.than


81. Don't listen to

82. opening the window(s)

83. What an interesting/What a funny/

84. is higher

85. to save the(/his) passengers' lives


71.eggs 72.win 73.life74.Sunday75.behind




71. Who's that / this / speaking 72. How are you (doing) 73. Hold on / Hold the line/Just a moment

74. What's your phone number 75. Bye-bye / See you / Bye / Good-bye / See you later


6.cry 7.picnic 8.bravey 9.though 10.whatever

6. trying to 7. married to 8. will/won’t you 9. more than 10.be or


71. well 72. ready 73. people 74. rubbish 75. corner 76. on 77. bad 78. stopped 79. as 80. Speak


tea lucky grow borrow volunteer


61. protect 62.people/persons 63. on 64. when/after65. it/ paper /that

66. them 67. to68. off69. the 70. shall/should/can/could/need/will/must

76. Will you come?/Will you come and help me?/Will you help me(organize it)?

77. When shall/will we have the party?

78. Good idea./Ok./All right./That’s good./Great/Wonderful.

79. We can play party games and (then) have a basketball match.

80. I’d like/love to/That’s no problem./I can do that./I’ll do that./I’m glad to do that.


76 dancing/to dance to music 77 gave /offered me a ride

78 It’s/It was not right 79 by the time 80 are/were against


66. jumped 67. towards 68. her 69. hardly 70. voice 71. late 72. as 73. than 74.help 75. saved


81.June 82.knives 83.between 84.lucky 85.fifth

86.slept 87.really 88.kitchen 89.arrive 90.returning


16. Whose backpack do you think this is 17. so the person can’t be a boy. 18. She was at the picnic, wasn’t she 19. She’s always forgetting things 20. you’re right


51. Could you please tell me where the post office is/Could you tell me the way to the post office/Could you tell me which is the way to the post office/Could you tell me how I can get to the post office/Could you tell me how to get to the post office/Which is the way to the (nearest) post office/Where is the (nearest) post office/Is there a post office near

here/How can I get to the (nearest) post office

52. You can't miss it. You can find it (easily)

53. Is it far (from here)/Do I need to take a bus there

54. Yes/Of course/Certainly/Sure

55. My pleasure/It's a pleasure/Not at all/You're welcome/That's OK/That's all right.


71.letter72.wrote73.excited 74.feed 75.off 76.dropped 77. ground 78. safely 79. open 80. laughed 九十二、(2012年天津中考)

66. tidy up 67. taken place 68. go through 69. right now 70. drop in

71. Yes, I can / Certainly / Of course / Sure

72. Is it very hot in summer

73. When is the best time to visit Tianjin / When shall I visit Tianjin

74. Why do you think so

75. What can I do there

81. although 82. home 83. wasting 84. punished 85. again

86. something 87. tears 88. love 89. sorry 90. remember


86. wind; blowing 87. took; put 88. easily; experiment 89. turned; off 90. whether; or


1.Saturday 2. warm 3. scenery4. silent 5. height 6. voice 7. spend 8. problem


16. western countries, take their children 17. think of, care about 18.

don’t eat meat, keep healthy 19. be careful, we walk cross it 20. instead of chatting online


61. time 62. show 63. tired 64.end 65. clean

66. He is forty years old. 67. He is a teacher. 68. I bought a coat for my father.

69.It is black. 70. Yes, he does.

71. I get up at six every morning. 72. I never drink coffee. 73. 当然, 我也喜欢垃 圾食品。 74. 我没晚睡9个小时。 75. 好的食物和锻炼能帮助我学习更好。


A. 76. big/large 77. village 78. ten 79. clearly 80. treasure91. There are

92. go to bed 93. get on well with 94. has (already) been given 95. stopped playing 九十八、(2011年柳州中考)

76. cake 77. pen 78.lucky 79. imagine 80.surprise

96. What time 97. look at 98. an honest 99 natural environment/ surrounding 100 Whose bottom 九十九、(2009年柳州中考)

fish March soon angry hot first miss reduce Neither except


windy music Each explain in scary address hate never business












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