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unit 5 It must belong to Carla. period 1

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Unit 5
Period One
Section A(1a-1c)

It must belong to Carla.

(一)Teaching aims
? Key words: belong, belong to, author, picnic, at the picnic, plate, toy, favorite, magazine, must. ? Target language: --Whose volleyball is this? -- It must be Carla’s. She loves volleyball.

(二)Teaching Key Points
? Key words ? Target language

(三)Teaching Difficulties
? Listen for the target language ? Oral practice using the target language

Ⅰ. 短语互译
1. 属于 _________
must _________
classical music _________ 在野餐 _________ 某人最喜爱的作家 _________ belong to

2. 肯定
3. 古典音乐

4. at the picnic
5. one’s favorite author

II. 补全对话
--- ________ book ___ this?

--- It ______ ____Mary’s. Hemingway is ___ favorite author.

It must be Carla’s.
= It must ______ ____Carla.

Whose volleyball is it?

belong to sb “属于某人” It must belong to Feng Kun. (不用在被动语态) =be = It must be Feng Kun’s. sb's Because she is the only volleyball player.

Whose notebook is this?
肖勇 It must belong to Xiao Yong. = Why? Because his name is on the book. It must be XiaoYong’s.

-Whose … is this ? -It______ be Liu Xiang’s. (=It belong to Liu xiang) Because it has his name on it.

Liu Xiang




1a: look at the picture and fill in the chart
Clothing hat

Fun things

Kitchen things

volleyball plate
Toy car magazine



CD book


Listen and match each person with a thing and a reason.

Person Jane’s little brother Mary Carla Deng Wen Grace

Thing Volleyball

Hemingway is her favorite author.
She loves volleyball. He was the only little kid at the picnic. She always listens to classical music.

Toy car
Magazine Book CD

1c Pairwork according to the information in 1b.

A: Whose book is this? B: It must be Mary’s. Hemingway is her favorite author.

1.Words: belong, belong to, author, hair band

2.Sentence: --- Whose book is this?
--- It must be Mary’s. It must belong to Mary.

Please do more practice as required in 1c on Page 34. A: Make up two conversations according to 1c B: Recite new words

You can choose one to finish. (任选其一完成)

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