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M3 U1-Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis

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Module 3 Sporting life Unit 1 Nothing is more enjoyable than playing tennis.

Do you like sports? Do you know any sport?

Some words about sports!



table tennis







What do you think of table tennis / basketball…?

popular / unpopular
流行的 / 不流行的

I think table tennis is popular.

exciting / boring
激动人心的 / 令人厌烦的

I think basketball is exciting. difficult / easy
难的 / 简单的

I think baseball is difficult.

cheap / expensive
便宜的 / 昂贵的

I think running is cheap. tiring / relaxing
累人的 / 放松的

I think swimming is tiring.

dangerous / safe
危险的 / 安全的

I think boating is dangerous.

What do you think of …? boring interesting

I think it’s …

difficult dangerous popular exciting relaxing enjoyable expensive cheap safe easy





table tennis football volleyball ['v?l?b??l]



easier A: Which sport do you like ,

football or tennis?
B: I like tennis better .

It’s easier than table tennis.

more relaxing
A:Which sport do you like , swimming or running? B:I like running better .

It’s more relaxing than

more relaxing

A:Which sport do you like , basketball or baseball?

B:I like baseball better .
It’s more relaxing than


more popular
A:Which sport do you like , football or running? B:I like running better .

It’s more popular than football.

more exciting
A: Which sport do you like better ,

table tennis or volleyball?
B: I like volleyball better .

It’s more exciting than table

Which sport do you like better , … or …?

I like … better. It’s more …/ …er than …. popular exciting relaxing enjoyable
interesting expensive cheap safe easy





table tennis

baseball football volleyball ['v?l?b??l] ['be?sb??l]


exciting expensive

more exciting more expensive

relaxing tiring boring interesting

more popular
more relaxing

more tiring
more boring more interesting cheaper easier

easy safe


Let’s do some exercises:

e.g. football /dangerous /table tennis
Football is more dangerous than table tennis.

1、football / popular /volleyball
2、basketball / exciting /football 3、 running / expensive / baseball 4、 running / cheap / volleyball 5、 table tennis/ easy / volleyball

6、football /difficult / running
7、 running / relaxing / basketball 8、 boating /dangerous / running

A +be+形容词比较级 +than+B
Tom is stronger than Lucy. Skiing is more dangerous than running.
注:在多音节和部分双音节词前,变比较级要加 more. Eg: beautiful--- more beautiful tiring--- more tiring boring--- more boring relaxing--- more relaxing expensive--- more expensive

1 Listen and number the sports
as you hear them.
baseball 2 basketball 1



table tennis 6
volleyball 4


Now match the words with the pictures.



table tennis

In 2008 We held the Olympics in Beijing .

Watching the matches there is enjoyable.

There were plenty of people to go to the stadium


words and expressions
baseball['be?sb??l] volleyball['v?l?b??l] boring['b??r??] Sth. be Sth. be exciting[?k'sa?t??] Sth. be relaxing[r?'l?ks??] score[sk??] already[??l'red?] matter['m?t?] What’s the matter? hurt[h??t] n. 棒球 Sb sb bored n. 排球 adj. 烦人的;无聊的 adj. 令人激动的; 使人兴奋的 adj. 令人愉悦的;使人放松的 v.(体育比赛中)得(分)

Sb sb excited adv. 已经;早已 relaxed n. 问题;麻烦 o. 怎么了? v. (使)疼痛;(使)受伤


stadium['ste?d??m] miss[m?s] mind[ma?nd] plenty['plent?] plenty of

adj. 令人愉快的;有乐趣的 n. 奥林匹克运动会 n. v. v. 体育场 未击中;未达到 介意;讨厌;反对

pron. 大量;众多



What are they talking about?
They are talking about sports.


Now check (√) the true sentences. 1. This week’s match is more exciting than last week’s.

2. Tony played table tennis yesterday.


3. For Tony, playing tennis is more enjoyable than watching matches on TV. √ 4. Watching the Olympics on TV was more expensive than buying tickets for the games. × 5. Going to the stadium was more difficult than staying at home. √

Daming: Hey, Tony. Come and watch the football match on TV! Tony: OK. What’s the score ? 现在比分是多少? Daming: Spain scored a minute ago. 一分钟前 Tony: Wow! That’s fast! Daming: That’s right. Last week the match on TV was so boring because no one scored at all. So this week’s match is already more exciting.

Betty: What’s the matter with you, Tony? You look tired.
Tony: I’m really tired after last night’s tennis match. And I hurt my knee. 伤到我的膝盖 Daming: That’s too bad !Sit down and watch the match.
那太糟糕了。 =What’s wrong with you? 你怎么了?

It’s safer than playing tennis. Betty: Yes, watching is not dangerous and it’s more relaxing too !

Tony: Well, I’m not sure about that. Nothing is more

enjoyable than playing tennis.

Betty: But you enjoyed watching the Olympics on TV, right? enjoy doing sth Tony: Yes, but that’s because it was cheaper than buying tickets for all the games. Daming: And staying at home was easier than going to the
呆在家 去体育场

stadium . Oh, look at that! Tony: Oh, he missed!Oh, bad luck ! 霉运,运气不佳 Daming: Never mind. There’s still plenty of time for


them to score.

用来修饰可数名词和不可数名词, 用法同a lot of / lots of


Complete the sentences with the

words in the box.
already hurt matter mind miss Olympics stadium

matter 1. Why didn’t Tony score? What is the ______ with him? mind 2. You lost the match? Never _______. Maybe you will win next time. miss 3. I am not good at tennis. I always _________ the ball. already 4. The match began ten minutes ago and Spain is ________ winning. Olympics 5. The 2008 ___________ were held in Beijing. 6. Watching football at home is easier than going to the stadium ___________. hurt 7. Tennis is a little dangerous because you may ___________ your knee.

5 Complete the passage about

yourself. Use the words in Activity 1 to help you. My favourite sport is (1) _____. And I enjoy watching (2) _____. I am quite good at (3) _____. I do not like playing (4) _____. And I am not very good at (5) ______.

英语连读发音原则一: 辅音+元音 即前一个词由辅音结尾,后一个词由 元音开头,自然地连起来了。例如: Take a look at it. Will it take a lot of time to go to town on foot?

6 Listen and notice how the
speaker links the words. 1. Spain scored a minute ago. 2. Last week the match on TV was so boring because no one scored at all.

3. Oh, look at that. Now listen again and repeat.

7 Work in pairs. Talk
about the sports you like. - Hey, Bruce. Which sport do you like, swimming or running? - I like swimming. It’s more relaxing than running.

本课时主要句型 That’s too bad! I’m not sure about that. Bad luck! Never mind. What’s the matter with you?


注: word 文档 点击此处链接

一、根据句意及提示, 补全下列单词。

1.I h___ my finger in the door. urt xciting 2. It’s e_______ to watch a game in a stadium _______(体育场).
3. We’ll have to leave early. Do you ind m____? 4. Her husband is the most b_______ oring person I’ve ever met.

二 、找朋友

never mind
plenty of time


watch the match
stay at home bad luck

很多时间 坏运气

三、 根据汉语翻译句子 1.我一点都不喜欢日本菜。 I don’t like the Japanese food at all. ___________________________________
2.她正在为奥运会训练。 She is training for the Olympics. ___________________________________ 3. 没有人能比父亲更了解他。 No one knows a man better than his father. ___________________________________ 4. 他误了回家的最后一趟车。 He missed the last bus home. ___________________________________

Review the words and expressions about sports.

1.To preview the words and expressions in next unit 2. To get a general understanding about the text


1.我认为这个问题比那个难。 more difficult I think this problem is _________________ than that one. 2.在中国,乒乓球比足球受欢迎。 more popular than Table tennis is ________________ football in China. 3. 篮球比跑步更让人激动吗? Is more exciting ______ basketball __________ than running? 4. 体操和滑雪

,哪一个更放松? Which is ____________, gymnastics or more relaxing skiing?

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