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( ) 1.下列字母中含有相同音素的一组是______. A. FSX



C. the; an C. is; are

( ) 2. This is ______ orange. ______ orange is Tom’s. A. a; The A. am; are A. on

B. an; The

( ) 3. I ______ Bob. They _______ my aunt and uncle.

B. am; is B. for

( ) 4. Please call Bob ______ 432-8866.

C. at

( ) 5. —______ —Purple.

A. How are you, Victor? B. What color is it? C. What’s this? ( ) 6. —______ Jack, please. —J-A-C-K. A. Spell A. Their

B. ask

C. call

( ) 7. Alice is a girl. ______ last name is Smith.

B. His

C. Her

( ) 8. ______, Cindy. Is that your clock? A. Excuse me A. Is this A. How A. his A. find

B. I’m fine B. Are these


( ) 9. —______ your jackets? —Yes, they are.

C. These are

( ) 10. —______ is his backpack? —It is on the sofa.

B. What

C. Where C. hers

C. say

( ) 11. — Is that your ID card? — Yes, it is. It is _______.

B. mine

( ) 12. I lost my watch. I must ______ it.

B. meet

( ) 13. — _______ is he? — He is my cousin Peter. A. Where A. friend

B. How

C. Who

C. sister

( ) 14. — Is Mary your _______? — Yes. She is my uncle’s daughter.

B. cousin

( ) 15. —Have a good day, Jane. —______. A. Thank you 二、阅读理解

B. No, not good

C. You’re welcome

( ) 16. ______ lost a notebook. A. Linda

B. Eric

C. Mary

( ) 17. Eric found a(n) ______. A. notebook A. White. A. 886-9921

B. pencil B. Brown.

C. ID card

( ) 18. What color is the pen?

C. Green

( ) 19. What’s Mary’s telephone number?

B. 224-8108

C. 678-9921

( ) 20. Which of the following is wrong? (下面哪项是错误的?) A. The pen is Mary’s. 224-8108.

C. Eric’s phone number886-3467.


Gina Miller is a school girl. She is 15 years (岁) old. She has a small room at home. Look! This is her room. Some things are in her room. Her schoolbag is on her desk. Her red jacket is on her bed. Her dictionaries are on her bed, too. Her books are on the sofa. She has a set of keys. They are in her desk. She has a computer game. Where is it? Sorry, I don’t know. A model plane is under her desk. It is her father – Tim Miller’s model plane. Her mother-Emma Miller’s sweater is in her room, too.

( ) 21. The girl’s first name is ______

A. Gina

B. Miller

C. Grace

( ) 22. Where is Gina’s schoolbag?

A. It is on her bed. C. It is on her desk.

( ) 23. ______ are on her bed.

A. Her jacket and keys

B. Her jacket and dictionaries

D. Her computer game and keys

C. Her father’s baseballs and her books

( ) 24. The model plane is ________.

B. It is under her bed. D. It is under the chair. D. Linda’s notebook is red. B. Linda’s telephone number is

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